31 May 2014

Rocket Probes May Playlist

Hi Fiction Science – Curious Yellow
(Vocally beautiful and haunting, with nice injections of fuzzy electronica and ethereal layering. This 2nd album from this Bristol Psych Pop quintet is perfect for those hazy summery days)
Hi Fiction Science

Anthroprophh – Precession
(Amazing 'live in the studio' version of Precession plus a brand new 17min jam...on the glorious Cardinal Fuzz...what more you need??? Keep your eye out for a new album later this year on Rocket)

The Horrors
 – First Day of Spring
(Great spacey, motorik-synth pop from their excellent new album...go see them in the flesh if you can, no joke one of the best live bands around!!)
The Horrors

Powell – Club Music

(Totally unique repetitive krauty techno/post punk from the genius that is Powell...essential!)

Mica Levi – Under the Skin

(Simply stunning soundtrack to one of the best films in recent years)
Mica Levi

Swans – To Be Kind

(Monstrous new album by Swans)

Theo Verney
 – Sound Machine
(New (and free) download by our fave Brighton rocker...great 70's sounding psych pop)
Theo Verney

Lives of Angels – Elevator To Eden 

(nice fuzzy 80's kraut pop meets Eno)
Lives of Angels
Lives of Angels

The Exorcist GBG – RIP

(Great track of krauty electro funk from members of Uran)
The Exorcist

(British psych at its best, great fuzz in parts, some reminds us of Michael Karoli)

Lighthouse – Mountain Man
(Gorgeous Fuzz-toned Jazz Rock)

Älgarnas Trädgard – Framtiden ar ett Svavande Skepp, Forankrat I Forntiden
(Dark acidic folk rock like a Nordic Amon Duul II)
Algarnas Tradgard

Kaleidoscope – Seven Ate Sweet
(Turkish, Greek, Middle Eastern psych)

Taman Shud – Too Many Lives
(1970's Oz rock)

30 May 2014

Al Lover X Goat 12"

Label PNKSLM have just put an exciting 12" up for preorder….

It is a ltd 12" of Goat remixes by Al Lover…

The label has said the following:

Al Lover X GOAT: Limited Edition 12" EP
12" VINYL (Coloured/Haze effect)
***Limited to 300 copies***

For our fifth limited edition vinyl, we're proud to have brought together two of our favourite artists. Psychedelic producer Al Lover (San Francisco) has totally reworked six tracks from the critically acclaimed collective known as GOAT (Sweden). Pressed onto beautiful two-colour hazed 12" vinyl, and limited to just 300 copies, we recommend you act fast.

Order from here: PNKSLM

Be quick people…


Teeth of the Sea tour diary

Last October Teeth of the Sea went on the road with Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch for a three way tour and TOTS' Mat Colgate has written a very amusing tour diary of the whole event…sit back and Enjoy: 

"Yesterday, after briefly stirring at 4am and thinking ‘oooh, sounds a bit windy outside’, we awoke to tales of flying pub signs, gigantic beach balls causing chaos on roundabouts, and trees uprooted from the ground like an invisible Hulk had gone rampaging through the south of England, on a bewildering mission to disrupt the region’s fragile transport infrastructure. It was, as our friends north of the border may have observed, blowy as fuck.

However, the breadth and destruction of St. Jude pales in comparison to another mighty force that tore its way through the nation recently: the package tour that saw Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch embark on a cross-country, transit van slalom on a mission to free asses and perforate eardrums. Having witnessed the awesome power of all three bands separately, the very thought of them all simply being in the same space, like three mystic runes combining to unleash an unholy blast, made our knees buckle.

Luckily, in the few moments we weren’t convulsing on the floor or muttering ancient protective prayers, we managed to enlist an insider to document the event. Our man? Mat Colegate of Teeth of the Sea, who’re currently celebrating the release of their stunning new album Master, a mind-blowing mixture of pounding rhythms, space-age synths and twisted textures that’s like all the cool videos your older brother wouldn’t lend you as a kid, melted down and poured into your ears. Seriously, you need this record like you need us not to come round and slap your face until you see sense.

