31 Dec 2015

Rocket probes – December playlist

Happy New Year from Chris and John...here's to an amazing 2016:

The Fall - Various
(The Fall back catalogue has been getting heavy spins this month. So much amazing music to immerse yourself into...once you start, you can't stop!)
The Fall

Ordre Eatern – Revolució Soterrada
(Fantastic pounding and sometimes bleak post punk industrial psych from Barcelona via Salford...check out the track Metropolis)
Ordre Eatern

High Wolf – Growing Wild
(Grooved out 'highlife' psych from the genius that is High Wolf)
High Wolf

Wipers - Youth of America
​(​Early 80's Punk Rock, with great 10 minute fuzzed out title track)

Fumaca Preta – La Trampa 7"
(New 7" from the great Fumaca Preta...eastern psyched out grooves, meets South American Mudhoney'esque fuzz)
Fumaca Preta 

Jesse Harper  – Shade of Midnight Sun
(Great album of grooved out fuzzed psych from 70's New Zealand)
Jesse Harper 

Necro Dethmort – EP3
(Loving the diversity of this band, Track 4 on this new EP is stunning!)
Necro Dethmort 

Muslimgauze - Every Grain Of Palestinian Sand 
(Middle Eastern ​Tribal ​sounds​)​

The Underdogs – The Blesssing
(More great grooved out 70's psych rock from New Zealand)
The Underdogs 

Niagara - City Walk
​(Heavy on the Percussion, more tribal grooves) ​

Various – Plastic Dance 1
(Great Finders Keepers compilation)
Plastic Dance

Kaseciarz – Glide
(Psychy 10 min track from this Polish band)

Laraaji – Ambient 3: Day of Radiance
(Beautiful repetitive meditation – produced by Eno

John Coltrane - Love Supreme  
​(Rocket always been heavy on the Miles Davis​, but Coltrane is making a wonderful comeback on our decks these days)
John Coltrane 

Various – LSD Lullabies
(Collection of Swedish/Danish 'nuggets')
LSD Lullabies

Love - Love Is More Than Words
​(Later Love line up​, great driving rhythm section and very Hendrix freakout)

Flaming Lips / Yoko Ono - Do It
​(​Repetitive Yoko Post Punk Groove)
Flaming Lips / Yoko Ono

​Units - History of the Units
(​E​lectro-futurist post-punk​)​

Charles Rouse - Two Is One
(Funky Jazz from the 70s, with electric guitar, cello, and extra percussion)
Charles Rouse


30 Dec 2015

Hills and Lay Llamas confirmed for Yellowstock 2016

This has been just announced:

Yellowstock Festival 10th Anniversary Edition

First bands confirmed:
+ many more soon! 

13 August 2016 - 14 August 2016

More info about pré-sales / acts etc online very soon!!

Keep up to date with the festival here: Yellowstock


Rocket Recordings feature in Record Collector

Record Collector have interviewed us and asked us to do our Top 11.

So we did and you can read it in the latest issue of the magazine...

Record Collector did our first ever label feature back in 1998/99 (cant remember the exact date) so nice to be back in there, 16/17 years later!!

Though they have use the OLD Rocket logo....

More info here: Record Collector


Jimmy from Teeth of the Sea gives his Cosmic Round-up for Echoes and Dust

It reads:

It’s been another great year for long time Echoes & Dust favourites Teeth Of The Sea with Highly Deadly Black Tarantula was released to great acclaim (#10 in our writers’ Record of the Year poll) and a successful UK tour completed. Richard grabbed a few minutes to chat with their intergalactic riff shredder, Jimmy Martin.

CC: Hi Jimmy, how are you?

JM: Very well thanks! 2015’s been a pretty amazing year, but a bit of a blur – I honestly struggle to remember what happened for most of it – we all managed to cram a lot of mayhem and intrigue in somehow or other, and even now it’s winding down there doesn’t seem to be a spare moment. There haven’t really been enough hours in the day to get everything we wanted done, has been the only problem.

