31 Oct 2014

Anthroprophh - Dead Man On The Scene Video & Playlist Mix

The good people at The Quietus have posted up the new Anthroprophh video ‘Dead Man On The Scene’.

The video has been put together by Paul himself and has been edited together from random  35mm film stock bought at car boot sales.

The tQ website also features an amazing Soundcloud mix by Paul, featuring some real create digging nuggets and as a bonus with the band playing Shipley on the weekend a mix by Golden Cabinet, for further details on the gig, visit here

To watch the video & listen to the highly recommend mixes, visit thequietus.com


Rocket Probes October Playlist

Anthroprophh – UFO
(Tape, now a CDR soon to be a vinyl on Cardinal Fuzz. Out takes from the amazing Outside a Circle album)

Goat – Live at the Roundhouse

(Lucky enough to have a recording of this show and it is stunning...Watch footage from their Brussels show the week earlier.)

Gum Takes Tooth – Mirror Fold

(Great second album of beats, noise and repetition!)
Gum Takes Tooth

Plasma Expander – 3

(Really good Italian instrumental cosmic rock...highly recommend this one)
Plasma Expander

The Fall – Various (Riley years)

(Kev from SlowRiverSlow/Bigot made us a great comp of 'Mark Riley years' Fall tracks...once you start listening to The Fall you can't stop!)
The Fall

Lard Free – In a Desert Alambic

(Like Eno&Frith locked in a jazz sampled hip hop groove mixed by This Heat)
Lard Free

Venus Gang – Space Woman

(Great Krauty cosmic disco)
Venus Gang - Space Woman - 1981
Venus Gang

Hawkwind – Leave No Star Unturned

(Really heavy live show from Cambridge Corn Exchange in 1972)

Al Lover Sacred Drugs – Sacred Drugs

(Hypnotic and mainly instrumental psych from the Goat remixer)
Al Lover

Brian Eno – Third Uncle
(Love this post punk track from 'Taking Tiger Mountain')
Brain Eno

Fuzz Against Junk – Netti Netti
(Bristol supergroup (not the other FAJ) of the past, featuring Anthroprophh/The Heads guitarist, Beak>/Robert Plant bassist and a few other heads)
Fuzz Against Junk


Anthroprophh – Letterpress poster for Golden Cabinet show tomorrow

Check out this lovely letterpresses poster for tomorrow's Anthroprophh show in Shipley.

As we have been repeatably saying the band are on fire live at the moment. And it is not only us saying that, the members of Gnod have all openly claimed "that Anthroprophh are the best live band in the UK at the moment". Now that is an endorsement!

Also you got the great Kemper Norton and a very rare live show by Big Naturals!!!

Don't miss this folks.

Last few tickets can be bought from here: Golden Cabinet


30 Oct 2014

Lay Llamas - Something Wrong video

Here is a new video for the Lay Llamas track Something wrong, made by Alkandi a good friend of the band. You can find out more about Alkandi and see more work here: Alkandi

The track Something Wrong is taken from the bands debut album Ostro which has just been repressed on yellow vinyl limited to only 300 copies.

You can get yourself one here: Rocket Bandcamp


Volante Discos releases LTD Lay Llamas – Ostro cassette

South American label Volante Discos has released a gorgeous looking cassette release of Lay Llamas debut album Ostro.

The tape is ltd to only 50 copies AND contains an extra unreleased track.

You can purchase one of these lovely things from the label: Volante Discos

Also, we have just repressed the sold out vinyl version on Yellow vinyl, these are only ltd to 300 copies and we are not repressing again, so once these are sold, ebay will be the only place to get them!!! So…be quick

Get the Ltd LP from Rocket Bandcamp


The Blog That Celebrates Itself interviews Anthroprophh

The Blog That Celebrates Itself asked Paul Allen from Anthroprophh some questions:

Q. When did Anthroprophh starts tell us about the history.
Anthroprophh started about 2010 after a quiet moment in The Heads. I Had been busy editing archive Heads material for the Vertigo Swill and Enten Eller cdr releases and wanted to create something on my own with the recording equipment obtained. Something primitive, tribal with the various old instruments that I picked up over the years. It expanded into a three piece with Gareth and Jess and we started playing and recording in 2012.

Q: Who are your influences? 
Intially it was german rock music from 1970s along with a bit of Hawkwind. It branched out a little with the three piece to include bands like Chrome and This Heat but with percussion playing a major part in live peformance

Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time 
Can Tago Mago, 
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves, 
This Heat first lp, 
Black Sabbath Sabotage 
and Debris Static Disposal. 
This list changes constantly. Too much choice

Q. How do you fell playing alive? 
Always nervous but since we have become a three piece it is a less daunting affair because we constantly practice and are well prepared. Also the dual drumming parts on stage seems to take the focus away from me with means the pressure is off for myself. It takes a while for any band to gel completely but I think we are getting there now...

