24 Apr 2013

Goat big up 'Gunshot' vinyl

As a preview for last weekends record Store Day, Fly magazine asked Goat about a favourite record of theirs.

This is what one member of the band said:

"One amazing album I got is ‘Patriot Games’ by Gunshot. It’s UK hardcore rap from early-90s. When I grew up in Gothenburg (I’m not one of the dudes in the band from Korpilombolo) there was this guy working at the local record store and he was importing a lot of this UK rap that was happening at the time. I was about 13 and followed a friend to a show everyone was talking about that was taking place in this store. It was Gunshot and I was blown away! Got the album and played it for years. I love this era of British rap and this album in particular. I know that in the UK not many people dig this or even know about these albums, but in the part of Gothenburg where I grew up everyone has a rare collection of Gunshot, Hi Jack, Son of Noise, Hardnoise, Killa Instinct, Bushkillah, Blade, Silverbullet…"

See the full article here: Fly