9 Oct 2014

Music OMH reviews Outside the Circle by Anthroprophh

"Ready for brain-melting? Anthroprophh’s got the goods to break your mind in all the right ways. Born from the degenerate psyche of Paul Allen (of The Heads), Anthroprophh deliver a three-quarter-hour of power on the band’s second full-length release Outside The Circle. It’s an insane, layered roller coaster of garage, drone and old school progressive rock, and boy is it hot.

Outside The Circle opens with a manic frenzy on the six minute-plus Returning, a track that features Allen’s krautrock-esque vocals that harken back to his previous output and channels the affected delivery of Can’s Damo Suzuki, especially on Tago Mago. It’s followed by Dead Man On The Scene, where Allen amps up the stoner vibe and puts some sound bites in the mix. The vocoder is a nice touch – a weird one, but come on, was anything less expected?

The bass-heavy Space Box Zonk Machine (a title fit for Frank Zappa’s next posthumous release) is no place for the faint-hearted. It lapses into a sludgy Melvins riff and some carefully applied post-punk electronic effects from early Killing Joke or The Fall. It bleeds into the next track Dog, which was an unnecessary separation as Dog pretty much carries on the same melodies and vibe as its predecessor with no changes…"

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