Read the rest of the interview with Paul here: The Blog That Celebrates Itself 


29 Oct 2014

Rocket takes over Mojo cover mount CD of contemporary psych

Pick yourself up a copy of the latest Mojo magazine and you will get a great CD cover mount compilation of contemporary psych that includes 5 tracks from the Rocket stable!!

Anthroprophh, Gnod, Goat, Hills and Lay Llamas all feature, which is quite flattering for us!

Obviously Mojo know good psych when they hear it!!


28 Oct 2014

GNODOROWSKY - GNOD at Cork Film Festival, KHOM Trailer

Europe’s premier purveyors of sonic devilment Gnod will create an imagined soundtrack to arguably the greatest film never to reach the big screen: Jodorowsky’s Dune. This unique event re-imagines the startling imagery, ambition and sheer cinematic psychedelia of the great director’s doomed attempts to bring Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel to life. Working in tandem with visual artist KHOM, Gnodorowsky is a highly unique and multi-layered presentation of musical and visual abandon, a spellbinding calibration of film, music and imagination. Gnod are an Irish/English/Portuguese space noise collective operating out of Islington Mill, Salford. Having formed in 2006, the band have received critical acclaim for their all-consuming live performances, collaborations and prolific recording output.

Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain will play directly after GNODOROWSKY

The event is specially commissioned by Colm McAuliffe for Cork Film Festival.

To watch Gnod is to be swept away by the power of music that almost defies categorisation or anything resembling convention. This is a melting pot of styles that encompasses space rock, madness, psychedelia, repetition, jazz, rituals and whatever else is at hand…a sonic experience that simultaneously batters and seduces. – THE QUIETUS

Tickets available online at www.corkfilmfest.org 

or in person at the festival box office from October 27th. 
13 Careys Lane, Cork. +353 21 421716.


Optical Sounds Issue 7 – preorder now

The amazing Optical Sounds has a new issue out and it features a massive piece on Rocket and out bands to tie in with the recent Liverpool Psych Fest. It includes interviews with Anthroprophh, Teeth of the Sea, Gnod, Lay Llamas and Hills as well as lots of great pieces on new and old underground psych.

Printed using Riso printing this is as always a must buy publication, so preorder copy from here: Optical Sounds


27 Oct 2014

Rocket merch available

We made some ltd shirts and bags for Liverpool Psych Fest and we have a few left over oat our shop

You can get hold of them here:

Black Tshirt

Grey Tshirt

Black Tote bag

Natural Tote Bag

Also available are represses of Goat's 'World Music' and Lay Llamas 'Ostro'. Plus we have last copies of Teeth of the Sea's - A Field in England and Goat's Commune on Gold vinyl.

Buy these from here: Rocket Bandcamp


24 Oct 2014

Cork Film Festival Set For Gnodorowsky

The Quietus have written a piece on the Cork Film Festival where as we mentioned before, Gnod are going to be performing with Khom a live soundtrack to the amazing  Jodorowsky's Dune. 

Going to be an amazing event.

Read more about it here: The Quietus

And if tonight you are lucky enough to be ayr Supermassive festival in Helsinki, make sure you enjoy Gnod who are playing live!! 


Lay Llamas - Live at Rospi in Libertà Festival

Lay Llamas live @ Rospi in Libertà Festival (August 14, 2014)


23 Oct 2014



The Quietus reviews Anthroprophh's Outside the Circle

The Heads have just reissued their second album, the ferocious frazzle of Everyone Knows We Got Nowhere. Paul Allen left the band a while ago, and at first he spent time building up a terrifyingly large record collection and enhancing his psychic know-how. He then formed a band with Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb called Anthroprophh, who have now unleashed their second album Outside The Circle, and like The Heads best work, it's enough to send your head in a spin, only this time with a few surprise twists and turns.

Take second track 'Dead Man On The Scene', which mentions the word 'Anthropocene', a term coined by ecologist Eugene F. Stoermer intended to describe the epoch when human activities like pollution began to have a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems. The word hasn't been fully adopted as official nomenclature by the scientific community, and of course there's some debate as to when this era actually began. Nobel Prize winning atmospheric scientist Paul Crutzen argues it's around the Industrial Revolution….

Read the full review here: The Quietus


22 Oct 2014

Goat Swedish November tour

Fresh from their first ever European tour, Goat are finishing the year off with three shows in their home country of Sweden.