Mat was our eyes, ears and liver on the ground, so sit down, grab a bottle of poppers (you’ll understand why later) and enjoy his dispatches from the front line of mind-bending rock and roll…"

Photos are by the legend that is William Van der Voort:

Read the full diary here: The Monitors


28 May 2014

Multiple Exposure Vol: 6 – Nicola Giunta (Lay Llamas)

Welcome to Volume 6 of our ongoing 'Multiple Exposure' series where we ask musicians that we admire to tell us about their favourite pieces of repetitive music.

This volume we are honoured to have Nicola Giunta from Rockets very own Lay Llamas to share his favourite repetitive pieces of music:

1) Föllakzoid – Pulsar
I don’t really know which kind of psychotropic plants grow in Chile, but these four swimming heads seem to play the farest music from Planet Heart I ever heard. Cosmicfunkdiscokraut!

2) LCD Soundsystem – Yeah (Crass remix) 
Killer clavinet and cosmic hi-hats, analogic tools and slacker vocals. The Munich fever goes up and over, toward a fuzzy empyrean in the middle of the Solar System.
LCD Soundsystem

3) AC/DC – Thunderstruck
On the right stereo channel you can listen a tapping guitar phrase that goes straight for five minutes and something. Like an electronic arpeggiator, or better, like a supersonic army of bees into your brain!

4) Steve Reich – It’s Gonna Rain
A lot of industrial, noise and weird music from the last thirty years begins here. In 1964 like in 2014, the end of the world is still going on.
Steve Reich

5) Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
Uncle Bo don’t needs three chords to play loud and dirty rock’n’roll: one is enough if you add a fucking ass-shaking  boogie like that!
Bo Diddley

6) Kraftwerk – Kling Klang
Produced by Conny Palnk, it’s a perfect melting point of electroacoustic music, kraut rock and electonic pop. The Men start to become Machine, and that blowing flute sounds like a graceful and tired humanity sign who slowly succumbs. An endless ‘autobahn’ is just around the corner.

7) Richard Youngs – Wynding Hills of Maine
I could listen that guitar arp and the singing voice on it for hours, days maybe. That scottish druid is timeless. He keeps a not yet revealed secret that I hope to never know during my lifetime.
Richard Youngs

8) Henry Flynt – You Are My Everlovin'
Nothing less than THE masterpiece of the so called Henry Flynt’s ‘cosmic hillbilly raga-trance blues’. Hillbilly violin power chords meet indian tanpura drones: (Crossing) World(s) Music.
Henry Flynt

9) Sun Ra – Nuclear War
Laid-back, pacifist, angry, cosmic, blackness, prophetic and  jazzy at the same time. MUSIC FOR THE SOLAR SYSTEM.
Sun Ra

10) Terry Riley – A Rainbow in a Curved Air
Not only a musical composition, but a living system of pulsing patterns. As lot long and thin weird creatures that build an endless tower to the sky and over. Music played by classical indian musicians into a space shuttle!
Terry Riley

11) James Brown – Payback
A perfect  brownesque shot from the early 70’s: shuffled hi hat, two-notes bassline and  funky-wah wah guitars. The Godfather wants his payback. Here and now.
James Brown

12) Heroin and Your Veins – Lovely Bones Structure 
This exclusive Bandcamp release by the finnish musician Janne Perttula AKA Heroin and Your Veins consists in a 48 minutes long instrumental track: a dark and forbidding sea of twang guitars, drum machine loops and analogic synths. Very sick music.
Heroin and Your Veins

13) Oneida – Up With People
So hard to choose only one track from this unattainable band! 'Up With People' contains any of the marks I love in their music: repetitive fuzzy organ chords, anthemic vocals, spacerock guitars and killer drums fills.

14) Future Pilot AKA – On Namah Shivaya
There's a fil rouge linking The Beatles Maharishi Mahesh Yogi-era, Hindu mantras and Scottish indie music from early 00's.
Future Pilot AKA

15) Dead Skeletons – Dead Mantra
Something dark and ancient comes from Island: real Pagan Post-Punk.
Dead Skeletons


'Powell' to guest DJ at next 'Nothing is...'

Nothing is...' is proud to announce that the mighty 'Powell' will be joining us at our next night on June 20th.

Powell is one of the UK's most exciting music makers around today. His 'disruptive repetition' mixes Industrial, Kraut, Techno and Post-punk - the resulting music is stunning and totally unique. 

