31 Dec 2014

Rocket Probes December Playlist

Pendulum from stuart hilton on Vimeo.

Hills – TBC LP
(This has just landed in Mission Control and has blown our heads off...watch this space!)
Hills - Live at Liverpool Psych Fest

Goat – Hide from the Sun (Anton Newcombe mix)

(Stunning remix by the great Anton Newcombe coming out on a comp on Fuzz Club/Reverberation Society)

Negra Branca – Touched
(New tape by Negra Branca, the great solo project by Marlene from Gnod. Released on the fantastic Bristol label Zam Zam)

Shit and Shine – Jazz Tuesdays
(The amazing weekly improv sessions of jazz/kraut grooves have been compiled for a tape release)

Evil Blizzard – Nothing for Christmas
(A very nice dirty fuzzy single for a nasty psychedelic xmas)

Naffi – The Scream
(Heavily echoed Post Punk, like something from Tago Mago)

Powell – 11-14
(If you don't have the 12's then go and get this CD comp. One of the most interesting music makers around at the moment if you ask us. Essential

Tomaga – Futura Grotesk
(Fantastic new release of avant kraut from Tomaga on the great Hands in the Dark records)

Charles Hayward – Anonymous Bash
(Great album of crazy jams featuring members of Gnod, on a lovely ltd vinyl ltd to 150 copies)

Black to Comm – Black to Comm
(Bubbling soupy Electronics, for fans of the more drone vibes)

Vanishing – Ramifications
(New on Tesla tapes featuring Paddy from Gnod)

Burzum – Jessus tod
(It's like The Heads...in many ways!)

Pigeons – They Sweetheartstammers
(United States of America, Fifty Foot Hose, Broadcast vibes)

Médico Doktor Vibes  Diska Limba Man
(Weird outsider Caribbean psych funk)

Revolting Cocks  No Devotion
(Motorik Industrial Disco on Wax Trax)

Eric Charden  Pas Question
(French 'Fuzzed' pop)

Kebnekajse  Resa Mot Okant Mal
(Zappa, Fuzzed Prog, with silly vocals)


23 Dec 2014

Happy Christmas From Rocket Recordings

We would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who bought our records in 2014, it was a great year for us. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us, worked with us, gone out their way for us, in the years we've been doing this those relationships are priceless and long may it continue.

And we hope that you continue to be hypnotised by our albums through 2015, we have a lot of great records coming your way!!

many thanks.

John & Chris


Liverpool Psych Fest footage

PZYK 2014 Trailer from Liverpool Psych Fest on Vimeo.

Here is some great footage from our best weekend of the year – at the amazing Liverpool Psych Festival. You will see Teeth of the Sea, Gnod and Goat doing their stuff, also Rockets's own Johnny O doing visuals.


Hey Colossus play Green Store Door in Brighton

21 Dec 2014

Gnod to tour in May – booking now!!

Excited to announce that Gnod are touring Europe in May and are looking for shows. So if you are a promoter or you know a promoter get intouch with the band and book them a show:

This is what the band say on their site:


We are hitting the road in May 2015 UK & Europe. We would love to catch up with some heads and play some killer shows for y’all. We will be back on the old Guitars & Drums line up playing new material from our album being released in April 2015 alongside some even newer material. If you or anyone you may know would like to bring the GNEW GNOD SOUND to your town then please get in touch with:

Ricky @ Swamp Booking : soundofcobra@gmail.com

We are pleased as punch have hooked up with Ricky @ Swamp (the man responsible for bringing a lot of good shows to folk all across the UK & Europe) and are looking forward to bringing the noize in 2015.

For all info on Gnod, visit their site: INGNODWETRUST


Poster for Hey Colossus show at Islington Mill with Mugstar

20 Dec 2014

Negra Branca tape out on Zam Zam

Marlene from Gnod has a new Negra Branca release out – a tape on the amazing Bristol label Zam Zam. Ltd to only 30 copies these have all gone, but buy it digitally as it is great!!

We at Rocket are huge fans of Negra Branca and were lucky enough to catch her live recently.

Make sure you check it out: Zam Zam


Hey Colossus play Shipley

The great people at Golden Cabinet are putting on a show by another Rocket band, this time Hey Colossus!!