CC: Since the Master album you guys have played massive gigs and have been flying. I thought you’d build on this and get a bit more mainstream but you gave us Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, which is your darkest and most experimental album to date. Explain yourself young man…

JM: I’m not sure we’d know how to go mainstream if we tried. There’s very little rationale to what we do really – we just hammer away and whatever sounds pleasing to us goes down – what happened really in retrospect was that MASTER took ages to make – there was a three year gap between Your Mercury – our second album – and that one, and we wanted to do something a lot more stripped down and concise...

Read the rest of the interview here: Echoes and Dust


Best Bars On makes Teeth of the Sea their album of the year

This is what they say:

1. Teeth of the Sea: Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
They did it in 2013 with Master and they’ve taken our highly prized top spot again. With HDBT, Teeth of the Sea retained something of their former selves but evolved into something more cerebral, yet guttural, sweaty and appealingly disfigured. As all truly great albums do, it just gets better and better with every listen. Brilliant. Really and actually, very brilliant.

Read the full rundown here: Both bars on


Listen to Gnoomes podcast for Oto Radio

Gnoomes have created a podcast for Oto Radio, and you can listen to it here:

Find out more about their podcast here: Oto Radio


R(NOT).I.P. Lemmy 1945 – 2015


21 Dec 2015

Watch full live show of Goat at this years Pukklepop Festival

Here is Goat's full show, professionally recorded at this years Pukklepop Festival Belgium in August 2015.

So sit back and enjoy!!

Happy Christmas from Rocket!!


Freq reviews Hills – Frid

It reads...

It’s the shortest day of the year and Hills’ Frid album is bringing some summer warmth on a midwinter’s day — blasting, beautiful, fuzzed-out freak beat psychedelia from Gothenburg’s finest.

The kind of music that The Freak Bothers would have had singing from their stereo“Kollektiv” is like a slab of 1969 all rolled up in a glorious joint of mellow psychedelic madness. From its fuzzed out opening to its sitar-laden exit, this is the kind of music that The Freak Bothers would have had singing from their stereo. It so perfectly captures a certain era music that its coloured layers now seem out of time and space. There’s a slice of Blue Cheer mixed with the lightness of Tomorrow from ’67, and it’s time to get the joss sticks going.

Then the majestic lead guitar hits in and you are transported skyward“National Drone” builds like the beginning of “The End” by The Doors, with a mystical, otherworldly edge, like a boat ride down the Ganges as its rhythmic base carries the tune forward over sitar drone and the guitar interplay...

Read the rest here: Freg


20 Dec 2015

Hey Colossus and Teeth of the Sea in Echoes and Dusts Albums of the year

Chuffed to have both Hey Colossus albums and Teeth of the Sea in Echoes and Dust Top 20 albums of the year:

09. Hey Colossus – In Black and Gold
10. Teeth of the Sea – Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
16. Hey Colossus – Radio Static High

They have also put My Son by Gnoomes and Radio Static High by Hey Colossus in their Tracks of the year

See the full rundowns here: Echoes and Dust

Image taken by the unmanned spacecraft Cassini


Footage of GOAT jam with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Watch this great footage of Goat finishing their recent Perth show on 12 December with help from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Tremendous stuff!!


19 Dec 2015

Active Listener reviews Gnoomes – Ngan!

It reads:

Gnoomes are from Russia, one of the homes of space exploration in the twentieth century. In the tradition of all things cosmonaut-like, Gnoomes latest LP 'Ngan!' is a huge lumbering Soyuz spacecraft of blissed out sound that draws a perfect arc through 40 years of tripped out intergalactic noisemaking. Y'dig? Read on. 

This full length outing is definitely one that rewards repeated listening. 'Ngan' is a four track sound sandwich with two giant wedges of sonic exploration bookending the two shorter tracks in between. The first few times listening it's fun to analyse Gnoomes sound and pull out your favourite reference points from their map of the heavens. Opening track, "Roadhouse" definitely has been touched by the spirit of Michael Rother and Harmonia or more latterly Causa Sui. It hovers gently into view on washes of lightly echoed guitar morphing before locking down into a lovely crystalline motorik groove with spectral, almost monastic vocals blowing through the speakers that begs to morph into a fuzz and distorto supernova underpinned by some lovely synth drones...