We are truly blown away to have him DJ at the next 'Nothing is...' and can't wait to hear what records he will be bringing down with him, he has promised to do something rather special!

For the uninitiated 'Nothing is...' is a monthly night that takes place at The Alibi in Dalston (Nothing is...is the Alibi's longest running night). It is run by Chris Reeder from Rocket Recordings, Jamie Paton from Cage & Aviary, the legend that is 'Cherrystones' and someone they call 'Little Dirty'. This diverse range of musical obsessives creates a unique night of cosmic wonderment where nothing is off the table... anything goes!

On other news the 'Nothing is...' collective will be taking part in Rocket Recordings  'Transmissions from the Outer Realms' stage at this Septembers Liverpool Psych Fest joining Goat, Teeth of the Sea, Gnod, Lay Llamas etc

Nothing is...
The Alibi / Dalston / London
Friday 20th June
Free Entry


You can read what the Quietus have to say about what is going to be a legendary night here: The Quietus

Poster art was lovingly stolen from the genius that is:


Goat playing Bad Bonn Kilbi this weekend

For those of you lucky enough to be going to Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival in Switzerland this weekend, don't forget to catch Goat who are playing on Friday along with Mogwai, Nisennenmondai, Pond and loads of others.

More info and full line-up here: Bad Bonn Kilbi

If you are going, please send any photos/videos to us here at mission control!!

Photo by Adam Kissick


Rocket Showcase in Brussels

Just a reminder that it is just over a week to go until our Rocket showcase.

We are really excited by this Rocket Showcase that is happening in Brussels the day after Eindhoven Psych Lab:


Teeth of The Sea
Lay Llamas

Magasin 4 

Saturday 7 June 
10 Euro's

Go to magasin4.be for tickets and more info


26 May 2014

Lay Llamas - OSTRO out today!

Lay Llamas – Ostro

Lay Llamas debut album OSTRO is available on CD, MP3 and Ltd purple vinyl from today.

Lay Llamas could well be the perfect archetypal Rocket band, as the combined sounds of fellow label mates Gnod, Goat, Teeth of the Sea and Hills can be heard within their spacious, repetitive grooves. Though what Lay Llamas do with these familiar Rocket sounds is something uniquely their own.

Lay Llamas are going to be hitting European stages throughout 2014, starting with a performance on the 'Counterblast Experiment' stage at the Eindhoven Psych Lab in June as well as touring the UK and Europe in September where they will be playing the Liverpool Psych Festival alongside the rest of the Rocket Recordings roster on the ‘Transmissions From the Outer Realms’ stage.

We Are You video featured here is the debut single by the band, the video was made by johnnyo rocket and represents the band’s imaginary journey of futuristic primitivism, underwater archeology and lysergic Africanism.


23 May 2014

"an engaging, sonic zephyr" – Drowned in Sound and Sunrise Ocean Bender reviews Lay Llamas debut album OSTRO

Lay Llamas –  Ostro

May 23rd, 2014

'It came from a dream of mine. A weird guy I’d never seen before says to me: "Your album title will be Ostro!’” recalls Nicola Giunta, one half of Sicilian shamanic psych duo, Lay Llamas. A few days after the dream, the lead vocalist realised that he had heard the word from fisherman in the ancient Greek city of Selinunte, his hometown. It turns out the album takes its name from a travelling wind that blows across the Mediterranean sea, from Africa, north towards Sicily.

Those subtle Saharan breezes permeate throughout Lay Llamas’ debut, which synthesises primordial and contemporary sounds to unsettling, and wonderfully hypnotic effect. It's a vibe that can probably be attributed to the fact the band recorded their album in an old house deep in the Segesta countryside of Sicily, alongside the Temple of Hera, a peripteral structure that dates back to the sixth century BC…"

Read the rest of the review here: Drowned in Sound

Also, the great Brett Savage from Optical Sounds and Dead Sea Apes has written a glowing review of the album for Sunrise Ocean Bender, well worth a read:

Brett Savage

"Thanks to the unerring musical instincts of the good people at Rocket Recordings, we are richly rewarded with what could very well turn out to be the best thing I’ve come across all year so far. In fact, it was through Rocket’s monthly playlist that I first came across The Lay Llamas‘ mysterious debut cassette. That in itself was a promising little box of unexpected delights featuring tracks with a sun beaten Neu!-like feel through to some Gong-esque psychedelic folk replete with flutes, picked guitar and swirling electronica, whilst all the while feeling fresh and not once descending into krautrock parody. (Note to Rocket chaps: a vinyl release of this really wouldn’t go amiss). The lead track from this cassette, African Spacecraft (2092 AD: Lift-Off, Journey And Landing), even made its way to Rocket’s esteemed 15th year celebration album, Crystallized….

