31 May 2018

Rocket Probes – May playlist

Lay Llamas – Altair
(Third single from the forthcoming album 'Thuban' features GOATshee on vocals)

Bong – Thought and Existence
(All hail Bong...we love this band!)

Zohastre – Pan And The Master Pipers
(New album by 2/3 of H.U.M)

Exorsist Gbg - Pusher
(Cosmic disco from Gothenburg on Höga Nord)
Exorsist Gbg

Battiato – Sulle Corde Di Aries
(How did we not know this album!! Thanks to Flowers Must Die's Rickard for putting that right)

Pharaoh Overlord - Zero
(Extremely good and fun new album...includes a great cover of Spacemen 3's Revolution)
Pharaoh Overlord

Embryo – Africa
(Afro kraut jazz from '85 that Lay Llamas brought to our attention)

Warren Schoenbright – Subtropical
(Real nice repetitive sludge on Hominid Sounds)
Warren Schoenbright

Iku Sakan – Prism In Us All
(More great minimalist repetition)
Iku Sakan

Pentagram – Relentless
(Killer riff)

Francis The Great - Look Up In The Sky
(Great Afro-funk groove)
Francis The Great

Die Wilde Jagd – Stangentanz
(Sounds like a Goat remix)
Die Wilde Jagd 

Henrik Rylander – 2-7-4-8-8-2
(Fuzzy grooved weirdness on Höga Nord)
Henrik Rylander

Shimshon Miel - Amsterdam Experience
(Nice reissue of avant repetitious groove)
Shimshon Miel

Kraftwerk – HR1 Frankfurt Radio Concert 25 January 1974
(Thanks to Dave C for turning us onto this)
Download from here: Kraftwerk 

Listen to our 'updated-monthly' Rocket Probes Spotify playlist:


Gum Takes Tooth to play Supersonic

If you didn't already know, Gum Takes tooth are joining Housewives and GNOD and many other killer bands at this years Supersonic Festival.

They say:
Endlessly innovative yet fundamentally primal mesmerism springing from an unclassifiable maze-source where barely identifiable fragments of accelerated temporality event-horizon sound system culture and tearing psych-rock riffology tumble totally free from their identifying signifiers, only discernible through the solar flares of raw energy by their powerful physical kinesis and consciousness folding volatility. Gum Takes Tooth define their own paradigm of a maverick man-machine union in their consistently incendiary live shows.

Tickets and info can be found here: Supersonic


Teeth of the Sea play Contrapop Festival

Teeth of the Sea have been confirmed to play Contrapop Festival in Ramsgate on 4/5 August. 

Joining them are Coldnose, Adrien Sherwood, Laraaji, Flower Corsano Duo and many others.

And it is on the beach and it is FREE!!

Info here: Extra Normal


See Richard Ellis's photos from Rocket Twenty

It was only a few months ago we kicked off our years worth of 20th Anniversary celebrations with our weekender at The Garage.

You would of see IMPATV's amazing footage and Al Overdrive's killer photos. Well another talented image capturer Richard Ellis was there and he captured lots of amazing images of the bands performing that weeked 

See all the images here: Richard Ellis


30 May 2018

Mamuthones support The Pop Group this Friday

Mamuthones are to support The Pop Group as part of Summer Student Festival (Je t'aime) on 1st June

All info here: Je t'aime


Illustrated Amateur reviews Hey Colossus's The Guillotine

It reads:

Hey Colossus had been chugging along for a decade before I heard of them. The Guillotine was my first encounter—and it's a stunner. It's something like their twelfth record (depending on how you add it up) so I had some catching up to do. 

Their earlier earlier releases belie why they're lumped in with sludge metal, and (later) noise rock, but Hey Colossus have outgrown such distinctions. There's an hermetic feel to their work—not so much self-referential as ascending out of their past. Their tunes are tightly coiled, and, when they want to be, brutal. The ragged, live edge of the guitar work is miles away from the Helmet model of compressed, percussive blocks of distortion—which is still the template for so much heavy rock today. Instead, Hey Colossus court a sonic murk, always threatens to become too muddy but lending the songs a fathomless depth. They retain just enough clarity to let melodies rise to the surface, when needed.

