5 Dec 2014

Anonymous Bash – Charles Hayward collaboration album featuring Gnod on sale now

The press release reads:

Charles Hayward presents "Anonymous Bash", a collection of eight pieces of music born of a month-long 2014 residency hosted by Samarbeta at Islington Mill, Salford. The residency was the first of its kind that seeks to foreground collaboration and experimentation and those are the qualities that run through the record. The record is a collective result of Hayward working with over twenty musicians, and capturing, as a result, a series of movements that are unfettered, unexpected, unnerving and satisfying.

Hayward hatched plans with several potential collaborators upon his first visit and on his return in mid-May a pot-luck dinner in the Islington Mill Courtyard marked the start of the creation process. Over 20 Musicians gathered around the one table and prepared themselves and for 5 days ahead where they played, practiced and recorded with Hayward within the Islington Mill venue space and "Anonymous Bash" was born. The group, consisting of members of GNOD, Horrid, Part Mane On Both Sides & 2 Koi Karp among many more, at one point even went busking in Piccadilly Gardens to recruit musicians and improvise with Danny Henry, Jali & the Kora and the world percussion collective. Hayward then returned in mid-June to complete his residency to mix the album with Sam Weaver and record some special components to complete the sound and aesthetic. All of which can now be heard on this record.

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