15 Jun 2015

Goat play Ireland’s Body & Soul Festival this Weekend

Body&Soul is an arts & music festival where people come together for three days on the grounds of Ballinlough Castle in Co. Westmeath to explore and discover new music, interact with visual and performance art outside a traditional setting, and celebrate life in all its shapes and colors. Body&Soul is an entire experience. 


Combine psychedelic hallucinations with a delicately delirious state of mind, add a drop of voodoo magic and you’ll conjure GOAT. They are a heart of darkness in the light, and quench the thirst for something to dance to. Their album World Music released in 2012, was hailed by The Guardian as one of the best albums of 2012 and we have to agree – these weirdos are wonderful.The Guardian called GOAT “an unidentified collective of freak musicians” who rip up stages with magic and dancing to excess during nights you’ll remember with more than just a smile. They have already conquered festivals like Primavera, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Way Out West, Glastonbury and will now take on Body&Soul, their first ever performance in Ireland. Commune, the Swedes’ second LP emits “Tortured, writhing sound-buzzes so crusty and mangled that they sound as if the distortion pedal has been buried underground for six months, making a solo sound like it’s trying to break free from the speakers.” – The QuietusWhen asked to describe the GOAT experience, unidentified band member Snoop Goaty Goat said it’s akin to, “A bus full of guitars crashing into a circus”.

More info: bodyandsoul
Facebook: BodyandSoulIreland

The Band were interviewed ahead of their show: thedigitalhuman