30 Jun 2011

Rocket Probes June 2011 Playlist

Shiji Masuko – Woven Music
(Great droning guitar rhythms from ex Boredoms drummer on Oneida’s Brah records)

Lasers from Atlantis – Demos
(One of our fave London bands at the moment, heavy fuzzy keyboard driven psych/space/doom)

Prince Rama – Shadow Temple
(Tribal drums, fuzzy drones, spacey synths and choral chanting)

Master Musicians of Bukakke – Totem 3
(Third part of this great trilogy, like a John Carpenter film about Vikings traveling around the Middle East in search of UFO’s)

Mueran Humanos – Aujeros Blacos / La langosta
(The influence of Spacemen 3 is rife in Argentina...two great 15min tracks, first is a dark, droning yet very warm synth drones, followed by a track of more warmer keyboard drones with repetitive drum patterns and ethereal vocals)

Ensemble Economique – Psychial
(More synth soundscapes, though this sounds what you would get if John Carpenter lived in Cologne in the mid ‘70s with Teeth of the Sea living next door, on NNF)

Cherrystones – Blacker Forest
(Heavy fuzzy synths, guitar feedback and looping drums..has a bit of an early Main feel)

Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano - Dedicato
(The Italian's answer to Andy Warhol therefore draws parallels with the VU)

Jacky Chalard - Superman Supercool
(Kosmische disco rock from 1977)

Hookworms - S/T
(Leeds' very own Space (men3) Shjips)

György Ligeti - Jupiter and Beyond (2001 Suite)
(Taken out of context from the film, this lysergic magma of evolving sound feels even more frightening)

Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot / The Spotlight Kid
(The voice,
the rhythms, hit that long leaning note and let it float......)


Sunday Mourning added to Radio Black Forest's 'Woodland Gathering'

Just been informed that friends of Rocket 'Sunday Mourning' who's debut album is coming out on Auora Borealis real soon are playing this great little festival joining Skullflower and the ever mighty GNOD....

You can find out more here


GNOD – INGNODWETRUST makes Quietus top 40 albums of the year so far

See the full list here


29 Jun 2011

Oneida: June 17, 2011 Secret Project Robot (Rated O Set)

Oneida: June 17, 2011 Secret Project Robot (Rated O Set)
- Flac and MP3 Download + Streaming Song

The second piece of Oneida’s Thank Your Parents trilogy is itself a three-pronged release. Rated O is the most ambitious album of the three and last Friday at Secret Project Robot, the band undertook the huge task of playing the 3-album set straight through. And even then, Oneida took liberties with the music and stretched the two-hour album to nearly two and half. The songs themselves resembled their recorded counterparts but in the live setting, Oneida stretched and mutated the pieces into vehicles for all kinds of improvisation. The very stylistic elements that encompass the varied genres of Oneida music were all featured during the lengthy set — from noise (”End of Time”) to ambient (”O”) to krautrock (”Ghost in the Room” streaming below) to punk (”It Was a Wall”). Rated O has it all, and Oneida did it all.

Check it out here:


28 Jun 2011

Teeth of the Sea Radio interview

Matt Colegate, drummer from from Teeth of the Sea has recently done a radio interview for Doncaster's Sine FM

Well worth a listen, you can stream it from here:


20 Jun 2011

Great review of Serpentina Satelite's Mecanica Celeste album

The nice people at Progsphere have written this nice review of the Serpentina Satelite ltd Lp 'Mecanica Celetse', which you can purchase here.

"I have to admit that I’ve had this album in my queue for a long time, not because of laziness or something, but because I was searching and waiting for the right moment to write about it. The wait is over now. Mecanica Celeste is the third album of these psyched Peruvians released on Rocket Recordings. The show an enormous worship of Hawkwind, the real gurus of space/psychedelic rock.

Mecanica Celeste is 43 minutes long opus that follows Hawkwind’s paved path, but still delving into new depths and dimensions. The songs are based on spontenity rather than multilayering and structuring, although rounded as an entity they reflect as pretty complex tunes.

The leading instruments here are of course guitars, but the important role has been assigned to plenty of sound effects which make this record pretty cold and creepy at times. The guitars of Dolmo and Renato Gomez come across differently structured parts ranging from unnatural groans in the opening Fobos to expansive psychedelic guidelines in Sangre de Grado and the title track, to sludgy references in Ai Apaec and some heavy dooming in closing Sendero. Vocals, performed by the bassist Felix Detre serve as an add-on to the whole soundimage and are rather hidden and scattered around.

Serpentina Satélite is a personification of the certified and the contemporary, wrapping up together Hawkwind with White Hills, Amon Düül II, Naam, Ash Ra Tempel and Pharaoh Overlord. Mecanica Celeste has a manipulative note correlated with pure psychedelia, haughty guitars and their spaced out solos, echoing vocals, twisted dronings, religious preachings, et al. In general, it’s a good step forward in a promising career of this Peruvian act. Recommended."

See the review here


17 Jun 2011

Teeth of the Sea to Play Beacons festival

Not only have Teeth of the Sea been invited to play Standon Calling, and the Rocket co-curated Supernormal they have no been invited to play Beacons Festival on 12-14th August.

