8 Oct 2014

Gnodorowsky - GNOD perform Jodorowosky's DUNE at Cork Film Festival

Following on from their retrospective of Alejandro’s Jodorowosky’s work, Cork Film Festival are very proud to present this exclusive live music and visuals with Gnod and visual artist KHOM.

Europe’s premier purveyors of sonic devilment Gnod will create an imagined soundtrack to arguably the greatest film never to reach the big screen: Jodorowsky’s Dune. This unique event re-imagines the startling imagery, ambition and sheer cinematic psychedelia of the great director’s doomed attempts to bring Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel to life. Working in tandem with visual artist KHOM, Gnodorowsky is a highly unique and multi-layered presentation of musical and visual abandon, a spellbinding calibration of film, music and imagination. Gnod are an Irish/English/Portuguese space noise collective operating out of Islington Mill, Salford. Having formed in 2006, the band have received critical acclaim for their all-consuming live performances, collaborations and prolific recording output.

More Info: corkfilmfest