30 Apr 2013

Rocket Probes April Playlist

counter.repetition from ilan katin on Vimeo.

Deej Dhariwal - Still Connecting
(Deej from Thought Forms debut solo album of fuzz noise and strummed drones)
Deej Dhariwal

The Haxan Cloak - Excavation
(Filmic electronics)
The Haxan Cloak

Various - WFMU Country Fuzz Spectacular
(Simply amazing collection of fuzz infused country songs from early, mid and late 60's - compiled by WFMU)
Part 1: Country Fuzz
Part 2: Country Fuzz

Gnod - Genocider (Nighthammer mix)
(Great remix from this Notorious Hi-Fi Killer)

Demlike Stare - Boiler Room / Test Pressing Vol 1&2
(Great live session that goes on a spacey techno journey / and two great 12" of techno noise, nice sleeve concept too)
Demlike Stare

Cosmic Dead - Cosmic Dead
(Really nice vinyl reissue from Cardinal Fuzz)
Cosmic Dead

Lumerians - Horizon Structures
(Not as good as Telos, but still has some fine moments...nice 4D sleeve too)

Melt Yourself Down - Fix My Life
(Members of Zun Zun Egui and Accoustic Ladyland create a twisted krautjazz stomp, great video too)
Melt Yourself Down

Master Musicians of Bukake - White Mountain Return
(Love this....an exciting taster for the new album, love the video!!!)
Master Musicians of Bukake

Black Flag - Slip it In
(Just for the title track alone)

Black Flag

Melody's Echo Chamber - Crystallized
(Great Broadcast / Warp Records pop with distorted Electronic's)
Melody's Echo Chamber

Gunter Schickert – Uberfallig LP
(Imagine if the Necks had a Jam with Can sometime between when they made Future Days and Babaluma)
Gunter Schickert

Baby Grandmothers - s/t
(1960's Swedish 3 piece heavy psyche)
Baby Grandmothers

Charlie & Esdor​  - s/t
(More 1960's Swedish psyche)
Charlie & Esdor


Download the audio from Goat's New York show

The complete audio from Goat's New York show last week is available to download and stream from here: nyctaper

It is a pretty good recording of what sounds like a stunning performance...The encore (not credited) is a mesmerising version of 'The Sun The Moon'.


29 Apr 2013

First listen of Stonegoat, the new 7" from Goat

The Quietus have just premiered theA side of the new GOAT single, STONEGAOT that will be released on Rocket 3rd June (and Sub Pop in North America on 4th June).

This is what the Quietus say about the track:

"It's a storming affair, drawing on all the salient ingredients that made World Music so great: starting out with some tricksy wah'ed fretwork, it's not long before those familiar shrieking vocals rear up, submerged below lumbering drums and woody Afrobeat percussion. Just when it seemed things couldn't get more joyously kaleidoscopic, there's an abrasively agitated guitar solo, which sounds like it's being amplified through sandpaper. An excellent start to the week."

You can lead the rest of the piece here: The Quietus

You can find out more about this double A side single here: New Goat 7"

Plus you can also listen to the AA side track DREAMBUILDING here via Pitchfork: Pitchfork


Out Today - Gnod Dropout with White Hills II Re-issue

Rocket Recordings are pleased to announce the re-issue of the now highly sought after double LP Gnod Dropout with White Hills II. The record will be available from all good record shops as of today.

This version of the reissue comes packaged in different coloured artwork from the 1st 2 versions and is available on a limited pink dayglo colour vinyl, this is the 3rd pressing and most people have suggested the best looking so why are we to disagree.

It is also re-released on CD which features an extra unreleased track from the vinyl version.

The Rocket Bandcamp shop will have a small amount up on sale over the coming weeks plus we have a few of the yellow versions on both formats left for sale here


28 Apr 2013

New Goat video for Run to your mama

The band have posted their home made video for 'Run to your mama' which follows the same style as their previous videos for Goatman, The Sun The Moon, Goathead and Let it Bleed.