To find out more about this festival, visit the Beacons Festival website


16 Jun 2011

'Swear blind your alsatian is melting'...live at the Lexington

Watch Teeth of the Sea playing 'Swear blind your alsatian is melting' live at their recent amazing show at the Lexington.

Big shout must also go out to Drum Cunt who played before them!!!


15 Jun 2011

Oneida to play one off show at the London Scala

We are very excited to announce that Oneida are coming over for a one off show on August 13th and are playing the Scala in London. I have also been informed that the support band will be pretty special.

More information and tickets here

Also our Oneida / Mugstar Collisions LP will be out in October, watch this space for more info.


Lava Thief and Normans review INGNODWETRUST

Here are two nice reviews of Gnod's INGNODWETRUST that came out on Rocket last week on ultra ltd white vinyl, read them here:


14 Jun 2011

'Nothing is...' goes monthly and Cherrystones joins the action on a permanent basis

'Nothing is...' is to go monthly starting from 24th June and will be on the last Friday of every month.

Also the other exciting news is that Mr Cherrystones who Dj'ed a 'Nothing is...' recently enjoyed it so much he has asked to become a permanent member which is fantastic....

We also plan to add live bands to the evening and we have an exciting band lined up for our July 29th event.

So come along and join us:

Nothing is...

Cage and Aviary
(Walls have ears / DFA)
Cherrystones (Whatever we want records / Brutal music)
Rik Motör (Rocket Recordings)
Little Dirty (Head Nod Music)
Friday 24th June 2011
The Alibi (91 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, London E8 2PB)
9pm to 3am
Entry is FREE

Sign up to our facebook page for latest news, plus some free mixes etc here


10 Jun 2011

Quietus review INGNODWETRUST

Our friends at The Quietus have delivered another greatr eview for a Rocket release, this time for INGNODWETRUST by Gnod.

Read the review here


Serpentina Satelite -Bandcamp

Check out their stuff, South American space rock of the highest order!


9 Jun 2011

Lovebuzz Free - PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE + Dom Keller + Hypnotic Eye

Rocket favourite Plastic Crimewave Sound finally hits the UK for an ass kicking show.



Friday, July 1 at 7:00pm, The Fox, Twickenham.

Check out Plastic Crimewave Sound album 'Flashing Open' on Rocket Recordings, available on CD (with bonus tracks).

This is what Julian Cope had to say about the LP version:


Teeth of the Sea plays Raw Power all-dayer - POSTER

Here the official Raw Power all day festival at Corsica Studios.


GNODDING off again – INGNODWETRUST sleeve & vinyl pics plus Roadburn album of the day

Like all religious ceremonies, they keep coming back, here are a couple of pictures of the sleeve and holy white vinyl.

Also, the good 'ol guys from Roadburn have made the album their Album of the day:


GNOD summertime shizzle: upcoming gigs….

Paddy Shine on a solo tip at Gnod studio, Islington mill & mixed by Chris Haslam. Listen while you browse some up and coming GNOD gigs and flyers.

22nd - 25th July @ Radio Black Forest

6th Aug @ Fat Out Fest

12th - 14th Aug @ Leave Me Here Festival



8 Jun 2011

Serpentina Satelite - Nothing to Say - vinyl release

Serpentina Satelite - Nothing to Say - vinyl release









Johnnyo has just put the finishing touches to the brand new vinyl artwork for Serpentina Satelite - Nothing to Say.

It will be available for the first time in LP format
in the upcoming year via:


Please contact the band for further details:


For those who missed out the first time round, check out their 2nd LP
'Mecanica Celeste' on Rocket:



The Heads - Everyone Know's We've Still Got Nowhere....

The Heads - Everyone Know's We Got Nowhere - Double CD re-issue

Finally Rocket 'Mission Control' have made a start on creating the artwork for The Heads 2nd re-issue from their back catalogue, the classic 'Everyone Know We Got Nowhere'.

The double CD tracks are all mastered, we are just in the process of working through images to use that can match the booklet of Relaxing With.

It will be released later in the year on The Heads 'Rooster' label & will be manufactured by Simon Keeler's 'Forte', and he will be also writing extensive linear notes to follow on from the 1st album re-issue.


7 Jun 2011

30 years of Deceit

One of Mission Controls favorite albums This Heat's Deceit is 30 years old and the Quietus have written a great piece about this great album, you can read the feature here


Terrascope review INGNODWETRUST

The amazing Terrascope has written a nice review of Gnod new album INGNODWETRUST which was released this week:

Manchester’s psychedelic drone collective are back following their twin- header with White Hills last year, with a two track mini-album (well by modern standards, that is) nestling twixt a cover that may well bother the God-botherers of the Roman Catholic denomination, featuring as it does a faceless representation of His Holiness bestowing blessings upon a photo montage of riot cops in head-cracking mode.