21 Oct 2014

Louder than War reviews Anthroprophh's Outside the Circle

"Psych legend Paul Allen strikes solo as Anthroprophh with new album Outside the Circle. Louder Than War’s Ben Tansey reviews.

Paul Allen of Bristolian legends The Heads has teamed up with Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb of Big Naturals to deliver an album of contemporary psych that draws just as much inspiration from punk and alternative rock as it does Syd Barrett, 13th Floor Elevators, Hawkwind and anything off the famous Nuggets compilation.

From the hypnotic riffs, early Black Sabbath vocals and frenetic fretboard fireworks of album opener Returning until the solitary organ of New Impossibilities Part 3, ‘Outside The Circle’ unashamedly flies its freak flag high for all to see.  Allen’s voice undulates with liquid phase; drones ring out in to space and crash into rocket ship synths; guitars screech and wail and sing amidst cacophonous soundscapes.  Every note and beat hold within them a sense of malevolence, as if the band are poised on the edge of madness.  Some of the songs feel like a cathartic release, an act therapy, or perhaps even exorcism..."

Read the full 8.5/10 review here: Louder than War


18 Oct 2014

Goat live is Brussels 21/09/2014 – FULL SET!!

If like us you are missing watching Goat play live every day then it is well worth watching this great 'professionally filmed' footage of their their full Brussels show at Ancienne Belgique on their very recent European tour.

The versions of Run to your Mama and Words are simply stunning!!


16 Oct 2014

What is Goat's favourite Kraftwerk album?

Vinyl Factory asked Goat 'What is your favourite Kraftwerk album? 
And one member of the band replied and gave a very enthusiastic opinion.

Find out what their and 19 other artists choice was here: Vinyl Factory


Hills live at Liverpool Psych Fest

The amazing Hills blew minds at Liverpool Psych Fest, their first ever live show outside of Scandinavia.

Here is a taster of their set….

New album in 2015 (hopefully)


13 Oct 2014

Bearded Magazine interviews Lay Llamas

Bearded's Ben Wood interviews Lay Llamas before their headline show at Shacklewell Arms:

Like label mates Goat, Italy’s Lay Llamas combine spacey grooves, Afro-futurism and a nice line in self-mythologising. Currently touring the UK in support of the mysterious Swedes/Sicilian duo Nicola Gunta (founder, live bassist) and Goiele Valenti (lyricist, singer) discuss debut album Ostro and their intriguing stew of influences.

The Lay Llamas love a good yarn. They claim to be space travellers from a Nigerian tribe, dedicated to the search for a higher consciousness. But anyone expecting their spacey krautrock grooves to originate from a band of addled longhairs are in for a shock. In person, the band’s Sicilian founder and bassist Nicola Gunta and lyricist and frontman Gioele Valenti are young, fresh-faced, charming and enthusiastic - a long way from anyone’s stereotype of a psychedelic outfit.

Nicola explains that the band’s fondness for pagan, magical, ritualistic imagery isn’t a po-faced statement but an attempt to synthesise all their favourite influences into an entertaining whole: “We aren’t talking about real history or ethnomusicology...

Read the full interview here: Bearded


From the desk of the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe

Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe was asked by Magnet Magazine to write about his favourite record labels, and we are honoured that he said we were one of them:

From The Desk Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s Anton Newcombe: “I was asked to be a guest editor for MAGNET, one of the few publications I still respect since it was founded, so kudos for that. I was told I could write about anything in the world that interests me. So I am going to focus on the rebirth of the do-it-yourself music labels. Just like me and my own label, A Recordings, they have a strong belief system about releasing vinyl. I wanted to present seven labels and what they are up to right now. My questions were very simple: Who are you, what made you want to buck the trends, and what inspired you to release physical products. Enjoy.”

Newcombe: Rocket Recordings …

Chris Reeder: In 1997 when we first decided to start Rocket, there was no internet*, no email, John Peel was still alive, it was a different time. A lot died with Peel! That may seem dramatic, but I truly believe the real appreciation of the outsider, the brave, the non-conformist was really lost with him. So when we set the label up, it was still a very exciting time and my love of music and the format of vinyl was my biggest passion. And being a non-musician setting up a label was the inevitable thing to do—and it wasn’t by choice, I don’t think; it was something we just had to do!! Anthropropph, whose second album Outside The Circle is just out now, started as the solo project of Paul Allen, the chief songwriter and fuzz professor in legendary Bristol psych band the Heads. After Paul added psych noise duo Big Naturals as his backing live band, Anthroprophh transformed into quite a nasty power trio and the first results from this can be found on the compilation Crystalized: Celebrating 15 Years Of Rocket Recordings. Outside The Circle is hard to pin down; it is like a long lost gem from the famous Nurse With Wound list. In my mind, it puts Anthroprophh in the same list as Chrome, Faust, Butthole Surfers but with a very distinctive British sound with it’s execution...