Goat's show from Philadelphia in full


Loopflesh at Roadburn

This was the moment when Robert Hampson stepped up to the mic and sang Loop's 'Straight to your Heart' for the first time since they split up. The whole Godflesh set was amazing, but seeing this was mindblowing, and we were proud to of witnessed it!! 

And as you all know, within the week, the Loop reformation was announced, so see you down the front 


Teeth of the Sea playing 'Reaper' at Roadburn


26 Apr 2013

Nothing is... comes to Bristol – A special Rocket party

'Nothing is...' is upping roots from it's Dalston home and having a one-off special at Bristol's Cube Cinema on June 8th.

The night is a celebratory gathering for Chris from Rocket's 40th, and apart from 'Nothing is...' in the bar there are some very, very special live acts performing in the cinema itself. 

Nothing is...
Celebrating Chris from Rocket's 40th

Teeth of the Sea
Thought Forms

Cage & Aviary
Rik Motor
Little Dirty

Bristol Cube Cinema
Saturday June 8th
7.30 - 2am
£5 (to help towards bands/djs expenses)

There will be advance tickets made available, check here for more details: Buy a ticket

Rocket at 15 – An Echoes and Dust interview

The great website Echoes and Dust interviewed Chris from Rocket about the labels history and future:

"Rocket Recordings celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this year so we decided to get in touch with one of the founding fathers of the label, Chris Reeder, to find out how it all got started...

(C) Well it started on a drunken night at The Louisiana in Bristol sometime in 1997. Myself and close friend Simon Healey were there to see another good friend of ours (Gareth Turner, now in Big Naturals) band called Lillydamwhite. They were supporting other friends of ours The Heads. After Lillydamwhite played a blistering set, Simon turned around to me and set we should put out a 7" by them and I thought, wow, what an idea! Then we both sort of forgot about that due to The Heads cacophony of psych noise that we were bombarded with. In the morning though, once the haze of the previous night’s excess's had cleared the idea of releasing a Lillydamwhite 7" popped back into our heads and we thought, actually that is a good idea. Why not? Let’s give it a crack! We were both huge fans of the US underground scene and wanted to emulate the golden years of Sub Pop, Amphetamine Reptile, Sympathy for the Record Industry etc. So at the beginning that is what we wanted try and do.

The first thing we had to do though was come up with the name...and that took a while! After a lot of stupid ideas I saw an illustration of this Flash Gordon type rocket that looked fantastic, so I showed it to Simon and said, "What do you think? Let’s call the label Rocket and use that style of image?" He agreed and we went for it. Then we contacted underground poster artist Frank Kozik to draw us a logo using the image I found as inspiration and the logo you see today is what he created!..."

Read the full and very revealing interview here: Echoes and Dust


25 Apr 2013

The Sun The Moon live in New York

More footage from Goats Brooklyn show


Treble website puts World Music in their '10 Essential Heavy Psych Albums'

This is what they say:

Goat – World Music
(2012; Rocket)
Nobody today is doing psychedelic rock better, weirder or with as much eclectic flamboyance as Sweden’s Goat. The group, whose masked and theatrical performances may or may not involve bellydancing, has made increasingly large ripples with their 2012 debut album World Music, and it’s easy to see why. There’s little music around today that sounds quite like it. And there’s little music from pretty much any era that sounds like it. There’s a thread through Goat’s grooves that connects Hendrix to Can to Fela Kuti to essentially anything with a fuzzbox and some grooves, and following just where it all goes turns out to be a pretty thrilling turn of events. They do blazing acid-doom on “Goatman,” heavy Afrobeat grooves on “Disco Fever” and garage funk on “Run to Your Mama.” It’s the meeting point between classic psychedelia and dance party, and it’s a wonder nobody came up with this potent a combination before.

