3 Apr 2013

NME announces STONEGOAT / DREAMBUILDING – a new double A side 7" by GOAT

That is right, Goat have just announced a new 7" single consisting of two brand new tracks.

The two tracks on the double A side 7" are called STONEGOAT and DREAMBUILDING. They carry on where World Music left off with some serious grooves and 'heavy as you like' fuzz.

The single is being launched by Rocket in UK/Europe/Japan/Australia etc on June 3rd. The record is also being released on June 4th in North America on the mighty Sub Pop, as well as a Ltd 12" by Stranded in Scandinavia on Record Store Day. Though these two releases differ from the Rocket one as they are leading on the track DREAMBUILDING as the A side.

All three releases feature Luke Insect's stunning artwork that he created for Goat's US tour tshirts, though each labels sleeves are in different colours, Rocket's is in Purple, Sub Pop's is in Blue and Stranded's is Green.

The Rocket 7" will also be available on a ltd purple vinyl.

Watch this space for more info on this release over the next coming weeks.