It all sounds amazing on vinyl, but I fear the rawness of Hey Colossus is the sort that gets diminished by mp3 compression and streaming.

See the review here: Illustrated Amateur


GNOD's Chapel Perilous in The Quietus monthly Psych column

It says:

There has been a debate waging in the field of popular philosophy over whether things are, in very general terms, getting better for humanity. Members of the glass-half-full brigade include Steven Pinker and Peter Singer. Look at the medical advances we've made, they say. Violence is less common than in previous ages. Cruelty towards women, children and animals appears to be on the decline. We're generally more altruistic than we used to be. The new Arctic Monkeys album has got some quite interesting bits in it if you turn your head to one side, squint a little, and inhale paint fumes. Challenging all this is the cynicism of John Gray. Borrowing heavily from Jean-Jacques Rousseau's counterattack on the Enlightenment, Gray believes that the progress of civilisation is a dumb fallacy. If fear of nuclear weapons use has helped prevent mass armed conflict, great powers have fought one another in numerous proxy wars and the deaths of non-combatants has steadily risen. The bulk of major technological advances have been a double-edged sword. Rationalism is a utopian delusion. Alex Turner's talent as a lyric writer has become steadily worse and it's now apparent that a tranquilised otter could do a better job.

Judging by the trajectory of their output, it'd be fair to assume that Gnod sit in the latter camp, albeit coming from a more anti-capitalist stance than Gray's cheekily provocative liberal-baiting one. Last year's album was called JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT​-​WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE (in full caps on a blood-red background, no less). In contrast to the swirly-whirly playfulness of some of Gnod's early psychedelic handiwork, it was a bleak, angry and nihilistically Swans-like affair. Fifteen minutes long, Chapel Perilous' opening number starts off like the first note of 'Purple Haze' being struck over and over again, steadfastly refusing to break into Hendrix's euphorically funky full riff, then builds and builds into a metallic symphony of cranking harshness. "There's no space for meeeeeeeeeeee," bawl the vocals as if John Lydon and Jaz Coleman had birthed a lovechild and then left it in dustbin with nothing for company but a second-hand copy of Thomas Hardy's bleakest tome. At the tail-end of the album sits the equally fierce if punkier 'Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down', the main riff for which is kinda nu-metal if you think about it, albeit used for far more noble purposes than Coal Chamber ever mustered. In between sit more abstract numbers loaded with droney throbs, foreboding chimes, trip-metal crackles and clattering Einstürzende Neubauten percussion. It's hard to think of a better accompanying soundtrack if the world really is becoming steadily more fubarred.

See the full piece here: The Quietus


Hirvikolari to support Heldon

Hirvikolari the bands featuring Sam and Mike from Teeth of the Sea have been revealed as the support for the first ever London show for the great Heldon at Cafe Oto!

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents:
Heldon + Hirvikolari
July 14th - Café Oto
Tickets £15

Info/Tickets: Baba Yaga's Hut


29 May 2018

GNOD's Chapel Perilous in The Quietus Albums of the Month

They say:

This album is sequenced like a pulverising futuristic space-rock version of Reign In Blood: bookended by overbearing monolithic structures that initially cast shadows over the relatively hard-to-penetrate middle section. It’s great to finally hear ‘Donovan’s Daughters’ in a home setting. While it still slaps hard - and oh, sweet lord Jesus and all of your apostles, that drop - Raikes Parade’s masterful dub creates abyss-deep currents of echo and sky-scraping vapour trails of reverb. It is no longer merely a blunt instrument of godlike destruction; it is a blunt instrument of godlike destruction that seethes with detail. And as a bonus, this song contains one of rock music’s hardest won and most justly deserved key changes since Hawkwind’s ‘Space Is Deep’. John Doran 

See the full list here: The Quietus


Raven Sings The Blues say some words on GOAT's 'Let it Burn'

They say:

Music from Goat, recorded and intended for use in a film about burning a giant straw goat? Seems like a perfect excuse to feature the Swedish psych collective to me. “Let It Burn” was recorded for use in the film Killing Gävle, a documentary about the custodians of a straw goat placed in the town square of the titular town of Gävle at Christmastime. The goat is in constant peril of being burned by mischievous pagans which, sure, makes perfect sense. Don’t erect a giant symbol of the old world gods without expecting true believers to get all effigy on it. The track in question is pure Goat, roiling on polyrhythmic drums flanked by flutes and doused in both fuzz and folk guitars. Essentially, if you’ve found joy in Goat’s catalog up to this point then a somewhat meta song about pagans going full Burning Man on a giant wicker likeness of the band’s namesake seems right in order.