Read the rest of the review here: Active Listener


18 Dec 2015

6 Rocket releases in 'Get into this' Top 100 Albums of the Year'

'Get into this' end of year chart always means a lot to us as in our view it is one of the most honest round-up of what actually is the best albums of year. They don't jump on bandwagons and just follow what other websites/mages say is the best album is, or just try and be obscure for obscure sake...so anyway, we are chuffed to have the following entries:

9. Gnoomes: Ngan!
The sixth and final Rocket Recordings release in our countdown is the cascading krautrock fever of Gnoomes – chiming almost-Byrds-like guitars trade with dreamy faraway vocals and wired rhythms. It pulls you in with it’s warmth and grips you tight – compulsive listening.

See the full list 10 - 1

14. Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation: Horse Dance
Cementing Rocket Recordings‘ status as having one of the most expansive and beguiling rosters, Josefin Ohrn and her apocalyptic Liberation army of sonic warlords, Horse Dance comes on like a propulsive call to arms. Swirling organs, tribal percussion, fuzzy atmospherics and mesmeric vocals are all woven together in one of 2015’s most innovative yet accessible releases. Superb.

See the full list 20 - 11

28. Hills: Frid
With titles like Death Will Find A Way and National Drone, it’s pretty obvious from the get-go that Hills aren’t messing about – but the extent to which they channel whacked out acid-fried mind-melters is little short of astonishing. Frid is one of 2015’s finest albums truly warranting the tag psychedelia. 

See the full list 30 - 21

32. Teeth Of The Sea: Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
Ramping up the industrial noise levels, Teeth of the Sea made a compact snarler of an album. Masterful.

44. Gnod: Infinity Machines
Defining the psychedelic is a complex, heterogeneous task, especially given a span of half century since the term came into usage. For many, the psychedelic is more than a musical style that evokes a bewildering and sublime aesthetic – it is an ideology that emerges through an intelligent manipulation of art forms. Gnod’s Infinity Machines serves as an excellent definition of a modern psychedelic, merging a series of montages, spoken texts and field recordings to assemble a delicate and ominously deep tapestry of strange melodies and stark rhythmic clusters. Infinity Machines utilises a post-minimalist sensibility to describe a 21st Century obsession with desire and affect, folding between paranoia and electro acoustic ecstasy. Infinity Machines is frightening and divine.  Mark Greenwood

See the full list: 50 - 31

59. Hey Colossus: In Black and Gold
Appearing in the very first week of the year, there’s been very little music since that even borders on the pulsating intensity of Hey Colossus‘ In Black and Gold, the doom-psych veterans’ first for Rocket Recordings. Though the record immediately descends like a falling meteor into relentless mid-tempo, it’s a death march of enrapturing appeal that never drifts close to monotony. After an insidiously lightweight opener the band immediately mutate their sound into a cataclysmic, apocalyptic thud on Sisters and Brothers, setting the tone for the LP’s viscous  thrusts and spears.Hey, Dead Eyes, Up! sees the most unforgivingly barbaric assault, while the title track opens shimmers of space only to crash momentously down with a tsunami of ferocious, searing psychedelia. If there’s been a more thrilling 42 minutes’ worth of ear-bludgeoning recorded this year, I’m yet to endure it. Patrick Clarke

See the full list: 100 - 51

Image taken by the unmanned spacecraft Cassini


17 Dec 2015

Gnod in Drowned in Sound and Teeth of the Sea in Au Review end of year polls

36. Teeth of the Sea – Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
“Teeth of the Sea have been around for a while now and it wasn’t until this album that they caught my interest. Their sound covers so many different styles, including prog rock, krautrock, electronica and techno and they can seamlessly move in between these genres with ease. Highly Deadly Black Tarantula is a lot heavier than their previous releases and was the album I kept coming back to this year.” – Dan Turner

In Au Review

57. Gnod – Infinity Machines

In Drowned in Sound

15 Dec 2015

Gnod and Hey Colossus in The Wire Magazines end of year chart, plus Gnod's invisible Jukebox

The Wire have published their records of the year and we are chuffed to say Gnod's 3LP Infinity Machines has taken their No.34 spot. 

