28 Feb 2014

Rocket Probes February Playlist

Adrian Utley's Guitar Orchestra - In C Preview from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

Music O Tunya
(Nice reissue of some fuzz filled afro rock)
Music O Tunya

Jakob Riis & Bill Hoirst – The Cessation Elegy

(The ex Magic Musician of Bukake Bill Horist and Jakob Riis take you on a very listennable journey of noise and drones using a myriad if instruments. On the great Lava Thief)
Jakob Riis

Pye Audio Corner – Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4

(Lovely analogue beats n soundscapes)
Pye Audio Corner

Terminal Cheesecake - Pony Boy

(Full on fuzz wah attack off their Angels In Pigtails album)
Terminal Cheesecake

Anasrenaria – Music for Fire Walkers

(Thanks to Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne for reccommending this great album of field recording repetition)

Container - Adhesive

(More kraut inspired industrial techno from the same label that brought us Powell's (game changing) track 'Fizz')

Ride - Smile

(Their fuzz noise pop has never sounded so good)

Various - Travel Expop #2

(Contains some stunning drones from Ben Nash and one of the best Mugstar tracks we have heard…on the great Hands in the dark)

Morgan Delt
(Kaleidoscopic psyche-pop)
Morgan Delt

Cavern of Anti-Matter - Acid Death Picnic
(Tim Gane of Stereolab’s Kraut Disco side project)
Cavern of Anti Matter

Toy - Conductor
(Part ‘Krautrock' by Faust with a little disco groove thrown in)

Low Point X - Some Truths
(Modular synths)

Low Point X

The Litter - Emerge
(Great 60’s garage fuzz pop)
The Litter


Shit & Shine SxSW poster revealed

As reported here Shit and Shine are playing some shows at SxSW and here is a cool poster  for it.

And don't forget, Teeth of the Sea are also playing SxSW, more info here


26 Feb 2014

Teeth of the Sea introduces 'The Last Man' live soundtrack

Following A Field In England, Doomsday, 2001 and Flash Gordon, Teeth of the Sea are writing and performing a live soundtrack to another film.

This time it is the movie '1984' and it is being perfumed live at the legendary CERN in Geneva, Switzerland as part of the CineGlobe festival on Thursday March 20th

The festival says:

British Band Teeth of the Sea perform live their original, CineGlobe commissioned, audio-visual musical interpretation of George Orwell’s 1984, 30 years after the legendary date.

The Last Man resonates thematically with the theme of the festival-Beyond The Frontier. A visual interpretation of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, in conjunction with an entirely original score, this will draw parallels between the totalitarian nightmare of Orwell’s Oceania and the information-saturated modern age, questioning the abilities of the individual to find passage through the blizzard of data that constitutes twenty-first century life. The titular character of Winston Smith herein represents both a cipher for identity in a landscape evolving to ever more automated and anonymous realms, and a glimmer of hope for humanity itself.

Teeth Of The Sea, in collaboration with director and visual artist Benjamin Barfoot, will attempt to take the intensity, austerity and atmospheric landscapes of Nineteen Eighty-Four to transcend the text’s cultural ubiquity and render it freshly potent. Yet this is no aesthetic Newspeak, rather a portrait of a dehumanising world surrounding us that continues to prove the universal power of Orwell’s message.

Watch this space for more news on this event as it come in.

In the meantime, more information and tickets can be found here: CineGlobe


25 Feb 2014

What The Future Sounded Like

What The Future Sounded Like from Closer Productions on Vimeo.

Here is a great short documentary on EMS that you need to watch.

This the description:

Post-war Britain rebuilt itself on a wave of scientific and industrial breakthroughs that culminated in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. In this atmosphere was born the Electronic Music Studios (EMS), a radical group of avant-garde electronic musicians who utilized technology and experimentation to compose a futuristic electronic soundscape for the New Britain.

What The Future Sounded Like colours in a lost chapter in music history, uncovering a group of composers and innovators who harnessed technology and new ideas to re-imagine the boundaries of music and sound. Features music from Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Roxy Music and The Emperor Machine.


24 Feb 2014

Goat to play Paredes de Coura Festival

Goat have been announced to play Paredes de Coura Festival in Portugal on 23 August.