Read the rest of the review here: Sunrise Ocean Bender


Teeth of the Sea go to Transilvania

Teeth of the Sea have been invited to play their THE LAST MAN piece at a Film festival in Transilvania on June 4th!!

THE LAST MAN is a brand new piece written by the band that soundtracks an the movie 1984.

Details here: tiff.ro

And don't forget they will be performing it for the first time in the UK at this years Latitude Festival!!


22 May 2014

London in Stereo interviews Teeth of the Sea

London in Stereo have interviewed Teeth of the Sea, this is what they said:

Teeth of the Sea are a hard band to pin down, their work seamlessly leaping across genre divides to create vivid and sometimes unhinged psychedelic and epic tracks. Their third album Master found its way into the hearts of the left field and mainstream fan all at once, with it being pretty much established fact that they keep getting better and more original with each release.

And now we see them at the peak of their powers so far, taking to the stage at Corsica Studios this July for what promises to be an all at once mind bending and opening show. The Cosmic Dead also support.

My favourite film ever is…
Withnail And I

The most famous person I’ve met is…
probably Alan Rickman.

The song I hate the most is…
anything by Steely Dan apart from ‘Reelin’ In The Years’. I need the ‘amazing musicianship’ of that band like a hole in the head.

The worst job I’ve ever had…
was working in a Nike trainer warehouse in Washington, Tyne & Wear.

If I was in a tribute band it would be…
I’ve actually been in both a Roxy Music and a Misfits tribute band. I can’t see myself topping those ones unless I can find a Voivod one to join.

My favourite word is…

If I had a super power I’d want it to be…
time travel.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…
the Mars portrayed in the movie Total Recall (Schwarzeneggar version)

I think you should listen to…
Chrome, Simply Saucer, Grave Miasma and Fumaca Preta.

If I could see anyone play live it would be…
The Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967, or Butthole Surfers in 1985 (see super power)

Read the piece in full here: London in Stereo


Eindhoven Psych Lab – Rockets' 'The Counterblast Experiment' stage times unveiled

Stage times for Rockets 'The Counterblast Experiment' stage at Eindoven Psych Lab on June 6th  have been announced: 

20:00 – 20:45 / Terminal Cheesecake 
20:45 – 21:15 / DJ Chris Rocket
21:15 – 22:00 / Lay Llamas
22:00 – 22:45 / DJ Walter Roadburn
22:45 – 23:30 / Anthroprophh
23:30 – 00:00 / DJ Chris Rocket
00:00 – 01:00 / Teeth Of The Sea
01:00 – 01:30 / DJ Chris Rocket
01:30 – 02:30 / Gnod
02:30 – 04:00 / DJ Walter Roadburn

Visuals throughout the day will be by Johnny Rocket

To see the stage times for the rest of the festival, plus buy tickets for what is going to be a great weekend, visit here: Eindhoven Psych Lab


Listen to A Sagittariun remix of Lay Llamas track

Crack magazine have an exclusive stream of a remix of Lay Llamas track 'The Lay Llamas' by Bristol based producer 'A Sagittariun'.

The original version is off their debut album Ostro out on Monday.

Crack says:

Bristol based producer A Sagittariun has remixed a track by Italian afrobeat-inspired pysch duo Lay Llamas, and we’ve got the first listen.

Named ‘A Sagittariun’s Underwater Excursion’, the 11 minute track experiments with acoustic percussion before kicking into a beat that’s characterised by kaleidoscopic flourishes, bass squelches and aquatic sound effects. You can stream or download it below.

Lay Llamas’ album Ostro drops 26 May via Rocket Recordings. A Saggittariun is playing live this Sunday (25) on the Crack stage at Love Saves The Day. Our stage will also host sets by Sherwood & Pinch, DJ Spinn, Paul Woolford (under his Special Request alias), Livity Sound, Tessela, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Fantastic Man and Pardon My French.