Plus both Hey Colossus albums made the Avant Rock chart, with In Black and Gold at No.6 and Radio Static High at No.10.

Also in the latest issue Gnod present their Invisible Jukebox, so an essential read.

Find out more here: The Wire


14 Dec 2015

Photos of Goat live in Brisbane

Check out photos from Goat's recent show in Brisbane from Collapse Board

Goat + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard + ORB @ Triffid, 08.12.2015


Chris from Rocket gives his Cosmic Round-up for Echoes and Dust

Following Joe from Hey Colossus, Chris has also been asked by Cosmic Collins to give his Cosmic Round-up:

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt8 – Chris Reeder from Rocket Recordings

Hey Colossus (x2), Teeth of the Sea, Hills, Shit and Shine… it’s been another incredible year for Rocket Recordings. At Echoes and Dust we simply adore this label and can’t wait to find out what they are going to throw at us next year. Rich had a chat with Chris Reeder from the label and it looks like he forgot to ask him how he was and went right into the questions… HOW RUDE! Enjoy!

CC: Goat are obviously massive. Hey Colossus and Teeth of the Sea appear to be on their way too, is the label now bigger than you ever thought it would be?

CR: To be honest, we don’t feel any different to how we have ever done…it is still just John and myself doing ‘everything’ from the band A&R, sleeve design, accounts, admin, live visuals, etc etc. Plus we both still have to take on freelance design work to help make ends meet. So we don’t feel like a big label at all.

But we have heard people refer to us as this big and important label which is very flattering to hear. At the end of the day it is people who buy our records we all have to thank for our success as if they didn’t believe in the music we have released in our 18 years of existence then we wouldn’t still be here!

CC: What other labels in the UK do you admire?...

Read the rest of the interview here: Echoes and Dust


Hymn interviews Josefin Öhrn at last weeks Malmö show

Roughly translated:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation has released one of the year's most acclaimed debut plates. This week visited the band Malmö for the first time for a gig . Hymns Madeleine Bergquist sued hit with Josephine in this connection.

In 2013 came the song " Tell It To The Wind" and knocked down Sweden's more or less official music pundits , including yours truly . At the same time gossiping blurriga Instagrambilder of psychedelic live shows in the world. Josefin Öhrn and her band The Liberation appeared from nowhere and was presented as " the next big thing " .

- This is my first serious music project . I studied art before and kept most of the photography and film since , so it is true enough that I just showed up , says Josefin and laughs when I point out above 

If you have no musical background at all?...

Read the rest here: Hymn


Hey Colossus in Autre records of 2015

It reads:

12. Hey Colossus, Radio Static High, track: Radio Static High
I have nothing against a band like say, Tame Impala, but I do object to the over-use of the term “psychedelic.” Psychedelic needs to confuse the senses and rattle the brain cells. Hence, I love the London-based band Hey Colossus. Piledriver riffis and piles of noise drown out what remain otherwise pretty formal song structures. Hey Colossus cites surprising influences like Cypress Hill and Fleetwood Mac, but they deliver the best transcendental metal you are likely to hear in 2015.

See the full list here: Autre


12 Dec 2015

Rocket Recordings team up with Lava Thief to host a New Year's Eve party at Redchurch Brewery

Rocket Recordings and Lava Thief have only managed to organise 'A piss-up in a brewery'

Jamie Paton
Teeth of The Sea
Lava Thief
Chris Rocket

POURNE (World exclusive performance)
Deej Dhariwal

New Years Eve
The Redchurch Brewery 
(275-276 Poyser St, London E2 9RF)

£5 advance Tickets
£10 on the door
8pm to 3am

(The party is open to all but due to size of the venue there are only 50 tickets available...so don't be slow!!)