See the full list of 10 here: Treble


More US tour press for Goat

The Americans seem to be loving the Goat, here are loads of photos, show preview and another interview:


Philadelphia City Paper

Courier Post


Poster for Goat's show at Chicago's Empty Bottle

Here is a great poster for Goat's up and coming Chicago show.

The poster was designed by David Medal, you can follow him on twitter here: Weird Bead


Run to your Mama live in New York

Here is a fan shot film of Goat playing Run to your Mama at their recent Show in Brooklyn


Brooklyn Vegan review and photo's from Goat's first US show

"The lights went down and I think half the crowd lit up, as Music Hall of Williamsburg instantly reeked of pot. GOAT, Sweden's premier voodoo disco psych band, took the stage for their first-ever North American show and the packed house was primed to get their minds blown. Dressed in robes and tunics and wearing a variety of masks and hoods, the band came out and without a word to the audience started laying down the fuzzed-out, conga-driven grooves. The band were about as stoic as Oasis, but sounded fantastic and were tight as hell. (The Swedes really excel at this type of thing.) Luckily, the two female masked singers made up for it by dancing up a storm. There was also some dude in front of me doing the hippy dance the whole show but I'm trying to forget that.

We got most of last year's World Music, including "Let it Bleed" which featured a skronky guest saxophonist who looked like he just left the Sun Ra's Ark. GOAT also played both sides of their upcoming Sub Pop single. Apart from wishing the show was somewhere smaller and sweatier (like Glasslands where the show was originally supposed to happen), they definitely met my expectations for this show, even if my mind remained intact..."

Read the full review and see lots of great photo's here: Brooklyn Vegan

And see more great photo's here: Goat pics


More footage of Goat live at Roadburn

Here is some more footage of Goats amazing set at last weekend's Roadburn Festival in Tilburg.


24 Apr 2013

ATOD magazine give praise to Gnod and Goat

ATOD magazine have written a great piece about Goat and Gnod:

Goats and Gnods …
by Matthew Dyson

"This month is all about collectives. Bands are for squares. I mean why bother putting an ad for a bass player in your local rehearsal studio when you can recruit the entire town into your band and preside over it like a cult leader?  – And – before you dismiss the whole idea and mutter something about the Polyphonic Spree, rest assured that the current trend of sprawling tribes of musicians are decidedly darker than before. Gone is the saccharine pop and gaggle of grinning misfits in robes. Here, creeping up under your floorboards, are the doom laden experimentalists and mind warping psychedelic cosmonauts that are making 2013 disturbingly good..."
Read what they say on each band here: ATOD


Footage of Gnod live at Supersonic 2012

Here is some great footage from Gnod's bass heavy, bowel splitting set at last years Supersonic festival.


Roadburn film including live footage of Goat

Roadburn festival have made short films that document each day of the festival.

Here is the film for the Friday, where Goat played.

Apart from Goat the film also includes some footage of Pretty Things playing Eagle Son, which was a highlight of the festival. 

Another highlight was on Saturrday by Godflesh which featured Robert Hampson on guitar and guitar/vocals on the Loop track 'Straight to your heart' which they closed their stunning set with.

Show of the festival had to go to Teeth of the Sea though, who absolutely killed it!!


Goat big up 'Gunshot' vinyl

As a preview for last weekends record Store Day, Fly magazine asked Goat about a favourite record of theirs.

This is what one member of the band said:

"One amazing album I got is ‘Patriot Games’ by Gunshot. It’s UK hardcore rap from early-90s. When I grew up in Gothenburg (I’m not one of the dudes in the band from Korpilombolo) there was this guy working at the local record store and he was importing a lot of this UK rap that was happening at the time. I was about 13 and followed a friend to a show everyone was talking about that was taking place in this store. It was Gunshot and I was blown away! Got the album and played it for years. I love this era of British rap and this album in particular. I know that in the UK not many people dig this or even know about these albums, but in the part of Gothenburg where I grew up everyone has a rare collection of Gunshot, Hi Jack, Son of Noise, Hardnoise, Killa Instinct, Bushkillah, Blade, Silverbullet…"

See the full article here: Fly


19 Apr 2013

Johnny O Rocket - Launches Blog of Artwork

Johnny O, one half of Rocket Recordings has launched a blog of his artwork, graphic design, light shows, videos, photography, all aspects of his visual world and more.