Listen the the track here: Crack Magazine


21 May 2014

Stream Lay Llamas album Ostro in full over at The Quietus

Lay Llamas debut album OSTRO is available to stream in full right now over at the Quietus:

Stream it here: The Quietus

The Quietus have also asked the band a few questions about the album and their involvement with The Horrors Tom Furse.

The album is released on Monday 26th on CD, MP3 and ltd purple vinyl.


"Mesmerining trip." – NME give Lay Llamas Ostro a nice 8/10 review

Pick up a copy of NME today and read see this nice 8/10 review of the album.


"A Magnus opus" – Forty 5 review Lay Llamas Ostro


Fade in. Cue the twinkles of sound and electronic ambience. Cue the thumping bass and cue the psychedelia. Introducing Gioele Valenti and Nicola Giunta. The Lay Llamas are here with their debut album ‘Ostro’. ‘We Are You’ was the first track we were to hear from the album (Listen below). The 7-minute-long beat oozing melody was also remixed by Tom Furse of The Horrors on the Llamas’ We Are You EP. Its a resonant flash of tribal fuzz and articulation. The formula of lyrics recited throughout is like a magic spell. One of the most compelling tracks of the album.

‘Ancient People of the Stars’ is a regression to King Tut’s era. The lyrics were even written in hieroglyphics – we joke, there are none, it is the infinitely instrumental precursor to ‘We Are You’ and a celestial opener to the album. The Sicilian duo were in fact influenced from bygone times.

Self-titled track ‘The Lay Llamas’ seems like a whole different story all together – twisted and cryptic and the most accelerated of ‘Ostro’. Every track has its own feel, its own spirit. The bass is a vivid and a colourful flow teamed with a layer of roaring enigmatic guitar and synth….

Read the rest of the review here: Forty five


16 May 2014

Noisey premiere Lay Llamas – We Are You official video

Italy’s Noisey website have premiered Lay Llamas - We Are You official video, you can watch it here.

We Are You is the debut single by the band, the video was made by johnnyo rocket and represents the band’s imaginary journey of futuristic primitivism, underwater archeology and lysergic Africanism. A mission from the warm shores of the Mediterranean to the land of Albion and stars beyond.

An unedited version of We Are You can be found on the bands forthcoming debut album Ostro which is released worldwide on 26 May.  

For further reading on the bands debut album visit 

The singles radio edit is backed up with a remix by The Horrors Tom Furse who turns the track into a cosmic disco floor filler.

You can listen to Tom Furse remix here which is currently available as a digital single worldwide and available to buy from our shop: Rocket Bandcamp


Introducing 'The World is Yours' fund raising compilation that features unreleased Rocket music

Introducing a fundraising compilation for Peter Kemp, an great music fan and journalist. The compilation features has a mind blowing line-up of bands and includes two stunning unreleased Nighthammer remixes of Rocket tracks.

Gnod – Genocider (Nighthammer remix)

Goat – Run to your Mama (Nighthammer remix)

This is what Andy from Riot Season says about this compilation:


"'The World Is Yours' is a download compilation that myself and Joe from Hey Colossus have been busy compiling since the end of last week.

The compilation is to honour a great bloke, Peter Kemp and is to raise some much needed £££ for some great causes. There are (at least SEVENTY BANDS) involved and the download will cost you just FIVE QUID (with the option to pay more if you so wish of course) ... CRAZY CHEAP and CRAZY GOOD.

You can download the mammoth comp (God knows how long it'll take to download mind ... Ha!) here http://peterkemptheworldisyours.bandcamp.com/ from around 10am.

There are plenty of Riot Season bands involved, plenty of other folks you'll know of and plenty that may be surprisingly good new discoveries. What's to lose ?

And by all means PLEASE DO SHARE THIS INFO/FLYER around, if you're a twitter user, please hashtag any posts #PeterKemp if possible to. 

Andy x"

So, please it is for a good cause so go and buy the comp….we have heard the HEY COLOSSUS track and it is monumental, maybe their best ever work, so worth a fiver alone!!!!