For more info and tickets, visit: Paredes de Coura Festival


23 Feb 2014

Multiple Exposure Vol: 4 – Marlene Ribeiro (Gnod / Negra Branca)

Welcome back to Rocket's irregular blog feature 'Multiple Exposure', where we ask various artists what their favourite pieces of 'repetitive' music are. This feature, we have Marlene Ribeiro from Gnod and Negra Branca

(I've decided to start with the most repetitive piece of music that comes to mind. This trio from Australia released this amazing album in 1989, it's an hour long mantra, subtle jazz style drumming and a two-note Double Bass drive the thing the whole way through, it's incredible and sedating in many ways. If only sex was this good)
The Necks

(This is one of my favorite bands. This album, Deceit (1981) really shows to be a reflection of the times in the UK. Heavy, noisy, fear mongering, cold and mental. I love what they were doing instrumentally, live and in the studio. Hayward's drumming seems erratic at first but then you realise he's a genius. The same goes for his singing style, they created really odd harmonies. Tapes were used live, creating loops and sounds along to whatever they were doing. Most tracks seem not to have any real or standard structure, to me it's a collage of sections that make sense in its own chaos, clearly anti-repetitive. Still, with this track you get a bit of both, around 2.40 min in, after the chaos, it goes into a loop that never resolves)

This Heat

(This track, recorded live at Le Theatre du Chatelet , it's beautiful and very minimal, the main hook is a melodic vocal harmony  that lingers in the background over the whole track, while tribal drumming, percussion and wind instruments float around it. Topped off with a choral of voices and harmonies, chanting the same words over and over again, It's fucking great, could listen to this one for ever)


(Exactly what it says on the tin, one of my favourite Shit $ Shine tunes, although it's very hard to decide between their best tracks , this bass loop is something else, so heavy, fucked up and dubby that i do not recommend playing it at a house party. Specially if your neighbour is a manic crack addict and owns an hammer)

NORA DEAN - AY AY AY (Angie La La)
(I've become a bit obsessed with this track recently, This is a track that features in Reggae compilations, recorded in 69 and sang by the great Nora Dean.  It's not traditional Reggae though, the rhythm, bass and guitar remind me a lot of Afro Rock, it's jagged, the same groove is played over and over, only not for long enough! It's only 3 minutes long! Nora's vocal is amazing on this, she makes bird like sounds, moans, noises and sings beautiful melodies. I'm considering mixing a 10 minute version of this myself, just so I don't have to keep replaying it)

Nora Dean

(This band from Middlesbrough is the sludgiest band i've seen live, they just seem to write the heaviest most simple and amazing riffs, with the dirtiest sounding guitars. It makes you wanna pull your hair out or just head butt the person next to you. Their performances seem to send the whole place into a mosh pit even before they even start playing. REPEAT)
Drunk In Hell

STRANGER SON OF WB - PLANE TO BELGIUM (sloow tapes version)
(These guys are based in Manchester and been going on for years, Chris and Paddy (Gnod) have been part of some of many of their line-ups back in the day, this is one of my favourite tracks of theirs. This track has a slow progressing bass line while most of the other instruments stay virtually the same over the top of it, with Gareth's vocal being mono-tonal speech-
like. It's dense, dark but with a light at the end of the tunnel.  It's a trip alright)

(This duo (Anya Kuts and Yvan Afanasyev) from the Republic of Karelia, have been making some amazing music for a few years, releasing mostly on cassette labels and their own label "Full Of Nothing". This amazing LP is called Fingers Crossed. This track is a builder, it gets to full overload by the end of it)

Love Cult

(I was battling with myself here whether to add this track to the list or not. But due to the nature of this list i think it certainly belongs here. As the name might or might not suggest, this track is a homage to the spirit of  "Outside the Dream Syndicate" sessions. I can't quite put it into words what goes on when we play it live but the outcome always shows what is the power of repetition)



20 Feb 2014

Goat announce new show on their 'Wandering Westward US Tour' – plus reveal exclusive tour poster and t-shirt design

Goat have announced another show on their April West Coast 'Wandering Westward US Tour'. The band will play Pappy and Harriets in Pioneertown on April 10th

Also the great Adam Pobiak has designed the exclusive poster and Tshirts for the tour.

