8 May 2018

Crash Merch reviews Bonnacons of Doom single Argenta

They say:

Bonnacons of Doom return to the scene with another of their trademarked soundscapes, this time, bringing five minutes of atmospheric bliss in the form of their new single Argenta. Bonnacons are known to their fans for their loud, metal influenced instrumental music, that goes all out to provide the perfect sound to mosh about relentlessly too, having previously released tracks such as Solus and Exteriority which wouldn’t feel out of place at a Metallica concert.

However, if we class their work so far as heavy metal, Argenta is something more like aluminium. What Argenta has is a softer sound that builds up throughout the track, bringing their blistering guitars in, wailing alongside a choral arrangement, till it hits its peak halfway through and the guitars and drums seem to just die off, with the vocal track being all that remains. This is done to sparkling effect, as the lone singer captivates the ears like a Siren would to Ancient Greek sailors in the old myths. The vocal provides the platform for the remainder of the song which builds back up at a far slower pace than the first instance, but in a similar way, trundling along to the fade out, and maybe a loop back of the song all over again wouldn’t go amiss.

Argenta is a different song for Bonnacons, but it keeps with it everything you already love about their sound. A welcome evolution for this promising band.

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