Bearded Magazine reviews Lay Llamas debut album 'Ostro'

Lay Llamas – Ostro (Rocket Recordings)

A psychedelic album from spiritual Sicilian temples and sunshine then mashed into eerie highs and chugging come downs

By Ian Stanley

Lay Llamas – Ostro (Rocket Recordings) Sounds drawn from around the Mediterranean, inspired by spiritual Sicilian history and pulled from psychedelia saturate Ostro, the debut album from Sicilian band Lay Llamas. As Gioele Valenti from the band explains, “I think that Sicilians are more like Africans than Europeans in some way…in our music Africa is such a metaphysical place…different levels of enlightenment; a sense of a mystical path to follow.”

That mysticism and African groove is easy to spot in each introduction of feedback before each introduction of song on here. It’s not a quickfire album. It was recorded in a 6th Century BC Temple of Hera and most of the time it shows. Most of its production can be imagined as starting life bounced off those ancient temple walls and caught as a couple of samples. 

It’s no surprise Lay Llamas admit they were “so influenced by the place’s mood, with that ancient presence in the air” and all of the places they have lived have somehow influenced them. Nicola Giunta, the second member of the group, has lived in Spain, Italy and the UK all in the past six years. And in every place he has recorded down sounds. It’s a heady metallic mixture that – when it works – wraps around you like hugging someone in a suit of armour. Sharp. But with a solid emotion….

Read the rest of the review here: Bearded 

And don't forget, if you live in London, you can be the first to hear the albumin full at Nothing is… is Dalston, playback starts at 9pm, more info here: Nothing is…


15 May 2014

Teeth of the Sea to play Third Rail Festival

Teeth of the Sea are playing Third Rail Festival on Saturday 5 July in Reading.

The festival is a one day event organised by the founders of the Green Man Festival.

For more information about this festival, visit: Third rail


Eindhoven Psych Lab special in latest Shindig! magazine

With Eindhoven Psych Lab under a month away, Shindig! magazine have a got a special supplement about some of the bands playing which includes interviews with Rocket bands Teeth of the Sea, Lay Llamas and Anthroprophh…

Mission Control are getting very excited about what will be a stunning weekend!!


14 May 2014

Jimmy Martin from Teeth of the Sea DJing at Evil Blizzard show

That is right...Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin is going to be in charge of playing records at the forthcoming Evil Blizzard show at the Lexington.

We at Mission Control are big fans of Evil Blizzard and this footage of them performing the great track Sacrifice at last years Supernormal shows why they are such a great band.

Support on the night is by another great band from Newcastle (i think?) calledPigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigs 

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents: 
Evil Blizzard 


Jimmy Martin (Teeth of the Sea) DJ

The Lexington, London
Thu, 29/05/2014

After a storming set supporting Teeth of the Sea at Electrowerkz and since finding themselves on the front page of The Guardian & with a feature in Kerrang we are very excited to welcome the return of EVIL BLIZZARD for a headline show at The Lexington on May 29th.

Tickets £7
Doors 8:00

Buy your tickets here: Evil Blizzard


8 May 2014

Listen to Tom Furse from The Horrors remix of Lay Llamas 'We are you'

Here is the amazing Tom Furse from The Horrors remix of the Lay Llamas single 'We are you' which is released as a digital single on Monday.

Tom has taken the looped repetitive rhythm and turned it into a cosmic disco floor filler!!

You can buy the single here from our shop: Rocket Bandcamp



Backseat Mafia writes a glowing review of Master Sleeps by Hills

by Simon Delic

I’ve been sitting in this cafe for ages, except that I haven’t. I put the Master Sleeps album by Hills on and as a result I’ve been somewhere else completely, dragged away from my reality to a place of much more varied aural topography. A place where Krautrock holds court in the psychedelia kingdoms that Hills explore with this album.

I look up. It is quite a jolt, as the drone of ‘Death Shall Come’ ebbs away into the sea of my subconscious, to see other people: the baristas and my fellow coffee drinkers, the pastries and paninis, the faux marble and leather furniture. I wonder for a moment which is the most cogent reality – I’m still wondering.

Hills have been around for a while, not quite as old as the… well you get my point, but they have several releases to their name, not least this their second album, which originally came out in 2011, but was re-released by Rocket Recordings in 2013 with a mind-blowing new cover by Brazilian artist Bruno Borges…

Read the rest of this glowing review here: Backseat Mafia


Teeth of the Sea to play bring their LAST MAN soundtrack to this years Latitude festival

Teeth of the Sea have been confirmed to be playing this years Latitude festival alongside Goat.

