7 Dec 2014

Backseat Mafia's 20 psych albums of 2014

Honoured to say that we have three albums is Backseat Mafia's 20 Psych Albums of the Year.

This list reads:

Second Bardo by Cult of Dom Kellar (Cardinal Fuzz)
Forest Of Lost Children by Kikagaku Moyo (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
Sky Is Hell Black by Has A Shadow (Fuzz Club/ Captcha Records)
Outside The Circle by Anthroprophh (Rocket Recordings)
Asteroid #4 by Asteroid #4 (Bad Vibrations)
Away From The Water by Lola Colt (Fuzz Club)
Season Sun by Gulp (Sonic Cathedral)
Mammatus Clouds by Kikagaku Moyo (Cardinal Fuzz/ Captcha Records) 
The Hum by Hookworms (Weird World)
Transmissions From Planet Telos Vol. 3 by Lumerians (Cardinal Fuzz)
Commune by Goat (Rocket Recordings)
Guru Overload by Eternal Tapestry (Oaken Palace Records)
No Curtains by Dahga Bloom (Captcha Records)
High Evolutionary by Dead Sea Apes (Cardinal Fuzz)
Strange Wave Galore by Radar Men From The Moon (Fuzz Club)
Ostro by Lay Llamas (Rocket Recordings)
They Worshipped Cats by Les Big Byrd (A Records)
Thru Me Again by LA Hell Gang (Mexican Summer)
Come Down Safari by White Manna (Captcha Records)
Far Out by Black Bombaim (Cardinal Fuzz)

See what is said about the releases here: Backseat Mafia