See the piece in it's the full here: 

Part 1

Part 2

Image by Daniel Temkin

10 Oct 2014

Goat unveil official video for Hide from the Sun

Here is the first official video of a track from Goat's new album Commune.

This ‘Hide From The Sun’ was directed by Sam Macon  and features artwork from Stacey Rozich (character illustrations in Fleet Foxes “The Shrine / An Argument”).  Sam and Stacey collaborated closely to create a dark, psychedelic, mythical trip across three distinct worlds. As Sam states, " It isn't a story set in the past, nor is it a story set in the present or future.  It simply exists in its own realm."

To us it has a bit of a Mighty Boosh feel which is something Goat are big fans of!

You can buy the last few copies of the ltd LP from us here: Rocket Bandcamp


Reviews of UK leg of GOAT / LAY LLAMAS tour

Here are some reviews of what will become the legendary Goat / Lay Llamas tour of the UK:

The Skinny 

Freq Music 

The Guardian  

The Scotsman 

Arts Desk 

Fake DIY

AAA Music

Rave Child


E gigs

Line of the best fit

This is constantly updated post as reviews come in


9 Oct 2014

Bearded Magazine reviews Lay Llamas headline show at Shacklewell Arms

Footage of Lay Llamas playing Archaic revival at Liverpool Psych Fest, the first show on the tour

The day after their successful tour with Goat (reviews of that to follow soon) Lay Llamas played their best show of the tour at the Shacklewell Arms, this is what Bearded Magazine thought of it:

The Lay Llamas @ Shacklewell Arms, London 04.10.14

The second night of the Two-Headed Dog festival saw promoters Bad Vibrations and Baba Yaga’s Hut showcase four bands from all over Europe for a bargainous price.

Italy’s Lay Llamas are label mates of Goat, with a similar love of a bonkers backstory and a love of postmodern ethnographic japery. Bearded isn’t entirely sure that they have travelled to the Shacklewell Arms via late 21st century Nigeria and outer space - but it’s glad they have made it back in time to share their spacey grooves with us.

Frontman Gioele Valenti leans into the mic, playing a variety of percussive instruments as he intones the band’s simple, mantra-like lyrics. His fellow Sicilian and band founder, the boyish Nicola Giunta, lays down solid basslines as the set builds from a steady start towards an increasingly uptempo climax. ‘We Are You’ is perhaps their most anthemic tune, pulsing and hook-filled. 

It is also surprisingly accessible - the basslines anchor the tunes, so that while the melodies may spin off into the cosmos, the Llamas never get too noodly. There’s plenty to get heads nodding and feet moving here - the crowd gets ever more enthusiastic, and the tempo speeds up. Only a broken string prevents them giving the crowd the encore they demand.

This is music to get lost in, aided and abetted by the venue’s impressive sound system. The Llamas say their next album may sound quite different - it’ll be fun finding out.

Visit: Bearded Magazine


Music OMH reviews Outside the Circle by Anthroprophh

"Ready for brain-melting? Anthroprophh’s got the goods to break your mind in all the right ways. Born from the degenerate psyche of Paul Allen (of The Heads), Anthroprophh deliver a three-quarter-hour of power on the band’s second full-length release Outside The Circle. It’s an insane, layered roller coaster of garage, drone and old school progressive rock, and boy is it hot.

Outside The Circle opens with a manic frenzy on the six minute-plus Returning, a track that features Allen’s krautrock-esque vocals that harken back to his previous output and channels the affected delivery of Can’s Damo Suzuki, especially on Tago Mago. It’s followed by Dead Man On The Scene, where Allen amps up the stoner vibe and puts some sound bites in the mix. The vocoder is a nice touch – a weird one, but come on, was anything less expected?

The bass-heavy Space Box Zonk Machine (a title fit for Frank Zappa’s next posthumous release) is no place for the faint-hearted. It lapses into a sludgy Melvins riff and some carefully applied post-punk electronic effects from early Killing Joke or The Fall. It bleeds into the next track Dog, which was an unnecessary separation as Dog pretty much carries on the same melodies and vibe as its predecessor with no changes…"

Read the rest of the 4/5 review here: MusicOMH


8 Oct 2014

Gnodorowsky - GNOD perform Jodorowosky's DUNE at Cork Film Festival

Following on from their retrospective of Alejandro’s Jodorowosky’s work, Cork Film Festival are very proud to present this exclusive live music and visuals with Gnod and visual artist KHOM.

