8 May 2014

Backseat Mafia writes a glowing review of Master Sleeps by Hills

by Simon Delic

I’ve been sitting in this cafe for ages, except that I haven’t. I put the Master Sleeps album by Hills on and as a result I’ve been somewhere else completely, dragged away from my reality to a place of much more varied aural topography. A place where Krautrock holds court in the psychedelia kingdoms that Hills explore with this album.

I look up. It is quite a jolt, as the drone of ‘Death Shall Come’ ebbs away into the sea of my subconscious, to see other people: the baristas and my fellow coffee drinkers, the pastries and paninis, the faux marble and leather furniture. I wonder for a moment which is the most cogent reality – I’m still wondering.

Hills have been around for a while, not quite as old as the… well you get my point, but they have several releases to their name, not least this their second album, which originally came out in 2011, but was re-released by Rocket Recordings in 2013 with a mind-blowing new cover by Brazilian artist Bruno Borges…

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