25 May 2018

Line of the Best Fit interviews Kate from Bonnacons of Doom about Sacred Music

It reads:

Bonnacons of Doom’s Kate Smith on sacred music
Kate Smith of Liverpool-based collective Bonnacons of Doom explains to Best Fit how she uses the influence of sacred music in her band's output.

Even as a child I was quite cynical about religion, but sacred music is something that’s always connected with me. Although none of the band are religious in any way, devotional music has always been a key reference point in how we understand our music and our own creative process.

I always sang. I used to make up songs when I was really little, but it was being a choir girl that was a formative experience. It was a sharing of the inner pleasure of singing with other people. I was enticed to join the church choir because I loved the tiny brown envelopes that you got your 50 pence fee in. I just thought they were so cute. I found I loved singing hymns collectively and I guess, in retrospect, being part of a communal experience...

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