Show your love here: Facebook


Teeth of the Sea announce Electrowerkz show

After a very successful album launch tour Teeth of the Sea have announced a new London show, once again promoted by the great Baba Yaga Hut:

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents: 

Teeth Of The Sea 
+ Special guests

Saturday 13th February 2016 
Doors: 8:00

Electrowerkz | 7 Torrens Street , Islington, London, EC1V 1NQ, United Kingdom


Buy tickets here: Baba Yaga Hut


Five Rocket albums in Soundblabs Top 10s of the year

This is what they say:

Steve Reynolds put:

2.   Teeth Of The Sea - Highly Deadly Black Tarantula
An album with only six tracks on it has to be good to resonate and feature in an end of year top ten.  This does it effortlessly. The pulsating dark slabs of electronica at times recall Cure era 'Pornography' but its overarching gloom is simply wonderful

7.   Hey Colossus - Radio Static High
These boys have been tagged with the Psych thing a bit but I think they are better than that.  They have a simple flow of blending hardcore with electronica and hard rock.  This album just gets better with every listen.

10.  Gnod - Infinity Machines
Hailing from Salford these enigmatic noise polluters hit what they fucking like with a mix of Krautrock rhythms and unsettling sounds of dissonance.  Some of it makes sense some of it is visceral to another level.

See list here: Soundblab

And Rob Taylor has:

Shit and Shine - 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral
This funky screwball electronic dance manipulation still screws with my mind, in a good way

Hills - Frid 
If I ever lose my sanity, I’m off to Sweden ………….. Where’s the new Goat album ?

See full list here: Soundblab

Image taken by the unmanned spacecraft Cassini


10 Dec 2015

Gnod's Infinity Machines in Louder than War's albums of the year

24. GNOD – Infinity Machines (Rocket Recordings)

‘Gnod have produced a monolithic slab of unquantifiable proportions, with every track facilitating its own mini trip its an incredible collection of tracks. One of the finest things I’ve heard all year so far!’See the full rundown here: 

Louder than War


Sonic Masala reviews Capra Informis – Womb of the Wild EP

It reads...

I'm late to this rocketship (what's new this year???). Goat offshoot Capra Informis launched Womb Of The Wild, a four track EP that strips some of the esoteric "world music" ephemera that colours so much of the Swedish psych coven's aesthetic, and has taken a dronier approach to the spaced-out mantra. It is more about finding a spectral groove and entrenching in it rather than offering anything truly evolutionary or propulsive. 'I Darkness, You Fire' has the rattling of bamboo sabres, the sonorous whine of hyperspeed horizons imbued with pastel shades, the glottal thrum of a tantric trance, the rhythmic patter of percussion ushering in a new school of thinking (that is, clear the mind and not to think at all). The title track has an angularity...

Read the rest here: Sonic Masala


Gnod are in The Skinny's finest sounds from the Northwest in 2015

This is what they say:

Gnod – Control Systems

Everything about Gnod's past, present and future is encapsulated in Control Systems, a 17-minute track that takes in contributions from various residents at the group’s home and collective arts space, Islington Mill, drifting in and out of an ever-shifting landscape. With the band having spent the previous five years traversing from North African folk music to crunching industrial mechanics via fried space rock, Control Systems heralds an album – Infinity Machines – that sees Gnod throw the sum of it all at the wall and then some. [Simon Jay Catling]

Read the full piece here: The Skinny


7 Dec 2015

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation live in Stockholm review

Here is a review of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation recent show in Stockholm:

"Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation played at Geronimo’s, Stockholm this Saturday. Our Generation’s critic Aslan Ghasemloo witnessed what he experienced as the best band in the world right now and gave the concert a full score. 

