10 Jun 2015

GNOD & Hey Colossus Raw Power 2015 Reviews

After another successful Raw Power Festival, here are few glowing reviews, with GNOD & Hey Colossus cherry picked being as they they are Rocket bands:

Back Seat Mafia

'Gnod followed suit with a wall of motorik-driven auburn noise. Known best for changing-up, musically speaking, whenever they get bored, Raw Power was to be the Salford collective’s twenty-sixth show in twenty-five days. Listening to Gnod live is akin to drowning at a cult baptism – a genuinely frightful and immersive experience.'

Back Seat Mafia

The Monitors

'This is then turned into a deep, serious furrow as I try to keep my mind from imploding during Gnod’s excellent set of psychedelic noise madness. It seriously left me feeling inside-out, so to save a complete breakdown of the senses it was time to head home in preparation for Saturday'

'That Hey Colossus were immense should come as no surprise to anyone, and it wasn’t a surprise. They are immense as standard. I will never have too many nice things to say about Hey Colossus, so find me later and ask me about them and I’ll happily rant away at you for a good three quarters of an hour to a full hour, about my professed love for them. It’s very much professed. They booted in the nearby window and flung my spongy thought muscle out onto the nearby street like some sort of disgusting viscous rugby ball.'


Echoes & Dust

'Noise rock bands, never break up! Even if you live 100s of miles from each other, why not stay together and do something different with every album? Maybe then one day you’ll be half as good as Hey Colossus. We all lost our shit during ‘Hot Grave’, this band are the absolute tits.'

Echoes and Dust


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