The b-side here is a mellow comedown, buzzing with drones and buttered with sax, it’s a different side of the psych warriors that shows them reveling in cosmic jazz without the hectic sweat of their usual rhythmic pummel. The song is a portion of a freeform studio jam, so it almost seems given there’s bound to be a “Friday Pt. 2” at some point down the pike. Unfortunately, the physicals were scant on this one, so either battle the Discogs goblins for a copy or be happy with the digital drop on this. Either way, it’s a prime slice of one of Sweden’s most excellent exports.

Read the full piece here: RSTB


Dayz of Purple and Orange reviews Lay Llamas album ‘Thuban’

It says:

This is one album that I have been eagerly awaiting since it was first mooted ages ago. As regular readers will know, my love of the Italian 'scene' is deep and of the many bands that are currently wowing people, Lay Llamas are one that can lay claim to being a band that has pushed this scene to the front of peoples' minds. Their debut on Backwards Records back in 2012 was a masterful mix of tribal psychedelia, krautrock and mutated afrobeat...a masterpiece in anyone's book. They followed this with 'Østrø' on Rocket Recordings which exposed them to a bigger audience...throw into the mix a truly wonderful split tape with Tetuan on Artetetra and you have a band with an extremely strong back catalogue. This time around, however, it is a paired down band with Gioele Valenti leaving to follow his own destiny with the (equally) fantastic JuJu and so leaving Nicola Giunta to take the helm singlehandedly...and what a spectacularly fine job he has done! 'Thuban' ("named after the Arabic for ‘snake’ also known as Alpha Draconis, and sometimes as the ‘dragon’s tail’... was the star closest to the North pole from the fourth to the second millennium BC") sees Giunta team up with some musical heavyweights along the way - Clinic, Goat and Mark Stewart all appear and all make telling contributions to what is undoubtedly one of the albums of the year…

Read the rest here: DoPaO


25 May 2018

Line of the Best Fit interviews Kate from Bonnacons of Doom about Sacred Music

It reads:

Bonnacons of Doom’s Kate Smith on sacred music
Kate Smith of Liverpool-based collective Bonnacons of Doom explains to Best Fit how she uses the influence of sacred music in her band's output.

Even as a child I was quite cynical about religion, but sacred music is something that’s always connected with me. Although none of the band are religious in any way, devotional music has always been a key reference point in how we understand our music and our own creative process.

I always sang. I used to make up songs when I was really little, but it was being a choir girl that was a formative experience. It was a sharing of the inner pleasure of singing with other people. I was enticed to join the church choir because I loved the tiny brown envelopes that you got your 50 pence fee in. I just thought they were so cute. I found I loved singing hymns collectively and I guess, in retrospect, being part of a communal experience...

See the full piece here: LOTBF


Goat's Let it Burn is out today

GOAT's new single 'Let it Burn' is released in all good record shops today!!!

Watch video for 'Let it Burn (Radio Edit)': YouTube

And stream it here: Spotify

'Let it Burn' was written specifically for the climatic scene in the short movie Killing Gävle, a The Guardian produced film (the video above uses footage from the film) directed by the very talented Joe Fletcher about the famous Gävle Goat in Sweden which every year local custodians of Gävle try to protect a giant straw goat that is built for the town every Christmas being burnt down by mischievous pagans. Obviously Goat’s music was the obvious to soundtrack the film – their back catalogue is used throughout the film but up to now it was the only place you could hear a segment of the 6 minute+ fuzz groove of 'Let it Burn' but now thanks to Rocket Recordings it can be heard in all its glory.

The ltd edition 7" is available in four 'pot luck' coloured vinyl versions on Orange, Red, Yellow and now purple, each ltd to 400 copies and now a Purple version is now available which is ltd to 500 copies. 