Please help spread the word, tweet and re-post links.  More posts will be added regularly as possible and some will be rare and unseen artwork / videos, so keep an eye out.

To visit the site go to:



Also to help promote the site some amazing foil posters have been printed:

The Trensmat / Critical Mass 'In Search of Hawkwind / Sonic Attack) artwork

These amazing posters and they look spectacular (better in the flesh then the pictures show) will be for sale on the Rocket Recordings shop: 


Available as an extremely limited edition print, they are 640mm x 482mm foil and black colourplan finish and the size fits nicely into an Ikea frame.  

They wont be on-sale anywhere else in the world and as they cost alot of money to manufacture being such a large foil area, once sold out won't be re-made so they wont be around for long.


Pitchfork stream new Goat track Dreambuliding

Pitchfork are exclusively streaming 'Dreambuilding', the great new track taken from the forthcoming double A side single from Goat that we announced here: Stonegoat/Dreambuilding

The single is being released on Rocket on June 3rd and as previously reported is also being released by Stranded in Scandinavia on Record Store day and in North America on Sub Pop on June 4th

You can have a first listen to this amazing new track here: Dreambuilding


Teeth of the Sea - T-Shirts

Teeth of the Sea have printed 'MASTER' themed t-shirts (named after their up and coming 3rd album).  These magenta and grey tees were especially made for Roadburn.


Goat - Run To Your Mama RSD 12"

Don't forget, to celebrate this years Record Store DayRocket are excited to announce the release of two limited edition 12”s containing exclusive remixes of Goat’s 'Run To Your Mama'.

Vol.1 starts with a subtle but very effective mix by West Country noisegazers Thought Forms, who add washes of cello and bird song to the original track. Following them is Not Not Fun’s High Wolf who stamps his recognisable looped drones all over his reimagination. Redg Weeks, Geoff Barrow’s right hand man at Invada Records is up next and he takes the tracks repetitious groove to create a formidable mix. Then we have The Horrors’ Tom Furse who finds a glam stomp in the track and runs with it. Finally on Vol.1 we have fellow Rocket musicnaughts Teeth of the Sea who create a high energy mix which turns the track into something akin to Xtrmntr era Primal Scream.

The mighty Gnod team up with fellow Manchester producer Raikes Parade for the first remix on Vol.2, together they create a unexpectedly poppy dance track. Following that the legendary DJ and crate digger Cherrystones deconstructs the original track into a mass of industrial beats and echoed vocals. Leeds psych band Hookworms turn the track into a fuzzed out soundscape that calls to mind the fuzzy sounds of Spacemen 3. The last track on Vol.2 is by cosmic disco collective Cage & Aviary who turn it into a great dubbed out, early 90’s ‘Acid house’ dance floor filler.

Turntable Lab have posted about their best choices for RSD and the Goat 12's feature on their site, read more here:



18 Apr 2013

Q Magazine - Guest column by Goat about Goat

Q Magazine have published a guest column by about Goat and written by Goat.

Read it here


17 Apr 2013

Teeth of the Sea - Tour Posters

Thought we'd post this Teeth of the Sea poster - the gig has past but we'd like to remind people that the band are on tour in Europe this week, the remaining dates are:

Thursday April 18th: 
Berlin, Urban Spree 
(w/ Mueran Humanos & Gnod)

Saturday April 20th: 
Roadburn Festival, Tilburg
(w/ Goat, Psychic TV, Electirc Wizard etc)


Goat - Play 'Way Out West' Festival

Goat are to join the likes of Tame Impala and Godspeed You! Black Emperor at this years Way Out West festival in Sweden on the 8th-10th August.

