30 Oct 2010

Rocket Probes October 2010 Playlist

La Otracina – Reality has got to Die
(New album from this bunch of NY space metallers...great to see Mission Control fave ‘Raze the Sky on vinyl at last!!!)

Six Finger Satelite – Law of Ruins
(Recently had a record session at Kid Millions place and he picked this out saying it was a huge influence on him and Oneida...was pretty blown away by it and and managed to track it down and been listening to it loads since...some great psych moments on this nicely repetitive rock record!!!)

The Telescopes – Taste
(This absolute classic album of fuzz wah infested shoegaze punk has been finding itself on the turntable a lot this month, absolute killer album)

Brian Eno – Babys on Fire (BBC Radio session)
(A really great (slightly faster) version that can be found on this what I presume is an Italian bootleg which comes in a nice silkscreened sleeve)

Fabulous Diamonds – Fabulous Diamonds II
(Ultra repetitive Silver Apples’esque album, that also brings to mind Faust, Pit Er Pat and the amazing Urdog...really good stuff, especially the first and last mantras...once again, thanks Kid!)

Miles Davis – Dark Magus
(70's electric experimentation, dark, dense, space afro funk with Can vibes layered with wah wah)

Gum Takes Tooth - 001 001 001
(Thunderous rampaging noise released on floppy disc packaged CDR - from our favourite circuit board destroying noise band)

Sound Carriers - Celeste
(Vintage psychedelic folk fusion in the same vein as Broadcast)

The Beatles - Pepper / Magical Mystery Tour / Yellow Submarine
(Psychedelic period selected tracks)

John Cale & Terry Riley - Church of Anthrax
(Extended proto raga grooves)


Oneida - Drowned in Sound - Each One Teach One interview

Drowned in Sound - An Oral History of Oneida's Each One Teach One

There are still artists out there who are causing music to buckle and strain at the seams, who are finding new and inventive ways to turn familiar ideas inside out and bend some fresh life out of the archaic “rock” format. It can take patience and understanding—two qualities currently in perilously scarce supply—but anyone who is in this for the long haul is bound to come around to Oneida eventually. Most people are still trying to get their heads around Rated O, the band’s triple album opus from last year, but here we turn to a similarly ambitious double record they delivered for the Version City label in 2002.

Each One Teach One is a dense, multifaceted work, with two entire songs taking up one side each of the vinyl release, including the notorious ‘Sheets of Easter’, a song based around single-word repeating mantras that acts as a kind of litmus test as to whether you can get on board with Oneida’s gloriously warped take on familiar rock constructs. But you don’t need me to tell you about it. Here, each band member talks individually about the experience of bringing this singular work into the world, along with a few words from just about everybody involved with the project.....

Read the whole article:


29 Oct 2010

Quietus review of Gnod at Supersonic

Manchester psych-rock collective Gnod believe in hitting a groove and staying there. Today seven strong, they generate a consuming mantra, a shamanistic melding of Hawkwind, Can, Happy Mondays and numerous more spiritual cultures. Time passes, and as the time for main stage headliners Godflesh approaches much of the audience begins moving reluctantly off. By this time however Gnod are locked into their most primal groove yet, the drummer beating an alternating snare and tom in much the same fashion as a Neanderthal with a pair of rocks, everyone else stupefied in a deepening trance state induced by hitting the same note over and over and over. It's hypnotic and exhilarating, but as the minutes pass the Godflesh reunion looms larger and the Quietus posse reluctantly take their leave. Gnod continue, quite literally lost in their own world – it would come as no surprise to discover that they are still playing now. [RH]

Read the full Supersonic review here


26 Oct 2010

Teeth Of The Sea track to feature on surfing DVD

Australias premier surf magazine WAVES is using a Teeth Of The Sea track on a forthcoming DVD that will be given away with an up and coming issue.

The track featured is A.C.R.O.N.Y.M which is taken from their forthcoming LP Your Mercury...for more information check out the magazine's website here


21 Oct 2010

In Gnod we trust - the Quietus interview

To coincide with this weekends Supersonic appearance the mighty Gnod have been interviewed by The Quietus....read this great interview here


20 Oct 2010

Teeth Of The Sea headline improv festival at Cafe Oto tonight

Sorry for the late post on this, just realised we hadn't mentioned it!!
But for more information on this see the Cafe Oto in Dalston website here


18 Oct 2010

Teeth Of The Sea's Your Mercury makes Roadburn's album of the day

See what the people behind Roadburn festival think of the new Teeth Of The Sea album Your Mercury here


Stellar line-up for Sonic Sanctuary night in Bristol on November 6th

Sonic Sanctuary have put together a great night that is happening at (Rockets birth place) The Loiuisiana on Saturday November 6th

Teeth of the Sea
Thought Forms
SJ Esau

Plus art exhibition downstairs and DJ's after the bands finish (including Rocket)

Tickets are £6 advance from
or £8 on the door
Music kicks off at 6pm

For more info click here


15 Oct 2010

Two free downloads from new Teeth Of The Sea album Your Mercury

That is right, you can download two great tracks from the forthcoming Teeth Of The Sea album 'Your Mercury' that is released on November 22nd.