So what do we have here? Well two lengthy sonically macabre “meditations” that can be anything but easy listening but rewarding enough for those of us wired into this alternative current of industrial space rock. “Tony’s First Communion” starts with an extended single bass note which occasionally slips into a “Psycho Killer” run and the rest of the gradually builds around this. The minimalist, repetitive hammer-like beats usher in the sound of some infernal contraption being knocked out in a cosmic forge, as a kitchen sink of guitar, synth noise distorted incantations and that bass-heavy riff is manhandled into a grotesque yet oddly appealing shape. Someone somewhere is probably already using this as some sort of alternative primal scream therapy.

“Vatican” perverts, or at least distorts, the Mass and the church organ – the papal incantations evoke dub reggae, the organ invokes a mellatron, while those pounding, insistent beats begin to sound as much tribal as motorik. At one point the “church organ” seems to play the basic three chord/note run of The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” over and over again as the maelstrom lays waste to all around it..

Powerful, dystopian, energising and a wee bit scary and, if your tastes incline more towards the sunnier slopes of psychedelia or the wistfulness of avant-folk, this could seem a bit hard going at times. It certainly isn’t for the faint hearted which to my mind makes it a challenge, and we like a challenge here at the Terrascope, particularly one as fulfilling as this. (Ian Fraser)

Read the review in full here


6 Jun 2011

Gnod album launch this Saturday

The Night of the Long Swords presents:
Sat Jun 11 / 8:30 to late / FREE
El Paso
350-354 Old St
London, EC1 9

The show is to celebrate the launch of the new Gnod album 'INGNODWETRUST' which is released on Monday (6th June)....

You can buy a copy from here:


"four-headed psychedelic beast"

The Fly has written a great review of Teeth of the Seas Manchester show on their recent tour with Parts and Labor:

Parts & Labor
Teeth of the Sea
The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Confident or simply unaware? Parts & Labourhaven’t half given themselves a challenge on this tour by adding four-headed psychedelic beast Teeth Of The Sea as main support. Mirroring the way in which Factory Floor swept aside all that followed them throughout last year, so the London four-piece have been setting themselves apart with visceral aplomb.

Tonight they’re no less triumphant, forty minutes of tribal motorik and phosphorescent riffery whipping around the Ruby Lounge with venomous fortitude. There’s something otherworldly in their appearance, certainly the jagged movements and posturing of shock-haired guitarist Jimmy Martin sets him apart from the others, but their overall aesthetic too suggests that of disparate souls coming together. It’s beguiling but, oh, it’s captivating…

It’s also something that Parts & Labour can’t match...

Read the full review here


3 Jun 2011

Teeth of the Sea plays Raw Power all-dayer

Teeth of the Sea join Trans Am, Part Chimp, Bo Ningen, Cult of Dom Keler and others at this great all-dayer at Corsica Studios:

Click here for tickets


Teeth of the Sea to play Standon Calling Festival

Teeth of the Sea have been invited to play the Standon Calling Festival on 12/14th August and play alongside Spiritualized, Battles, Chrome Hoof and Zun Zun Zegui

More info and tickets from here


2 Jun 2011


Invada Records have been kind enough to sell our products via their Big Cartel, please visit for our current releases including the INGNODWETRUST White Vinyls and also many other Invada goodies.

Shop here



Echoes and Dust review INGNODWETRUST

The great website Echoes and Dust have written a nice review of Gnod - INGNODWETRUST.

Read it here

Also German website Musik Reviews have written a review of the album too, though i don't think they quite got it, apparently 'Tony's is a bit too monotonous', ha ha....read here


1 Jun 2011

GNOD - INGNODWETRUST - Order of Service - 6th June 2011





released on 6th JUNE 2011


Sermon 1

(20 minutes and 2 seconds)

Sermon 2
(13 minutes and 14 seconds)

Brothers and sisters, to prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries
of Gnod, let us call to mind our sins.

We believe in one Gnod, Gnod almighty makers of heavy black slab on Earth.

We believe in one chord, seamless, sublime, the one and only sound of Gnod,
eternally begotten of the marcher.

Gnod from Gnod, light from light, true Gnod from true Gnod, begotten,
not made, of one Being with the maker; through Them all riffs were played.
For us and for our salvation They came down from Manchester; by the power
of Tony’s (un)limit, They came to reincarnate and made the last disco’d beat.

Tony’s First Communion, if you choose to be blessed by this record, is the
first reception of the Sacrament on vinyl; this long-standing favourite has been
celebrated over centuries of incarnations and Rocket are proud to release
its rite of passage.

The ceremony of this communion lasts 20 minutes and 2 seconds.


On the second side Gnod rose again in accordance with the Scriptures;
They ascended into noise upon this Earth and were seated at the right
hand of the Vatican.

This 13 minute holy doctrine sees Gnod take away the sins of the world;
it cleanses the incense (the in-sense-out-sense) from the all seeing
(third) eye, like a Faustian Butthole Surfers sharing bread with Shit & Shine
and John Carpenter turning water into wine.

Some ceremonies owe their institution to purely physical reason;
for Gnod it’s the mystical reason that They represent.

INGNODWETRUST is founded on honour and soul, They for one are
finally washing their hands with downcast eyes.

Send all your confessions in writing to:

“May almighty Gnod have no mercy on us all, but celebrate our sins,
and bring us to everlasting life.”

Buy your White Vinyl copy from Invada Records shop: