30 Apr 2013

Rocket Probes April Playlist

counter.repetition from ilan katin on Vimeo.

Deej Dhariwal - Still Connecting
(Deej from Thought Forms debut solo album of fuzz noise and strummed drones)
Deej Dhariwal

The Haxan Cloak - Excavation
(Filmic electronics)
The Haxan Cloak

Various - WFMU Country Fuzz Spectacular
(Simply amazing collection of fuzz infused country songs from early, mid and late 60's - compiled by WFMU)
Part 1: Country Fuzz
Part 2: Country Fuzz

Gnod - Genocider (Nighthammer mix)
(Great remix from this Notorious Hi-Fi Killer)

Demlike Stare - Boiler Room / Test Pressing Vol 1&2
(Great live session that goes on a spacey techno journey / and two great 12" of techno noise, nice sleeve concept too)
Demlike Stare

Cosmic Dead - Cosmic Dead
(Really nice vinyl reissue from Cardinal Fuzz)
Cosmic Dead

Lumerians - Horizon Structures
(Not as good as Telos, but still has some fine moments...nice 4D sleeve too)

Melt Yourself Down - Fix My Life
(Members of Zun Zun Egui and Accoustic Ladyland create a twisted krautjazz stomp, great video too)
Melt Yourself Down

Master Musicians of Bukake - White Mountain Return
(Love this....an exciting taster for the new album, love the video!!!)
Master Musicians of Bukake

Black Flag - Slip it In
(Just for the title track alone)

Black Flag

Melody's Echo Chamber - Crystallized
(Great Broadcast / Warp Records pop with distorted Electronic's)
Melody's Echo Chamber

Gunter Schickert – Uberfallig LP
(Imagine if the Necks had a Jam with Can sometime between when they made Future Days and Babaluma)
Gunter Schickert

Baby Grandmothers - s/t
(1960's Swedish 3 piece heavy psyche)
Baby Grandmothers

Charlie & Esdor​  - s/t
(More 1960's Swedish psyche)
Charlie & Esdor