What makes JÖ+TL one of this year’s best bands? Is it the manic and hypnotically psychedelic rhythms with electronic aspects and heavy bass? Is it the guitars, some of the hairiest this winter? Is it the beat of the drums making my heart beat faster and faster? Or is it Josefin’s voice and stage presence that knock me down? The answer to my question is all of the above. Josefin’s stage presence is like Siouxie Sioux had fronted Joy Division. 

The band just released the critically acclaimed album Horse Dance on the British label Rocket Recordings. An album that is just as amazingly tight as the band was in a live setting. They play Babel in Malmö on December 10 and Folk in Gothenburg on December 11." 

See the review here: Our generation

And as said in the review, the band play Malmö and Gothenburg, Thursday and Friday this week.


Joe from Hey Colossus gives his Cosmic Round-up for Echoes and Dust

Cosmic Roundup 2015 Pt.1 
Joe Thompson from Hey Colossus

When our writer Richard Collins isn’t smashing out reviews for us, he spends some of his time putting on gigs with his mate Lins at a night called Cosmic Carnage. When he’s not doing that he can often be found talking complete bollocks, we have decided to capture some of this bollocks and call it the ‘Cosmic Roundup of 2015′. He’s caught up with shit loads of our favourite people from across the scene and we’ll be publishing one every day until we run out… like a brutal advent calendar! We kick off proceedings with Joe Thompson from undoubtedly one of our bands of the year, Hey Colossus. Enjoy!

Joe plays bass in Hey Colossus who have released two albums this year on Rocket Recordings and did a split with the Hotel Wrecking City Traders. He also plays bass in Henry Blacker, who have released one album on Riot Season. Combine this with the relentless touring and you start to get an idea how fucking busy he’s been this year. Get stuck in!...

Read the rest here: Echoes and Dust


Goat's 'It's time for fun' in Vinyl Factory's 'Singles of the Year'

It reads:

05. Goat – It’s Time For Fun
(Rocket Recordings)

If Fela Kuti hooked up with Can for an ayahuasca ritual in Swedish hinterland, the shamanic initiation ceremony would surely be lead by masked minstrels Goat. Following 2014’s outernational Commune, the band sneaked out this limited 7” in autumn this year. It might be compact but it does the psychonautic job in little over eight minutes flat. Raw as ever, the A-side shares some of that downtown grit, a restrained, hypnotic groove for covering yourself in glitter and feathers and wigging out in a field. ‘Relax’ as the dreamy, Saharan antidote on the flip.

See the full rundown here: Vinyl Factory


4 Dec 2015

Gigsoup reviews Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation 'Horse Dance'

It reads:

Summary: An impressive visionary full length debut album, that opens many inter dimensional gateways. The offerings brought forth, by this newly crowned stoner majesty and her faithful subjects will be sparklingly multifaceted indeed.

4 /5

Lavished upon us earlier in 2014, was the psychotropic taster ‘Diamond Waves’ EP, which gave us sparkled gemstones like ‘Anything So Bright’ and ‘Free’, which glimmered with wonderful colours and tones. Following that recording, it seemed as though a psychedelic revival would be looming, as perceived in an influx of many bands in the last few years, stamping their brands into our consciousness and rejuvenating the genre. The group have also supported Goat and Les Big Byrd back in their homeland....

Read the rest of the review here: Gig Soup


3 Dec 2015

Gnoomes interview in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone (Russia) have written a piece on their countries best band' Gnoomes'.
Read what they say here: Rolling Stone

Or if you can't read Russian a rough translation reads:

German autobahns , shoegaze and BBC Radio 6 Music in life Gnoomes

Followers characters shoegaze like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, German Krautrock and Deerhunter, the guys from the group Gnoomes recently returned from a tour in his native Eastern Perm , from which from RS contacted a soloist Sasha collective drinking. "In general , we still have not decided how to pronounce the name of the group - says Sasha . - In the English-speaking environment " Gnums " sounds fine, but in the best Russian " Gnoms ." The group The Doors do not call " Durs ."