The ltd Tshirts come in two colourways and can only be purchased at the following dates:

Thu Apr 10
Pioneertown CA 
Pappy & Harriets

Fri Apr 11
Indio, CA
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Sat Apr 12
San Francisco, CA

Mon Apr 14
Seattle, WA

Tue Apr 15
Vancouver, BC
Rickshaw Theatre

Wed Apr 16
Portland, OR
Wonder Ballroom

Fri Apr 18
Indio, CA
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

The above poster design will be made available as ltd screenprints for sale on Adam's site here: Pobiak


19 Feb 2014

Introducing Teeth of the Sea’s 'A Field In England: Re-Imagined’ Record Store Day release

Swiftly following the release of their successful third album MASTERTeeth of the Sea are proud to present a limited Record Store Day LP release of their re-imagined score to Ben Wheatley’s metaphysical midnight movie A Field In England. This work sees London’s most 
adventurous and intrepid psychedelic adventurers allying motifs and psychic spectres from Jim Williams and Blanck Mass music and reinterpreting them to their own ends, arriving at a bold and richly atmospheric transmission that takes the rites and revelations of the original work into pastures new.

Originally spurred into action by a commission for Cork Film Festival in November 2013, Teeth of the Sea worked on the audio-visual reworking with their long-standing visual collaborator Benjamin Barfoot (who also created the jaw-dropping Reaper video last year and worked on the band’s previous ‘Beyond The Transfinite’ piece, which debuted at Bestival in 2012).

The first performance of A Field In England: Re-imagined, in the converted church venue Triskel in Cork in November 2013, was a resounding sell-out success, as was a repeat performance at the enormous screen one at Hackney Picture House in January 2014.

Inspired by this reaction, the band entered Lightship95, the studio housed on a converted ship on the Thames where they also recorded MASTER, to record the music to this half-hour travelogue. In the process, they found themselves travelling down unforeseen sonic 
avenues- taking a notably more melodic and pastoral approach, these three tracks find them channelling influences like Flying Saucer AttackBobby BeausoleilPopol Vuh and ‘La Novia era Acid Mothers Temple to mercurial and transformative effect.

Teeth of the Sea’s goal was to take the mind-games, the malevolence and the magick of the film as fuel for a work that exists on a parallel dimension to the earthen realm on which the protagonists carry out their actions. Housed in a sleeve featuring all-new artwork by 
Rocket Recordings seer Johnnyo, and available in a limited edition on thick red wax, 

A Field In England: Re-imagined represents that psychic quest made gloriously manifest.

Open Up, And Let The Devil In.


11 Feb 2014

Shit & Shine to play two shows at SxSW

The mighty Shit and Shine are joining Teeth of the Sea and playing this years SxSW (sadly not on the same stage though).

S&S are playing Obsolete Industries on 13 March with none other than King Buzzo and more. 

S&S are also playing Arturos bakery on West 17th street on Friday 14 March.
Also playing this show will be Rusted Shut and Bludded Head.

It will be very special performances, as this incarnation of S&S will include the legend that is King Coffey (Butthole Surfers and Rubble).

Get yourself down there!


10 Feb 2014

Gnod to play Austin Psych Fest

After the news that Teeth of the Sea are playing Austin's SxSW, another Rocket band has been announced o be invading Austin and this time it is the mighty Gnod who are playing Austin Psych Fest.

Aren't you American's very lucky people!!!

More info here: Austin Psych Fest


Eindhoven Psych Lab 2014 Video #1

Eindhoven Psych Lab 2014 #1 from Liverpool Psych Fest on Vimeo.

As reported recently here we at Rocket are very excited to announce our involvement at the Eindhoven Psych Lab on the 6th June.

We are curating a stage called 'The Counterblast Experiment presented by Rocket Recordings' which will feature live sets by Teeth of the Sea, Gnod, Terminal Cheesecake, Anthroprophh, Lay Llamas and (hopefully) one more.

The 2 day event features many bands + dj’s, visual art, design and experiments t.b.a.

Tickets + more info: www.eindhovenpsychlab.com
2 days / 30+ bands / 2 indoor stages and a garden / location: Effenaar Eindhoven


5 Feb 2014

Multiple Exposure Vol: 3 – Tom Furse (The Horrors)

Welcome back to Rocket's irregular blog feature 'Multiple Exposure', where we ask various artists what their favourite pieces of 'repetitive' music are. This feature, we have the one and only Tom Furse from The Horrors.

Nina Simone - The Ballad Of Hollis Brown (live) 
I’ve never tracked down a recorded version of this but the live version is mesmerising. Pained vocals, the tight beats that were later referenced by techno and two-chord minimalism make this something of a prescient piece, peering into the future of loop-based music. With Simone's pained vocal topping it off this is probably my favourite live performance I’ve ever found. Perfect. 
Nina Simone

William Onyeabor - Body And Soul 
Onyeabor is experiencing something of a resurgence of late with the excellent Luaka Bop comp. I had heard of it sometime earlier via the also excellent Flash Strap blog. I loved it from the first play. That beat, that guitar, those keyboards.. Africa has much to teach us. 
William Onyeabor

Anything of J Dilla’s Donuts 
Absolute hands-down one of my favourite records of all time. The way Dilla takes a tiny snap of music and morphs it into something else is astounding. It really inspired me to go into my own records and see what nuggets could be pulled from within them. Essentially, he helped me see that a record can be an instrument too. 

