31 Dec 2015

Rocket probes – December playlist

Happy New Year from Chris and John...here's to an amazing 2016:

The Fall - Various
(The Fall back catalogue has been getting heavy spins this month. So much amazing music to immerse yourself into...once you start, you can't stop!)
The Fall

Ordre Eatern – Revolució Soterrada
(Fantastic pounding and sometimes bleak post punk industrial psych from Barcelona via Salford...check out the track Metropolis)
Ordre Eatern

High Wolf – Growing Wild
(Grooved out 'highlife' psych from the genius that is High Wolf)
High Wolf

Wipers - Youth of America
​(​Early 80's Punk Rock, with great 10 minute fuzzed out title track)

Fumaca Preta – La Trampa 7"
(New 7" from the great Fumaca Preta...eastern psyched out grooves, meets South American Mudhoney'esque fuzz)
Fumaca Preta 

Jesse Harper  – Shade of Midnight Sun
(Great album of grooved out fuzzed psych from 70's New Zealand)
Jesse Harper 

Necro Dethmort – EP3
(Loving the diversity of this band, Track 4 on this new EP is stunning!)
Necro Dethmort 

Muslimgauze - Every Grain Of Palestinian Sand 
(Middle Eastern ​Tribal ​sounds​)​

The Underdogs – The Blesssing
(More great grooved out 70's psych rock from New Zealand)
The Underdogs 

Niagara - City Walk
​(Heavy on the Percussion, more tribal grooves) ​

Various – Plastic Dance 1
(Great Finders Keepers compilation)
Plastic Dance

Kaseciarz – Glide
(Psychy 10 min track from this Polish band)

Laraaji – Ambient 3: Day of Radiance
(Beautiful repetitive meditation – produced by Eno

John Coltrane - Love Supreme  
​(Rocket always been heavy on the Miles Davis​, but Coltrane is making a wonderful comeback on our decks these days)
John Coltrane 

Various – LSD Lullabies
(Collection of Swedish/Danish 'nuggets')
LSD Lullabies

Love - Love Is More Than Words
​(Later Love line up​, great driving rhythm section and very Hendrix freakout)

Flaming Lips / Yoko Ono - Do It
​(​Repetitive Yoko Post Punk Groove)
Flaming Lips / Yoko Ono

​Units - History of the Units
(​E​lectro-futurist post-punk​)​

Charles Rouse - Two Is One
(Funky Jazz from the 70s, with electric guitar, cello, and extra percussion)
Charles Rouse