The track You’re Mercury (yes the spelling is deliberate) can be downloaded from NME

And the amazing A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. can be downloaded from Altered Zones (Courtesy of 20 Jazz Funk Greats)


14 Oct 2010

Gnod & Mugstar - All Hallow the Eve 2010

Gnod & Mugstar play 'All Hallow the Eve' 2010

An alternative non-commercial Halloween. If you want to have an "Halloween Party" and dress up in the usual trappings then give this event a miss. If you like paradoxical fun and dark melancholic beauty, psychedelic music and pancosmic poetry then you should be in your element. Haunting vocals and ghostly wooded psychedelia within a dark and arty wooded glade.

£15 including camping and parking.

£8 admission 6p.m-11.30p.

Further Info: fellfootwood

Also check out Gnod dub-stepping with attitude on new live track 'Genocider' www.myspace.com/gnodgnod


GNOD / Mugstar / Gum Takes Tooth - Supersonic Festival 2010

For those of you lucky few who are going to Supersonic festival this weekend, don’t forget to check out the mighty Gnod, one of the best bands in the UK at the moment. Also playing are the fantastic Mugstar who’s latest record is a killer. Another band that come with the Rocket seal of approval is Gum Takes Tooth from London, if you haven’t seen them, they are a great live band of Noise/Kraut rhythms.

Supersonic Festival 2010

22nd - 24th October

Birmingham UK


Following the news that the 2010 edition of Birmingham’s acclaimed annual Supersonic Festival will be headlined by
NAPALM DEATH, SWANS, GODFLESH, HALLOGALLO and MELT BANANA, Capsule are excited to announce the final few acts who will be appearing at this year’s festival, as well as reveal highlights from the incredible film, talks and visual arts programme.

Latest additions to the Supersonic line-up include the awesome live orchestra, Chrome Hoof, experimental hardcore band Ruins, the heavy riffage of Dethscalator and the melancholic pop sounds of Daniel O’Sullivan’s new project, Mothlite. Also, a special AV set from the hugely evocative Barn Owl, the psych/folk/electronic sounds of Health & Efficiency, regular jazz meets free improv in the form of Steve Tromans & Dan Nicholls Duo and Black Sun Drum Corps presenting a percussion parade through the festival, which will combine Supersonic Festival performers and audience members to create a visceral and live massed drumming experience. From metal to avant garde and folk, Supersonic 2010 is set to cement the festival’s reputation as one of the most original and eclectic music festivals in the UK.

Tickets on sale now
Friday: £20, Sat/Sun: £35, Weekend: £75




More info and tickets for the festival here http://www.capsule.org.uk/supersonic/


12 Oct 2010

Terrascope review of Teeth of the Sea’s Your Mercury

The first review of Teeth Of The Sea’s amazing new album comes from the great guys at terrascope:

(CD / LP)

The soaring, monolithic, majestic majesty of Teeth of the Sea continues to impress on this, their long awaited second album. Sounding for all the world like a collision between Oneida and Spaceheads – the London-based duo who sounded like Lightning Bolt with mariachi horns that blew audiences away at the Terrastock festival in San Francisco a few years ago – Teeth of the Sea’s terrascopic credentials are absolute and unquestionable. A lengthy tour last year with Oneida followed by dates with our very own Thought Forms only served to put the seal on that.

‘Your Mercury’ starts off gently enough, with a post-rock-esque pause and effect build-up from gentle effects to explosive noise-rock. By the time we get to the title track – which may either be ‘Your Mercury’ or ‘You’re Mercury’ depending on which part of the press release you believe (being a humble reviewer from a publication extremely low in the food chain, I haven’t been granted an audience with an actual copy of the album and have to rely on what I’m given…) anyway, by the time we get to the title track, whatever that may be, Teeth of the Sea are firing on more cylinders than a rocket exiting the Earth’s gravitational pull. Elegant, incendiary psychedelia which is at one and the same time devastating and darkly beautiful. ‘Midas Rex’ follows immediately after, with the band orbiting nicely through space by this stage, reminding me uncannily of moments found on Paul Kantner’s ‘Blows Against the Empire’ (this is meant as a compliment: I realise the album is generally frowned on by Jefferson Airplane purists but I happen to adore it).