Stereolab - Space Moment
It’s hard for me to pick out a Stereolab song but this ones fairs fairly well in the repetition department. I think they’re on the most consistent bands of all time, I think there’s one song of theirs that I don’t love. Everything else I could listen to all day long. 

Jan Hammer - Don’t You Know
Such a great song. Deceptively there’s not much going on but the harmonic interaction is so beautiful. I think this one’s a lost No.1. 
Jan Hammer

David Axelrod - Holy Thursday
Predictable choice of his, probably his best known work (apart from the various famous samples). Based mostly on a simple movement between two adjacent chords, it’s a remarkable exercise in keeping the chords simple, something I’m really interested in. The playing on the track is superb too, Wrecking Crew players realising a genius. 
David Axelrod

Pulp - Common People
It’s the same fucking riff the whole way through and it’s magical. Perfect pop music. 

Talking Heads - Born Under Punches
I recently read David Byrne’s ‘How Music Works’. I was really interested in the way they would just do jams on one chord and build up songs that way. Sometimes one chord is just what you need, but what they do within it is really special, a kind of warped funk taking into consideration music from all over the world. 
Talking Heads

Brian Eno - The Big Ship
Eno is a big inspiration for me, he keeps it simple but in such an interesting way, particularly when it comes to harmony and the core melody, which is usually something of an ear worm. This track always really grabs me and holds my attention. 
Brian Eno

Neu! - Fur Immer 
This was my first knowing exposure to Neu!. I was blown away really, totally suckered in from the first listen. I have a notion that what Neu! did was realise a totally new form of music. Away from sub-genre’s and krautrock, this is actually a whole new way of people playing music together, in the same way that blues or jazz is. If you get in a room full of people and someone starts playing that beat, we all know what to do. You jam on one chord and make the most you can of it, it’s so simple yet can be so transcendent. 

Add N To (X) - Plug Me In
I remember seeing the video for this when I was kid, I seem to remember it verging on hardcore pornography. This band was my gateway into the world of synthesis, and really there’s never been anyone else quite like them. Barry from Add N To (X) exposed me to a lot of great stuff and was hugely encouraging in my early synth endeavours. 
Add N To (X)

Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir - Like A Ship
I’m not a religious person in any way, but I find some gospel very moving. It’s just so full of raw, triumphant soul. There’s something so pure about that, it’s just singing, the natural music of man. 
Pastor T.L

Infiniti - Game One
I try and make music like this and 90% of the time it just falls flat on it’s face. It’s tracks like these that mean I always buy a Metroplex record if I see one. 

LCD Soundsystem - All I Want
I’m a fan of songs with one riff the whole way through, I think if you can make it work it just leads to an insistence you can’t get from traditional chord structures. That lends itself well to a catchy melody, so if you can find the right one that doesn’t drive you insane after minute 2 then chances are everyones going to be humming it after they hear it for it for 6 minutes. While Eno and Bowie might have done it earlier, who gives a shit, this is just as good. 
LCD Soundsystem

David Bowie - Heroes
And I guess this leads me on to the last track. Triumphant minimal pop at it’s absolute finest. 


4 Feb 2014

Nothing is showing its teeth

We have a great special guest at this months 'Nothing is…'. Mat Colegate from Teeth of the Sea will be bringing a bag of his favourite cosmic disco tunes to keep you all entertained.

Full line up is:

Nothing is...
Cage & Aviary (Internasjonal/DFA)
Cherrystones (Brutal)
Little Dirty (Hed Nod)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)

***Plus very special guest***
Mat Colegate (Teeth of the Sea)

The Alibi – Dalston/London
21 February
Free entry

Please show your love here: Nothing is…


Teeth of the Sea to play this years SxSW

That is right, Teeth of the Sea are heading to America for ONE show only.

They will play Austin's Soho Lounge on March 13th

So we highly recommend you get yourselves to the show as we don't know when the band will be back.

The band recently said on Twitter:

"Excited to relate we're heading to Austiin for our first ever show in the USA, Soho Lounge. March 13th. TOTS Into America!"