4 Dec 2015

Gigsoup reviews Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation 'Horse Dance'

It reads:

Summary: An impressive visionary full length debut album, that opens many inter dimensional gateways. The offerings brought forth, by this newly crowned stoner majesty and her faithful subjects will be sparklingly multifaceted indeed.

4 /5

Lavished upon us earlier in 2014, was the psychotropic taster ‘Diamond Waves’ EP, which gave us sparkled gemstones like ‘Anything So Bright’ and ‘Free’, which glimmered with wonderful colours and tones. Following that recording, it seemed as though a psychedelic revival would be looming, as perceived in an influx of many bands in the last few years, stamping their brands into our consciousness and rejuvenating the genre. The group have also supported Goat and Les Big Byrd back in their homeland....

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