Tickets here: Golden Cabinet


19 Dec 2014

Anthroprophh and Shit & Shine to play Desert Fest

We are excited to announce that Anthroprophh and Shit & Shine are joining Bong, Sex Swing, Sly and the Family Stone and others on The Quietus stage at Desert Fest on 25th April.

This is what they say:

Anthroprophh is the new(ish) project of Paul Allen of legendary stoner-rock band, The Heads. Their sound is a brilliant fusion of "kosmische drone and acid-frazzled guitar workouts" and is sure to be a hit in the intimate Underworld venue on Camden High Street. Says Joseph Burnett: "Anthroprophh essentially encapsulate the sound of modern psych-rock, as espoused by all those bands: it's heavy but subtle, driving but fleet-footed, taking in a range of moods and atmospheres, the kind of music you can head-bang to gleefully in a mosh pit, or be serenaded by as you while away a sleepless, hash-hazed night."

Shit and Shine, the brain child of Todd impresario Craig Clouse, "have been churning out hulking sonic spasms of unrelenting, loosely structured noise since 2004’s limited edition LP You’re Lucky To Have Friends Like Us... frequently featuring no more than guitars, oh, and about ten drummers." Says Cook: "SAS have crafted a real exploration of what it is to be alive; brutal, uncomfortable, often vial and deranged."

Find out more here: Desert Fest


17 Dec 2014

Mamuthones / Evil Blizzard – Collisions 04 / Presale available NOW

As reported before, we have a new Collisions record coming out by Italian Occult Psych band Mamuthones and Preston's psychotic crazies Evil Blizzard. Not only that the record contains an amazing Teeth of the Sea remix/rework of the Evil Blizzard track Sacrifice

We have 50 copies on 'milky clear' vinyl up for presale now on the Rocket Bandcamp. The rest of the copies will hit the shops on 19 January"

Order now from here: rocketrecordings

(Please note that the running time of this record is 40 mins which is LP Length)

As a taster here are two tracks from the album:


16 Dec 2014

Goat announce first Italian shows

Goat have announced their first ever shows in Italy:

6 May
Roma @ Orion Club 

7 May
Milano @ Magnolia Club 

8 May - Ravenna @ Bronson Club

9 May
Brescia @ Latteria Molloy

Tickets are on sale now so get them before like every other Goat tour they sell out!!!


15 Dec 2014

Listen to Anton Newcombe remix of Goat Hide from the Sun

The legend that is Anton Newcomb from Brian Jonestown Massacre has done an amazing remix of Goat's Hide from the Sun exclusively for a great Fuzz Club compilation

You can listen to the track here via Noisey

The press release for the compilation reads:

(OUT 25th January 2014)

Fuzz Club Records and the Reverb Appreciation Society are set to co-release The Reverb Conspiracy Volume III on the 25th January 2014. As usual, the compilation will feature some of the best acts of the Psych scene on its side of the continent.

From the very start in 2012, The Reverb Conspiracy was a catalyst moment of the European Psych Nouveau movement. It brought together young bands from all over the continent, sparking a creative and professional synergy among many European artists. A turning point was probably the first Reverb Conspiracy Tour, which most of the bands from the compilation joined to perform a successful showcase a-la Stax Records in the 60s, in many European capitals, including an epic two day sold out festival at the Shacklewell Arms in London. That was also the year of first Liverpool

Psych Fest. Since then, Psych festivals and new bands have been sprouting all around the “Old World". The fifteen outfits taking part to the third volume – including Goat, Lola Colt and Singapore Sling – are representative of the impressive diversity and quality of a scene that is much broader than its definition. While all of them are certainly inspired by Psychedelia, each one of them incorporates different elements of Blues, Folk, Rock & Roll, Stoner, Kraut Rock, Electronica, Noise, Ambient and more. All is impeccably delivered in a pure and honest DIY approach that is reminiscent of the early days of the punk era. 

A double album, the Reverb Conspiracy Volume III will be limited to 1200 numbered copies, white vinyl with gate-fold cover. 

For the third time, the cover was created by iconic Icelandic artist and band member of Dead Skeletons, Jon Saemundur, aka Nonni Dead.