And as of Monday 'Let it Burn' will be added to the BBC 6Music Playlist thanks to the love and support from DJ's Lauren Laverne, Tom Ravenscroft, Gideon Coe and Shaun Keaveny...not bad for a 6 minute track! 

The band only have two more shows booked in for 2018 and no more are planned: 

5 June – Ullevi Stadium / Gothenburg / Sweden (supporting Foo Fighters)
15 July – Citadel Festival / London / UK

So do not miss!!


24 May 2018

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs announce Huddersfield show

Info and tickets: Parish


GAFFA reviews GNOD's Chapel Perilous

It says (roughly translated):

There is no easy-to-read album Gnod has released on the world. It is brutal, experimental paranoia in its purest and best form. Inspired by the books by Robert Anton Wilson, they have created a scavenging best with two mountain chains on each side and a psychedelic valley walk in the middle. The opening with Donovan Daughter is a 15-minute rock crusher-dub of rehearsal, kraut, punk and lots of percussions. And in conclusion, Uncle Frank Says's Turn It Down is an equally tough continuation of the opening in what has to be called Gnod's version of sludge metal. And between these impenetrable monsters lies an experimental factory that is just as good as paranoid, beautiful and difficult. There are metallic drums, sampled voices, Finnish minimalism and Einstürzende Neubauten, nightmares and electronics. Together, all of this consists of five songs and 38 minutes of the best 2018 has to offer. It is so daring, so uncompromised and so totally in the absence of the least need to be ready or to sell, you just have to get up and applaud Gnod to once again have created a small masterpiece that does not build on the former but is something brand new and different.

See the review here: GAFFA


Bonnacons of Doom feature in Bido Lito

If you live in the Liverpool area, make sure you pick up a copy of Bido Lito to read an exclusive feature on Bonnacons of Doom.

The feature reads:

The earliest documented description of a bonnacon comes from the first century AD, in Pliny the Elder’s early encyclopedia Naturalis Historia. In the entry, the Roman naturalist describes the beast as a wild animal known as a ‘bonasus’, “which has the mane of a horse, but in all other respects resembles a bull; its horns are curved back in such a manner as to be of no use for fighting, and it is said that because of this it saves itself by running away, meanwhile emitting a trail of dung that sometimes covers a distance of as much as three furlongs, contact with which scorches pursuers like a sort of fire.” The idea of a horned beast emitting plumes of burning faeces gained popularity in medieval times when bonnacons came to be listed more regularly in ‘bestiaries’, their mythical status embraced as an apocryphal tale to warn city dwellers of the perils of unknown beasts roaming the fields.

There’s very little similarity between this depiction of a legendary creature and the masked and cloaked collective BONNACONS OF DOOM: you can hardly term their musical output as acidic dung, nor do any of them have horns. But there is a shared air of mystery around both entities, as though you’re not quite sure where the myth begins or ends. Trying to unpick the truth from the legend is futile and is an unnecessary diversion when it comes to enjoying the white-knuckle ride that is a Bonnacons happening...

Read the rest here: Bido Lito


Pre-order new Goat 'Let It Burn' T-shirts

To celebrate tomorrow's release of Goat's 'Let it Burn' single we have 3 brand new 'Let It Burn' logo T-shirt designs available for pre-order.

First up, a classic Black with White print:
Black T-shirt with White Print

Secondly comes a Blue with Orange print:
Blue T-shirt with Orange Print

Lastly we have a Dark Grey Heather with Yellow print:
Dark Grey Heather T-shirt with Yellow Print

These are being made to order so get yours quick.



MIEN album gets reviewed by Primal Music

They say:

‘Mien’ are a collaborative movement of musicians who in their own individual parts have been personally involved in the creation of some of the most exhilarating releases to ever have graced our ears over the past twenty or so years. Borne back in 2004 whilst crossing paths on various tours and out of an inherent desire for sonic exploration by a quartet of musicians comprising of Alex Maas (Black Angels), Tom Furse (The Horrors), Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone) and John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies), ‘Mien’ have created a self-titled debut that took fourteen years to come to fruition. It’s inner workings are drenched with hallucinogenic nuances carefully stacked in a particular manner with each of it’s individual players adding a specific penetrable layer to each of the tracks whilst trying to avoid falling headlong into the pitfalls of some previously explored sonic paths. It works, albeit in a frenzied, motorik and experimental kind of way through all of it’s ten tracks. There are dark passages of atmosphere merged with wide scoped neo-psychedelia, brilliant broad spectrum sweeps through various music genres that all coalesce in one psych infused sonic surge, channelling psychedelic leanings from the past whilst inputting some modernistic sonic themes just for fun. ‘Mien’ was officially released back on the 6th April 2018 via the good folks over at ‘Rocket Recordings’..

