14 Dec 2015

Hymn interviews Josefin Öhrn at last weeks Malmö show

Roughly translated:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation has released one of the year's most acclaimed debut plates. This week visited the band Malmö for the first time for a gig . Hymns Madeleine Bergquist sued hit with Josephine in this connection.

In 2013 came the song " Tell It To The Wind" and knocked down Sweden's more or less official music pundits , including yours truly . At the same time gossiping blurriga Instagrambilder of psychedelic live shows in the world. Josefin Öhrn and her band The Liberation appeared from nowhere and was presented as " the next big thing " .

- This is my first serious music project . I studied art before and kept most of the photography and film since , so it is true enough that I just showed up , says Josefin and laughs when I point out above 

If you have no musical background at all?...

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