The band will be performing the UK premier of their THE LAST MAN performance. Which is the bands live tribute to Orwell's 1984 which they previously performed at the legendary CERN in Geneva.

Not to be missed.


6 May 2014

Lay Llamas – 'We are you' digital single featuring Horrors remix out on May 12th

Lay Llamas – We are you

We are you is the debut single by Italian band Lay Llamas.

The band formed in 2011 and since this inception have released two sold out cassettes and contributed a track to Rocket Recordings 15th Anniversary compilation called ‘Crystallized’.

The psych-pop of  We are you is centred around a repetitive bass line reminiscent of the Talking Heads classic ‘Psychokiller’. This simple but addictive groove is encircled with washes of psychedelic keys, guitars and whispers that builds to a climatic chanted chorus.

The radio edit of We are you is backed up with a remix by The Horrors Tom Furse who turns the track into a cosmic disco floor filler.

An unedited version of We are you can be found on the bands forthcoming debut album Ostro which is released on 26 May.

The single and album was mastered by the genius that is James Plotkin.

Lay Llamas are going to be hitting European stages throughout 2014, starting with a performance at the Eindhoven Psych Lab in June as well as touring the UK supporting Goat in September where they will be playing the Liverpool Psych Festival alongside the rest of the Rocket Recordings roster.

The single is launched 12 May 



2 May 2014

Lay Llamas album Ostro gets first public airing at next 'Nothing is...'

'Nothing is…'. returns on the 16th May.

This month we will be starting the evening at 9pm with the first ever public performance of OSTRO the debut album by LAY LLAMAS which is released on 26 May.

Following that the Nothing is… regulars will be bringing their cosmic mix kraut, psych, cosmic disco, biker funk, spacey techno, afro rock and all other strange sounds in-between.

And you never know, between 10 and 11:30 you MAY here a BRAND NEW GOAT TRACK!!!

Nothing is...
Cage &Aviary (Emotional Especial/DFA)
Cherrystones (Brutal)
Little Dirty (Hed Nod)
Rik Motor (Rocket Rcordings)

The Alibi – Dalston/London
16 May
Free entry

Teeth of the Sea to play Raw Power Festival

We are stoked to announce that Teeth of the Sea are joining an incredible line up of bands at Baba Yaga Hut 's RAW POWER Festival at the Dome/Boston Arms on the weekend of 28th August.

Joining Teeth of the Sea will be Heldon legend Richard Pinhas, Thought Forms, Hey Colossus, Evil Blizzard, Gum Takes Tooth and MANY MORE..

Full details:

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents: 
Raw Power

The Dome (The Boston Arms)
Fri, 29/08/2014 19:00

On the 29 / 30 / 31 of August Baba Yaga's Hut is taking over The Dome & The Boston Arms in Tufnell Park for the second outing of RAW POWER.

Two stages, 3 days featuring some of the best psych heaviness, space rock, synth crazyness, left field electronica and much more.

Acid Mothers Temple (Saturday headliner)
Bad Guys
Clinic (Friday headliner)
Evil Blizzard
Gentle Friendly
Gum Takes Tooth
Henry Blacker
Hey Colossus
Richard Pinhas
Teeth of the Sea
That Fucking Tank
The Oscillation
The Comet is Coming
Terminal Cheesecake
Thought Forms
Vision Fortune

And more to be announced soon! Plus an outdoor area with a BBQ, DJ's over both floors & more.

100 earlybird weekend tickets are £40 (cheaper than buying two day tickets). When the full lineup is annnounced mid May we will raise prices to £50 and put day tickets on sale too.

Early Bird Weekend Tickets can be bought here: Raw Power


Negra Branca live footage

Here is some live footage of Negra Branca – the solo project by Marlene Ribiero of Gnod.

Go out and buy her amazing album that was originally released on Tesla Tapes and is now available on ltd vinyl.


Lay Llamas interview in latest Rock a Rolla

The latest issue of Rock a Rola magazine has an interview with Lay Llamas and a review of their debut album Ostro which is released on 22 May.