Read the rest here: Primal Music


Primal Music gives Bonnacons of Doom debut LP a 5/5 review

They say:

Swirling into the ether in a haze of repetitious sonic vibrations and psychedelic incantations comes the debut self-titled long player by Liverpool-based psychonauts ‘Boccanons of Doom’. With identities hidden, and having released a few singles over the years for different compilation releases this immense collective of musicians deal in ritualistic sonic manipulation and otherworldly musical manifestations with each track recorded in single-takes using the band’s trademark improvisational method. Their sound is steeped in psychrock, repetitive drone and electronic experimentation whilst underpinned with sounds from different religious traditions all buried within the mix. ‘Boccanons of Doom’ have been known to change personnel but the core structure of this collective has included members of Mugstar, Forest Swords, Jarvis Cocker’s band and Youthmovies. Their self-titled debut album was officially released back on the 18th May 2018 via those ever knowledgeable folks over at Rocket Recordings...

Read the rest here: Primal Music


23 May 2018

Anthroprophh announces Cardiff show

Anthroprophh have announced a new show in Cardiff, supported by the great Obey Cobra!

Cosmic Carnage presents:


Obey Cobra
The Moon Cardiff
1 September

More info here: Cosmic Carnage


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and GNOD (R&D) to play Fuzz Club's Festival in Eindhoven

Our friends Fuzz Club and Effenaar have teamed up to put on a great festival featuring lots of Fuzz Club bands plus many other artists from the scene and we are pleased to say that Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and GNOD (R&D) have been added to the bill!!

Se what DIS say about it here: DIS

Info and tickets are from here: Fuzz Club


22 May 2018

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are one of the Quietus's bands to watch this weekend

They say:

With London's Raw Power festival set to take place this weekend at The Dome in Tufnell Park, some of the team behind bringing the festival together choose their anticipated highlights from this year's line-up:

Gracie O'Bryne, Festival Coordinator, picks Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Choosing one band over the others from this year's Raw Power line-up is like choosing which of my children I like most. But as someone told me, I'd be lying to myself and to the readers of this article if I didn’t choose Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. I've seen them countless times and they never disappoint in anything but Health and Safety standards. I'm willing to forgive the bare feet and water-soaked electricals for the stellar riffs and a topless man declaring 'I love you mummy'. I'll be putting down my clipboard and neglecting all responsibility for their set on Saturday night, most probably with a bottle of Buckfast in hand.

Read the full list here: The Quietus


Backseat Mafia say some words about Lay Llamas new single 'Altair'

They say:

Sicilian Lay Llamas have today revealed a new video for track ‘Altair’, the third to be released from forthcoming album ‘Thuban’.

‘Thuban’ is scheduled to be released on 15th June and the album features contributions from Goat as well as The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart and Clinic. The 8-track album is the brainchild of Nicola Giunta, and involved as many of twelve different musicians yet with Nicola writing lyrics, singing, producing, mixing and recording at his home, whilst utilising new instruments from marimba to sax to kalimba to pilot this craft to dimensions unknown.

‘Altair’ is a psych-tropicalia excursion featuring lead vocals by Goatshee, one of the enigmatic singers from label mates Goat. The track centres around an addictive percussive groove and heavily fuzzed guitars that create a psychedelic pop mantra in the vein of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes.

Read the full piece here: Backseat Mafia

And buy the ltd vinyl and cd here: Bandcamp


Goat's Let it Burn goes on BBC6 Music's A-playlist

As we announced before, Goat's new single Let it Burn was put on BBC 6 Music's B playlist.
Well  from next week it is being upgraded to the A playlist...even more impressive for a 6 minute track!!

The single is released in all good record shops from Friday!!


Watch video for Lay Llamas new single featuring vocals by GOAT

Lay Llamas have just revealed the video for 'Altair', the third track to be released from forthcoming album 'Thuban'.