Listen to Anton Newcombe remix of Goat Hide from the Sun here: Noisey


12 Dec 2014

Hey Colossus - In Black And Gold Album Launch

On the 7th of February 2015, Baba Yaga's Hut will be showcasing the Hey Colossus album launch for the bands new ‘In Black And Gold’ record.

With support coming from The Wharves and Workin' Man Noise Unit and judging from listening to the new Hey Colossus album, this is not a night to be missed.

The Lexington, London
Sat, 07/02/15
Doors  8:00
Tickets £7.50

For tickets and information: 
Read more about the album and watch the album teaser here
Listen to the track Sisters & Brothershere

To keep up to date with Hey Colossus news and tour dates, visit: heycolossus


Time Out: Goat - Commune in Top Albums of the Year

Time Out magazine have put Goat - Commune as their 4th best album of 2014.

'Whereas some of this year’s finest albums drew heavily on real-life experience, this was a portal to another world entirely: a dimension of spiralling grooves, monstrous psychedelic freak-outs and cult-like chants. ‘Commune’ was a 40-minute masterpiece of cosmic escapism that sounded like nothing else from this year (or this universe)

Read the full article here


9 Dec 2014

CLASH reveal Hey Colossus ‘Sisters and Brothers’ track

The good people of CLASH have revealed the full version of Hey Colossus ‘Sisters and Brothers’. The first track for you to hear off the forthcoming 'In Black and Gold' album

Listen and read what they have to say about it clashmusic.com

For more information and a look at the album teaser video visit here


7 Dec 2014

Backseat Mafia's 20 psych albums of 2014

Honoured to say that we have three albums is Backseat Mafia's 20 Psych Albums of the Year.

This list reads:

Second Bardo by Cult of Dom Kellar (Cardinal Fuzz)
Forest Of Lost Children by Kikagaku Moyo (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
Sky Is Hell Black by Has A Shadow (Fuzz Club/ Captcha Records)
Outside The Circle by Anthroprophh (Rocket Recordings)
Asteroid #4 by Asteroid #4 (Bad Vibrations)
Away From The Water by Lola Colt (Fuzz Club)
Season Sun by Gulp (Sonic Cathedral)
Mammatus Clouds by Kikagaku Moyo (Cardinal Fuzz/ Captcha Records) 
The Hum by Hookworms (Weird World)
Transmissions From Planet Telos Vol. 3 by Lumerians (Cardinal Fuzz)
Commune by Goat (Rocket Recordings)
Guru Overload by Eternal Tapestry (Oaken Palace Records)
No Curtains by Dahga Bloom (Captcha Records)
High Evolutionary by Dead Sea Apes (Cardinal Fuzz)
Strange Wave Galore by Radar Men From The Moon (Fuzz Club)
Ostro by Lay Llamas (Rocket Recordings)
They Worshipped Cats by Les Big Byrd (A Records)
Thru Me Again by LA Hell Gang (Mexican Summer)
Come Down Safari by White Manna (Captcha Records)
Far Out by Black Bombaim (Cardinal Fuzz)

See what is said about the releases here: Backseat Mafia


Sunrise Ocean Bender reviews Anthroprophh – Outside The Circle

The review reads:

Anthroprophh – Outside The Circle

When someone tells you “You really need to hear this album as a whole” the knee-jerk reaction is to ask, “What new prog opus is this?” And when you read the word ‘prog’ in a rundown of Anthroprophh, the next thought is ‘This guy is full of shit.’ That’s probably true, and I won’t go as far as saying ‘Outside the Circle’ is a prog record (I will when I get enough rope), but this is one you really do need to hear as a whole. Not only for full effect, but for full context. The short jabs that riddle the album, the ‘Precession’-like drone of ‘The Ruins Of St. Luckwell‘ or ‘Albrechtdron,’ the disjointed torsion and torque … all make ‘Outside the Circle’ materialize like a warped abstract composition rendered with an intensity that blisters the paint and injects the pigment into the veins. And it is composed. Like any prog album (might as well) worth its weight in wizard’s gold, it has a discipline and focus that equals the energy and dynamics. It’s a firestorm, not a shitstorm. Most outfits that claim to traffic in the ferocity that Anthroprophh has a lock on devolve into nothing but empty displays of wankery that can outstrip any proggy noodlery. As powerful as it is, it’s far more visceral than muscular. That coiled, wiry guy who doesn’t seem to give a toss about you? He’s the one that can really kick your ass, not the big dolt staring at you with a beard that just hides a triple chin. He’s fast, elusive, slippery and is plugged directly into the socket. You can certainly draw a line anywhere through ‘Outside the Circle’  and hit an exposed nerve like the dental drill of ‘Crow With Sore Throat’ or the fractured spitting of ‘2013 And She Told Me I Was Die,’ but you’re just as likely to look ‘Dead Man On The Scene’ right in the ‘TV Eye’ or march along to the rhythm of the title cut. Let’s not leave out the inscrutable hookiness and lure of ‘Detached and in its Own Mind Riding a Ghost Train Through a Fairground it Had Built Itself’ with its acoustic interlude that exemplifies how deceptively targeted Anthroprophh’s salvos are. Anthroprophh know exactly what they are aiming for and hit it dead on, harnessing their sonic buckshot like a laser cannon. It’s a mind-warping mix equal parts the sound of accelerated putrefaction and bursting at the seams with life, discharging shards in the ears, brain and guts. To come full circle, the same comrade who gave advice at the start said it’s not something you play at a dinner party. Probably not. It’s what you put on to kill dinner before you serve it.

Visit the site here: Sunrise Ocean Bender


5 Dec 2014

Anonymous Bash – Charles Hayward collaboration album featuring Gnod on sale now

The press release reads:

Charles Hayward presents "Anonymous Bash", a collection of eight pieces of music born of a month-long 2014 residency hosted by Samarbeta at Islington Mill, Salford. The residency was the first of its kind that seeks to foreground collaboration and experimentation and those are the qualities that run through the record. The record is a collective result of Hayward working with over twenty musicians, and capturing, as a result, a series of movements that are unfettered, unexpected, unnerving and satisfying.

Hayward hatched plans with several potential collaborators upon his first visit and on his return in mid-May a pot-luck dinner in the Islington Mill Courtyard marked the start of the creation process. Over 20 Musicians gathered around the one table and prepared themselves and for 5 days ahead where they played, practiced and recorded with Hayward within the Islington Mill venue space and "Anonymous Bash" was born. The group, consisting of members of GNOD, Horrid, Part Mane On Both Sides & 2 Koi Karp among many more, at one point even went busking in Piccadilly Gardens to recruit musicians and improvise with Danny Henry, Jali & the Kora and the world percussion collective. Hayward then returned in mid-June to complete his residency to mix the album with Sam Weaver and record some special components to complete the sound and aesthetic. All of which can now be heard on this record.

Buy ltd LP from Piccadilly records: Anonymous Bash


4 Dec 2014

Anthroprohh play Manchester show


Venue: The Roadhouse
Date: 21st March 2015
Supports: Mind Mountain & Ten Mouth Electron
Price : £6 adv

More info and tickets: The Beauty Witch


3 Dec 2014

FOPP make Goat's Commune their album of the year

We are honoured to say that FOPP join Sister Ray and make Goat's Commune their album of the year!!

This is amazing news, we are well chuffed, so thanks FOPP.

A shops vote means more to us than a magazine or website as this is a true and unbiased vote if you ask us!!

So thanks...

See what they say and the full run down here: FOPP


Raw Power returns in May

Our friends Baba Yaga Hut are staging the third Raw Power Festival next May and the first couple of bands have been announced. This is what they say:

Raw Power Festival 2015
The Dome Tufnell Park, London
Fri, 22/05/2015 19:00

After the massive success of our 2014 weekender - featuring acts like Acid Mothers Temple, Mainliner, Clinic, Bo Ningen, Richard Pinhas, Teeth Of The Sea, Terminal Cheesecake, Hey Colossus, Girl Band and a ton more - we are happy to announce the return of RAW POWER, on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May at The Dome and Boston Arms.

Two stages over three days, featuring some of the best psych heaviness, spacerock, synth craziness, leftfield electronica and much more.

First acts announced are over from Finland, none other than Circle & Pharaoh Overlord! 

First release early bird tickets are on sale now for £35 from here: Baba Yaga Hut


1 Dec 2014

"I wanna be your Goat"

Iggy Pop reveals his love for Goat via BBC 6 Music twitter account!!