30 May 2014

Teeth of the Sea tour diary

Last October Teeth of the Sea went on the road with Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch for a three way tour and TOTS' Mat Colgate has written a very amusing tour diary of the whole event…sit back and Enjoy: 

"Yesterday, after briefly stirring at 4am and thinking ‘oooh, sounds a bit windy outside’, we awoke to tales of flying pub signs, gigantic beach balls causing chaos on roundabouts, and trees uprooted from the ground like an invisible Hulk had gone rampaging through the south of England, on a bewildering mission to disrupt the region’s fragile transport infrastructure. It was, as our friends north of the border may have observed, blowy as fuck.

However, the breadth and destruction of St. Jude pales in comparison to another mighty force that tore its way through the nation recently: the package tour that saw Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch embark on a cross-country, transit van slalom on a mission to free asses and perforate eardrums. Having witnessed the awesome power of all three bands separately, the very thought of them all simply being in the same space, like three mystic runes combining to unleash an unholy blast, made our knees buckle.

Luckily, in the few moments we weren’t convulsing on the floor or muttering ancient protective prayers, we managed to enlist an insider to document the event. Our man? Mat Colegate of Teeth of the Sea, who’re currently celebrating the release of their stunning new album Master, a mind-blowing mixture of pounding rhythms, space-age synths and twisted textures that’s like all the cool videos your older brother wouldn’t lend you as a kid, melted down and poured into your ears. Seriously, you need this record like you need us not to come round and slap your face until you see sense.

Mat was our eyes, ears and liver on the ground, so sit down, grab a bottle of poppers (you’ll understand why later) and enjoy his dispatches from the front line of mind-bending rock and roll…"

Photos are by the legend that is William Van der Voort:

Read the full diary here: The Monitors