A four minute psych-tropicalia excursion featuring lead vocals by Goatshee, one of the the enigmatic singers from label mates GOAT. The track centres around an addictive percussive groove and heavily fuzzed guitars that create a psychedelic pop mantra in the vein of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes:

You can watch the video for 'Altair' that was created by Rickard from Flowers Must Die and Rocket's very own John O'Carroll above

Preorder Ltd edition LP version of Thuban and CD  from here: Bandcamp

And stream/download from Spotify | Apple Music

See what Clash says about it here: Clash

'Thuban' is released on 15 June and the album features contributions from the aforementioned GOAT, plus The Pop Group's Mark Stewart and Clinic. The 8 track album album is the brainchild of Nicola Giunta, and involved as many of twelve different musicians yet with Nicola writing lyrics, singing, producing, mixing and recording at his home, whilst utilising new instruments from marimba to sax to kalimba to pilot this craft to dimensions unknown. The result has been a step beyond the kraut-damaged psychedelic mantras of 'Østro' into a realm seemingly without boundaries, one in which a pan-global fascination with rhythmic hypnosis and an unquenchable experimental zeal manifests hermetically-aligned revelations aplenty. 


Watch footage of Bonnacons of Doom live in Gent last week


21 May 2018

Teeth of the Sea to support JG Thirlwell

Teeth of the Sea are to support JG Thirlwell's Xordox at Corsica Studios on 5 July:

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents:

JG Thirlwell's Xordox + Teeth of the Sea
July 5 
Corsica Studios (Elephant Road, SE17 1LB London, United Kingdom)



BBC 6 Music give exclusive play to new Goat ttrack

On Friday Tom Ravenscroft gave the global first listen of a new GOAT track called Friday Pt 1 which is the bside of goats single Let it Burn that is released on Friday.

Listen to it here: BBC 6 Music

The 7" single is available in four colours different colour versions Yellow, Red, Orange and Purple will be available to buy from all good record shops from this Friday.

Also on the show Tom also give a play to the Bonnacons of Doom single Argenta


19 May 2018

NARC reviews GNOD at The Cluny

It reads:

Gnod get heads spinning too – though in their case the effect is more akin to being struck repeatedly with a rusty shovel. Incendiary throughout, their set carries one of the most forceful openers my ears have faced in the 15-minute Donovan’s Daughters. Setting out as an ominous, menacing dirge, its gradual hitches in heaviness prove little preparation for a climax of truly nuclear proportions; a blistering eruption whose aural impact is nothing short of barbaric...

Read the full review here: NARC


18 May 2018

Bonnaons of Doom's debut album released today

Today sees the release of Bonnaons of Doom's S/T debut album!!

You can buy ltd edition LP in a diecut/mirrorboard sleeve on either 'Acid Splatter' or 'Blacker than Black' vinyl from your local record shop from today.

You can also stream/download to the album via Spotify | Apple Music | iTunes


“Black caped & mirror-masked Bonnacons of Doom incorporate death trombone drones into their massed matras and psychic wailings.” Mojo

“Incredible feedback-drenched psych rock.” The Quietus

“Bonacons of Doom are hard to beat. If GOAT swapped their feral acid-afrobeat for lurid drone and crushing motorik drum-fire, and traded tribal feathers for hooded capes and reflective masks, you might be part way there.” Clash 

"A brutal, pounding monstrosity." Soundblab

“Bonnacons of Doom are patient with their music making, allowing forms to slowly take hold.” The 405 

“Imagine Master Musicians of Bukkake playing a house party on The Wicker Man island.” Echoes and Dust

"Mesmerizingly beautiful, with haunting vocal melodies, a repetitive drone undercurrent and lashings of fuzzy guitars which tickle all the right senses." Backseat Mafia

"This is alternate reality as each wave crashes more heavily on the rocks of noise each time upping the ante towards a chilling and thrilling climax." Psych Insight


The band are currently on tour and have announced further dates in June/August:

18 May - Wine Nat / White Heat Festival, Nante
19 May - La Malterie, Lille 
25 May - Shacklewell Arms / Raw Power Festival, London
22nd June - The Cube, Bristol 
9th August - The Moon, Cardiff 
10th August - The Cluny, Newcastle 