P'yankov himself in the music of 4 years , for which you need to say thank you to him educator of kindergarten , I noticed that Sasha copes with the song Yevgeny Aspen " Crying girl in the machine ." As a student , he eagerly began to listen to the music , which previously did not know that a couple of years to meet with Pasha Fedoseyev (drums ) , and together with him to play at weddings and perform covers in one of the Permian pubs every weekend for two years . Suppose that was hard, but the guys were trying not to lose heart , accompanying speech active consumption of beer . " Once we went to play in a place where I finally fell asleep . Dude put me in a cart and went down the mountain , and then the next two months , I spoke with a plaster on his leg " - cheerfully says Sasha .

Together with Sasha and Pasha plays guitar in the band Dima . According Pyankova trio - ideal scheme for their staff . When they recorded the first tracks , no one counted on much success, because everything was done only for himself and his friends .
However, getting a good response , they decided to try to send their songs to soundcloud- page music bloggers , which eventually led them to the BBC Radio 6 Music , and a tour of eastern Europe , which left a lot of impressions .

Most liked Gnoomes Leipzig : the weather in the German university town was excellent and the organization of events turned out to be at a high level , to the extent that the promoter personally took out bikes for Perm. "In Wroclaw, Poland people at a concert was not enough. There were elections , which were won by the Communists , and it's like a huge tragedy for the Poles . In the main square all went overlapped , "- says Pasha , who because of the tight concert schedule still can not write a thesis.

Gnoomes returned after a concert in the Baltic States , the Czech Republic , Germany and Poland back to Perm not too readily : in their hometown tugovato with people who need this sort of music , so guys appear there again in a month or two , fully engaged in the organization .

Sasha talked about the warm studio for rehearsals , imbued with the spirit of the seventies , they received thanks to guitarist Dima , worked as a leading radio "Russia" . But even with more admiration he talks about a trip to the German Autobahn , "We listened to the last album of Steve Hauschild , drove full under a full moon , and behind us were the windmills . It remained close my eyes and fly away. What I am quite honestly tried to do . "


Four Rocket albums in The Quietus albums of the year

The Quietus have published their albums of the year, and we are chuffed to announce we are the only label to have four albums in their list:

80. $hit & $hine - 54 Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral

28. Hey Colossus - Radio Static High

22. GNOD - Infinity Machines

17. Teeth Of The Sea - Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

See the full list here: The Quietus

Drawing by Lee Bontecou


GOAT Australia tour starts this Friday

Goat's first Australian tour starts this Friday – don't miss this rare opportunity to witness one of the best live bands on the planet!


Fri 04 Dec – Croxton, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*
Sat 05 Dec Howler, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*
Sun 06 Dec Howler, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*
Tue 08 Dec - Triffid, Brisbane
Wed 09 Dec - Metro, Sydney

GOAT also play:

Friday 11 December –  Meredith Festival *SOLD OUT*


2 Dec 2015

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Lunar Festival

Pleased to announce that Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation  have been confirmed to play Lunar Festiva 3-5 June.

More info and tickets here: Lunar Festival


1 Dec 2015

Drowned in Sound reviews Oneida – Positions EP

It reads:

Brooklyn’s Oneida have been a force in experimental rock for almost 20 years now and in the last seven or so of those they have really eased into Doing Whatever The Fuck They Want. In 2008 they started their 'Thank Your Parents' album trilogy with Preteen Weaponry, a 45-minute track divided into three sections, followed the next year by the surprisingly-good triple album Rated O and completed in 2011 with the drumless avant-garde drone noise of Absolute II. It has now been three years since their last studio album and the band seem to have mostly content to have engaged in other sorts of ideas and projects. Thus we come to Positions, an EP containing two covers and one new song.

The thing I've always found most admirable about Oneida is their single-minded approach, their unpredictability, their desire to never do the obvious or expected. So if, as the press release concedes, an EP consisting mostly of two covers seems like a bit of a step back for the band, it most emphatically is not...

Read the rest here: Drowned in Sound