16 Apr 2013

Cargo interview Gnod

Our distro company Cargo Records have interviews Gnod for their blog.

Well worth a read:

"Gnod are a Manchester based collective who have had a slew of reissues on Rocket Recordings recently.  I caught up with Paddy and Chris to find out a bit more on the band - catch them on tour in Europe now! 

Let's have some introductions, who are you and what do you play?

Paddy (various sounds)
Chris (chaosmonger)

Have you been in or are currently in any other bands?

P: Been in a few yes, im not so much in loads of bands now but got a few collaborations n projects on the go.Gnod keeps me busy.
C: Yep, I've been in two previous bands, The Sonar Yen & Stranger Son of WB,the latter which Paddy was in which was the first time we played together. I'm currently putting stuff out as Dwellings and have just done some stuff with Mike O'Neill (who was the frontman of The Sonar Yen) for a Tesla Tapes release. 

Your tumblr shows that you're currently touring - how's it all been going?

P: Shaping up nicely this tour, played a few stonking gigs and had a bit of drama in brussells with a pissed up stage invader and some bust equipment. Business as usual really.

C: Very well. It's always a great feeling to be out on tour.

Do you enjoy touring?

P: Love it.

What's the best food a promoter has given you so far?

C: The best food I have had at a show has been in Copenhagen. Not any one particular dish but many different salads, curries, pastas, etc. You can't beat a good buffet.

Really enjoyed your show with Goat last year - I was wondering what your most memorable gig to date is?


Read the full interview here: Gnod interview