For more information: wayoutwest

Tickets: here


16 Apr 2013

Another fan made video for Goat's Run to your mama

Yes, here is another great unofficial 'fan made' video for Goat's 'Run to your mama'.
Don't forget the two Run to your mama remix 12"s are being released this weekend on Record Store day.


Cargo interview Gnod

Our distro company Cargo Records have interviews Gnod for their blog.

Well worth a read:

"Gnod are a Manchester based collective who have had a slew of reissues on Rocket Recordings recently.  I caught up with Paddy and Chris to find out a bit more on the band - catch them on tour in Europe now! 

Let's have some introductions, who are you and what do you play?

Paddy (various sounds)
Chris (chaosmonger)

Have you been in or are currently in any other bands?

P: Been in a few yes, im not so much in loads of bands now but got a few collaborations n projects on the go.Gnod keeps me busy.
C: Yep, I've been in two previous bands, The Sonar Yen & Stranger Son of WB,the latter which Paddy was in which was the first time we played together. I'm currently putting stuff out as Dwellings and have just done some stuff with Mike O'Neill (who was the frontman of The Sonar Yen) for a Tesla Tapes release. 

Your tumblr shows that you're currently touring - how's it all been going?

P: Shaping up nicely this tour, played a few stonking gigs and had a bit of drama in brussells with a pissed up stage invader and some bust equipment. Business as usual really.

C: Very well. It's always a great feeling to be out on tour.

Do you enjoy touring?

P: Love it.

What's the best food a promoter has given you so far?

C: The best food I have had at a show has been in Copenhagen. Not any one particular dish but many different salads, curries, pastas, etc. You can't beat a good buffet.

Really enjoyed your show with Goat last year - I was wondering what your most memorable gig to date is?


Read the full interview here: Gnod interview


Download a free Goatlord remix by Milton Channels

Download this free remix of the Goat track Goatlord by the artist Milton Channels:


Shit & Shine Tuesday Jazz chat 16


15 Apr 2013

Goat's Run to your Mama 12"s make Resident Records top 5 Record Store Day releases to look forward to

Vinyl Factory asked Brighton shop Resident Records to list their top 5 Record Store Day releases and they picked Goat's Run to your mama remix 12"s as one of them.

This is what they said:

Run To Your Mama Remixes vol 1 & vol 2
[Rocket Recordings]

Having released one of the most exciting records of 2012 (World Music), the swedish collective’s voodoo grooves are given new twists & turns on these exclusive remixes by the likes of Thought Forms, High Wolf, Teeth Of The Sea, Hookworms, Tom Furse (The Horrors) & more. Seriously tasty stuff!

See the full five they chose, here: Vinyl Factory


Fan made poster for Goat's up-and-coming sold-out London show

We received this great 'unofficial' poster in our email this weekend from a Goat fan who has knocked up this nice artwork, this is what he said about it:

"I'm a freelance graphic designer and big fan of the band. To me, World Music was one of the most interesting and impressive releases of 2012 and can't wait to see them live." Sam Ogden

The designer Sam Ogden's online portfolio can be found here: Sam Ogden 


Review of Gnod and Gum takes Tooth in London

Gnod/Gum Takes Tooth at Dalston Victoria - 11 April 2013

"The Dalston Victoria is a shabby and rather battered looking pub on the outside. There is a bouncer on the door. It’s not particularly inviting.  Inside, there is a pervading and rather noisome odour that I eventually track down to the Thai curries that are on offer. These don’t seem that inviting either.

There is a sign on the door that gives the running times for tonight’s bands. It is quite clear that these are wildly optimistic.

Tonight is an Upset the Rhythm promotion. This means that you can be sure of two things. That there will be great music and that the evening will run in a chaotic fashion.

We are eventually ushered into the back room to be confronted with drum and noise duo Gum Takes Tooth. 