17 May 2018

Watch IMPATV footage of Julie's Haircut, Gnoomes, Mamuthones and Kuro live at Rocket Twenty


Islington Gazette interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs about next weeks Raw Power performance

It says:

Geordie roar: Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs return to Raw Power Festival
Ahead of their performance at The Dome in Tufnell Park on May 26, frontman Matt Baty discusses the band’s high-energy live shows and funding their forthcoming second album

Raw Power Festival will be returning to The Dome and Boston Music Room, in Tufnell Park over the Bank Holiday weekend. Raw Power Festival will be returning to The Dome and Boston Music Room, in Tufnell Park over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Speaking to Matt Baty, the softly spoken, down-to-earth frontman of the amusingly named five-piece Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs (aka Pigs x7), you get little sense, at first, of the intensity, some might even say ferocity, of their sound.

Drawing influence from old school psychedelic outfits like Motörhead and Black Sabbath, as well as the sludgier doom metal of more recent decades, Pigs x7 burst onto the scene with an EP, in 2013.

“We came up with just Pigs initially, because I think that’s how we were feeling about ourselves mentally at the time,” he jokes, as we talk over the phone from his hometown of Newcastle, “and then repeating it seven times was just making it as obnoxious as possible...

Read the rest here: Islington Gazette


Watch IMPATV footage of GNOD live at Rocket Twenty via The Quietus

Watch IMPATV footage of GNOD's skull-crushing set at  our Rocket Twenty weekender above.

See what The Quietus say about it here: The Quietus

Huge thanks to IMPATV and The Quietus for all their support of our amazing weekender, still blown away with how amazing it was.


16 May 2018

Listen to GNOD vs Kuro live at Roadburn 2017

In 2017 GNOD were artist in residence at the great Roadburn Festival where they played four different sets.

One of them was a collaboration with label mates Kuro, where they played an hour long ode to Tony Conrad and Faust's masterpiece 'Outside the Dream Syndicate'.

You can now listen to the whole performance here: Roadburn


15 May 2018

Soundblab reviews Bonnacons of Doom's debut album

They say:

Bonnacons of Doom are a collective, mainly based in Liverpool. They include members of Mugstar, Jarvis Cocker’s band and Youthmovies. This is their debut album and it was recorded, mostly in single takes, with MJ from Hookworms at his Suburban Home studio.

Solus starts with quiet electronic noise and singer Kate gasping ‘I’ before a heavy bass drone and primitive drum beat come in. On a second track Kate begins a wordless, meandering vocal. Her voice, high and pure, cuts through the under-lying miasma without difficulty. Three minutes in and two incredibly distorted and discordant guitars burst in (played by Rob and Dave, just first names here). Kate continues on two tracks, her voice filling out the higher space above the noise. There is a slightly occult, witchy atmosphere here that will continue throughout the album....

Read the rest of the review here: Soundblab


Drowned in Sound reviews MIEN at Levitation

They say:

MIEN, a collaborative effort with The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, and The Earlies’ John Mark Lapham debuted their live set opening for S U R V I V E and Slowdive on day two. It was the highest impact set of the festival, luring the crowd into a world filled with gigantic cyber drones, thunderous tribal drums, an insistent penetrating sitar, and Maas’ pleading howl.

Read the full review here: MIEN


Soundblab gives Goat's Let it Burn a 10/10 review

They say:

Goat are unmistakably one of the most original bands of the last decade. There’s a heritage of homeland psychedelic music, that's for certain, but with a rococo extroversion which never comes close to ordinary, even though many of their songs extend well beyond radio length. A new breed of dance music that is both entrancing and thrilling. If you’ve ever seen them live, there is a breathtaking energy in their ensemble. One organic whole, the sum of all their parts, Goat’s trance music simply sizzles with life.

Let It Burn is probably their strongest single track yet. Tribal drumming tumbles inexorably into  a fuzzy guitar rave-up with oddball references to secular folk, and a guitar solo straight out of Funkadelic’s songbook. The percussion alone on this track is phenomenal. The singers once again manage to shout their vocals slightly out of key, and yet sound so goddamn righteous. The talent in this group is downright rude.

See the full piece here: Soundblab