Other favourites include the Kraut-rock-esque ‘A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.’ and the astonishing ‘Red Soil’, which riffs menacingly around just seven or eight softly spoken words and then suddenly exploding into a frenzy of superb drumming and toe-curling guitar licks. Sequencing is everything though, and even this wouldn’t be as effective without the haunting ‘Mothlike’ and menacing ‘Horses with Hands’ either side of it. I’m praying the band plays these in much the same order when they’re on stage – including the closing ‘Hovis Coil’, pulling together as it does all the elements of timing, trumpet, percussion, guitars and effects which in that very same order make this band so extraordinarily special.

Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the cinematic tension they build up and release – and awesome likewise only touches on how impressively well Teeth of the Sea have corralled all their influences and shaped something new and utterly wonderful out of it. Did I mention I love this band? (Phil McMullen)

See the review here


‘Nothing is...’ Dj’s playing records at the Notorious Hi-Fi Killers / Alexander Tucker show on Friday 22nd October


Cave and Mugstar play London Luminaire on Monday 18th October


11 Oct 2010

Teeth Of The Sea’s new album 'Your Mercury' to be released on November 22nd

We here at Mission Control are very excited to announce the second album by our very own Teeth Of The Sea.

The press release reads:

Teeth Of The Sea return with Your Mercury, their colossal second LP, which arrives in the wake of their critically acclaimed debut ‘Orphaned By The Ocean’ and their ‘Hypnoticon’ EP.

The North London district of Manor House hasn’t contributed a great deal to posterity over the last couple of hundred years. Down the road from the tube station lies the site of the pre-war mental hospital that housed Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot, T.S.Eliot’s first wife, Also nearby sits the location of a pub that served the unlikely distinction of playing host to both Queen Victoria and a goth club in a 140-year radius of evenings, before its present incarnation as a Costcutter. Yet this was where Teeth Of The Sea set up home in the dark early days of 2010, set to spend the next six months in an unprepossessing converted piano factory, sculpting what would become their second album, and now doubtless the most thrilling and transformative thing ever to emerge from Manor House: ‘Your Mercury’.

2009 was a spectacular year for Teeth Of The Sea: In January, their debut album, ‘Orphaned By The Ocean’ was released, and its widescreen, experimental sweep of noiserock abandon and mariachi-tinged melancholia garnered plaudits and approval far and wide. In the summer, they toured with Oneida, recorded 24 minutes of searing psych-euphoria - to be released the following year as the ‘Hypnoticon’ EP - and devastated the Offset festival. However, following a memorable weekend of dates with Gnod and Thought Forms in November, the band decided it was time to document the dramatic transformation their sound had undergone.

Six months of sepulchral visions, synapse-frying sonics and 7.4% cider later, what has emerged has startled even the band themselves. Balanced elegantly between electronic exploration and incendiary psychedelic freakout, these 46 minutes showcase a band whose expansive mindset has birthed a unique sound, more dynamic, adventurous and vividly atmospheric than ever before. ‘Your Mercury’ exists on a strange and beguiling astral plane, whereby the boundaries between the synth odysseys of the 70s, the guitar-noise-fuelledinfernos of the 80s, horrorscore schlock, Reich-ian repetition, and a whole plethora of other cathode-ray and speaker-stack birthed epiphanies are blurred into one futuristic and fearsomely coherent whole. Teeth Of The Sea, the most exciting psychedelic band in the UK, have spun into a brand new orbit.

01 Transfinite
02 The Ambassador
03 Cemetery Magus
04 You’re Mercury
05 Midas Rex
06 A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.
07 Mothlike
08 Red Soil
09 Horses With Hands
10 Hovis Coil

The album will be released on CD, download and a very special limited edition vinyl.

To celebrate the launch of the new album, Teeth Of the Sea will be performing at two very special shows:

November 18th – Rough Trade East
November 20th – Launch party at the Lexington (with some very special guests)

More info on these two shows to follow.

For all press enquiries please email nita@goldstarpr.com


Barney Bubbles Exhibition opens in London

As mentioned in a previous post an exhibition on the great artist Barney Bubbles has opened in London at The Chelsea Space

As said before Bubbles work is a huge influence on us here at Mission Control and this is going to be a must view exhibition.

See what the people at Creative Review say on it here


Serpentina Satelite Quietus review / Rock Sound and Lords of Metal interviews

Read the great review in the Quietus here

Plus a great interview on Lords of Metal here

Also the bands interview in Rock Sound has been published in the latest issue (141) and they have a track from the album on the cover mount CD...


Teeth of the Sea to support Wire

Yes that is right, Teeth of the Sea have been asked by the mighty Wire to support them at their up and coming show in Oxford on November 10th

Teeth of the Sea
Jericho Tavern / Oxford
Wednesday November 10th


Teeth of the Sea are playing another show before then, this time at the Zenith in Islington London on 23 October, see a teaser video here