Things start promisingly..."

Read the full review here: Call of the Wyld


13 Apr 2013

Shit & Shine and Mugstar amongst the first bands announced to play Supernormal Festival this year

SUPERNORMAL 4 TRAILER 2013 from Andy Moore on Vimeo.

That is right, Rocket comrades Shit & Shine and Mugstar join Hookworms and Michael Chapman and loads of others as first announcements playing this years Supernormal.

As you know we are huge advocates of the festival and go every year, we even helped curate the SN2. It is the best festival we have ever been too and a true alternative to all the other mediocre festivals that are out there.

Above is a great little film taken at last years as a nice taster to get you excited about this years festival. The film is soundtracked by Teeth of the Sea's A.C.R.O.N.Y.M recorded at  SN3.

Buy your tickets here: Supernormal


Nothing is... happening on 19 April

Nothing is... anything you want it to be
Nothing is... everything you don't want it to be
Nothing is... at the Alibi in Dalston
Nothing is... third Friday of every month 
Nothing is... Cage & Aviary from DFA/Internajional
Nothing is... Cherrystones from Brutal/Whatever we want
Nothing is... Rik Motör from Rocket Recordings (though not this month!)
Nothing is... also someone called 'Little Dirty'
Nothing is... you!


10 Apr 2013

Goat US Tour T-shirts

Hot off the screen print press, we are really proud to reveal this amazing t-shirt artwork for Goat's up and coming US tour.

The artwork was created by one of our favourite illustrators, the extremely talented Luke Insect. You can see more of his amazing work here: Luke Insect

The t-shirt designs will be available on the US tour in these 3 different colours on various coloured shirts.


Teeth of the Sea - Orphaned by the Ocean vinyl release

Teeth of the Sea - Orphaned By The Ocean

Launch031LP - Burnt Sky Orange Vinyl
Release Date: 22nd May 2013

Rocket Recordings are proud to announce the release of Teeth of the Sea’s debut album for the very first time on vinyl. 

‘Orphaned By The Ocean’ released in January 2009, chronicles the earliest days of Teeth of the Sea, now on the verge of releasing their third album, Summer 2013’s imperious ‘Master’Recorded largely at Dropout Studios in Camberwell, by South London underground legend Tim Cedar (Part Chimp/Penthouse/Ligament) it was the culmination of two and a half years of eardrum-shredding basement practices, premium lager and a reckless pursuit of an experimental mindset at all costs.

Inspired and invigorated by shows and records by the likes of Boredoms, Comets On Fire, Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes and Black Dice, yet utilizing a sphere of reference that went far beyond the standard touchstones of the underground circles of the period, the four-piece lineup of Sam Barton, Mike Bourne, John Hirst and Jimmy Martin arrived at a turbulent, fiery brew that encompassed melodramatic giallo soundscapes, mariachi melancholia and kraut-tinged droning occultism. 

Haunting and alternately menacing and elegiac, the singular atmosphere of this album resonated powerfully in tandem with John Ball’s eerily impressive artwork (characterized by the artist himself as ‘Turner meets Ghostbusters’). Orphaned by the Ocean, a far-reaching travelogue boasting an embarrassment of riches in texture, atmosphere and bloody-minded amplified overload alike, was the first stop along the road to oblivion for Teeth Of The Sea, and the last for John Hirst, who would leave the band shortly afterwards to be replaced by Mat Colegate. 

The band may never make another record like this one, and the unique position it holds both in the band’s collective headspace and their history makes this reissue, on glorious Burnt Umber vinyl, one to savour for fans and new initiates alike.

Catch the band playing in Europe through April, more details here

Visit the rocketrecordings shop to check for pre-orders and current stock. Please note the Teeth of the Sea vinyls are not back from manufacturing quite yet.

For more information email: rocketrecordings@yahoo.co.uk
Distributed by Cargo UK (Europe) and
Forced Exposure (USA)