Europe’s premier purveyors of sonic devilment Gnod will create an imagined soundtrack to arguably the greatest film never to reach the big screen: Jodorowsky’s Dune. This unique event re-imagines the startling imagery, ambition and sheer cinematic psychedelia of the great director’s doomed attempts to bring Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel to life. Working in tandem with visual artist KHOM, Gnodorowsky is a highly unique and multi-layered presentation of musical and visual abandon, a spellbinding calibration of film, music and imagination. Gnod are an Irish/English/Portuguese space noise collective operating out of Islington Mill, Salford. Having formed in 2006, the band have received critical acclaim for their all-consuming live performances, collaborations and prolific recording output.

More Info: corkfilmfest


Anthroprophh release 'See' Video

Need to come down after Anthroprophh's amazing set at Liverpool Psych Fest? 

Well here's the perfect antidote, the bands latest video 'See'.  The video see's the band turn their heads towards the more mellower side of things and was made by Prophh himself using found vintage 35mm film.

In support of Anthroprophh's new album Outside the Circle, the band will also be playing a rare London appearance supporting the great Evil Blizzard at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch on 11 October.

The show is being put on by the ever reliable Baba Yaga Hut and tickets can be purchased from here: Baba Yaga Hut

Anthroprophh's - Outside the Circle album is available in all good record shops & download.


7 Oct 2014

Nothing is leaving the building

We are sad to announce that the last ever 'Nothing is...' at The Alibi in Dalston, London will take place on Friday 17 October.

The monthly night of eclectic cosmic craziness known as 'Nothing is...' is the Alibi's longest running night and it has called it home since the club opened nearly 5 years ago. 

In that 5 years the core collective of Cherrystones, Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary), Chris Reeder from Rocket Recordings and Mike Keeling (better know as Little Dirty) have been joined by some great guest DJs that have included the likes of the mighty Powell, Teeth of the Sea, Gnod, Plastic Crimewave, Gum takes Tooth and many others!

Chris from Rocket who was the person who actually put the 'Nothing is...' collective together said this:

"We are gutted to be leaving Alibi as the people who run the place are great bunch and it is perfect space for our night, but Jamie recently announced that he is moving to Amsterdam so we can't really continue without a core member. Though this isn't the end of 'Nothing is...' we will still do one-offs like we did recently at the amazing Liverpool Psych Fest - where we closed the festival. So watch this space, 'Nothing is not finishing for ever." 

So come and join the 'Nothing is...' crew for what is going to be a messy Alibi sign- off:

Nothing is…
Friday 17 October
The Alibi, Dalston, London

Join us in mourning here: Nothing is...

5 Oct 2014

Liverpool Psych Fest reviews – plus more Anthroprophh shows

As the dust settles from what was a crazy two week Goat tour we have found some nice words about the Rocket bands that played at this years amazing Liverpool Psych Fest:

The Quietus

Louder than war

Backseat mafia

Get into this

Echoes and Dust

And they all agree that one of the best bands of the weekend was the sonic assault of Anthroprophh.

We cant stress highly enough how much you need to see this band. And guess what, they have some shows coming up, so GO:

London info tickets here: Baba Yaga's Hut

Shipley info and tickets here: Golden Cabinet

Photo of Anthroprophh from BackSeat Mafia


1 Oct 2014

Baba Yaga Hut presents rare Lay Llamas London show

Lay Llamas follow their successful tour with Goat with a headline show at Shacklewell Arms with a great list of support bands in toe.

This is a rare UK club show for Lay Llamas as their trips outside of Italy are rare, so don't miss your dance to see this stunning band live:

Lay Llamas
Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle
Les Big Bryd
Early Mammal

Venue: Shacklewell Arms, London
Date: Saturday 4th October



GNOD - October Gig Dates

After Gnod's stellar performance at Liverpool Psych Fest, the band go out on the road for a few gig dates in October.

2nd October - Gnod + Rave Tape, Tyne Bar, Newcastle
3rd October - Gnod, Space Witch + more, Stuck On A Name, Nottingham
4th October - Gnod, Roly Porter & Killing Sound, St. Thomas The Martyr, Bristol
11th October - Dwellings & Druss, LEM Festival, Barcelona
24th October - Gnod @ Supermassive, Helsinki, Finland


Loud and Quiet unveil Goat as their cover stars of their next issue

Goat appear on their first ever cover on the next issue of Loud and Quiet, out on Saturday.