30 Apr 2017

Rocket Probes – April playlist

Gnod – Live at Roadburn 2012
(The bands first communion at Roadburn)

Alessandro Alessandroni – Indagine Notturna
(Nice fuzz wah of repetitive strummed guitar)
Alessandro Alessandroni 

Detobeat – Dream stream (Khidja version)
(Interesting, repetitive post punk psych)

Abdou el Omari - Rajaat Laayoun
(Fuzzed organ and Moroccan grooves from '76)
Abdou el Omari 

The Braen's Machine – Fall out
(Killer groove, fuzz wah soloing and keys from Italy in ’71
The Braen's Machine

Chrome – New age 
(Postpunk groove from 1980)

Dionne Warwick - You're Gonna Need Me
(Fuzzy, wah driven, string filled soul from 1973)
Dionne Warwick

Hibushibire – Freak Out Orgasm! 
(Ok, you know what you are gonna get – but there are some great Heads like wigouts on there)

Disco Shitan - Shitan part 1 and part 2
(Great slab of disco repetition)
Disco Shitan

The Pawnshop - The Telegraph Is Calling
(Third track from the recently deceased Alessandro Alessandroni in this months playlist…great track of fuzz n’groove)
The Pawnshop

Livy Ekemezie - Get It Down
(Nigerian Disco with some fuzz from '83)
Livy Ekemezie

Japon - Gagaku
(Classical drones and rhythms from Japan...has an Under the Skin and Predator soundtracks feel in places)

Kim Sun - The Man Who Must Leave
(Fuzz and filmic grooves from South Korea)
Kim Sun

Pharoah Sanders – Pharoah
(Great 1977 album from the master)
Pharoah Sanders

Sach – Engineered in LA
(Nice dusty hip-hop from '98)

The Road to Suicide – The Road to Suicide​/​Spökraket Split
(Great shoegaze from Denmark...nice recommendation by one of our friends in Hills)
The Road to Suicide

Mazhar ve Fuat - Adımız Miskindir Bizim
(Great sound on this Turkish groove track)
Mazhar ve Fuat 

Galt MacDermot - Golden Apple (Pt. 2)
(Bernard Perdie's drums give a 'Jaki like' feel to this Jazz instrumental)
Galt MacDermot 

Hama - Ataraghine
(Keyboard driven African psych – one for the Goat fans)

Listen to our Rocket Probes Spotify playist:


Watch Gnod playing Tony's at Roadburn 2017


Hey Colossus tour starts this week

The band are heading out for a series of shows to promote their forthcoming album The Guillotine this week:

04/05 – The Prince Albert, Brighton
05/05 – The Full Moon, Cardiff
06/05 – The Old England Pub, Bristol
11/05 – The Maze, Nottingham
12/05 – NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow
13/05 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
17/05 – The 100 Club, London
25-26/09 – Seachange Festival, Totnes

More info and poster art here: Hey Colossus


28 Apr 2017

Flowers Must Die – Kompost is released today

Flowers Must Die's new album Kompost is out today in all good record shops and online.

“a heady mix of relentless Can-esque rhythm and headspinning Scandinavian freakouts” The Quietus

“a road trip of psychotropic experience” Soundblab

“this is incredibly satisfying” Freq

You can buy from here: Bandcamp

The band are celebrating with a show tonight at Bristol's Cube Cinema:

Cube Psychedelic Department Presents

Plus DJs Heavy Heads vs DAUN, till late....
Fri 28 April // 20:00 

Tickets: £8 adv, £10 door.
Tickets and info here: Cube Cinema


Pigs (x7) feature in Metal Hammer - 10 bands you need to see at Desertfest 2017

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs feature in Metal Hammer's 10 bands you need to see at Desertfest 2017. This is what they say:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Colloquially known as Pigsx7, the Geordie riff-slingers have been making waves in the underground over the past 12-months thanks to their dirty rock ‘n’ roll and fuzzed-up stoner metal aesthetic in the vein of Hark and Melvins. If you want to bang your head off, this is the band to do it.

Read the full list: Desertfest-2017


27 Apr 2017

Flowers Must Die announces Flashback records instore this Saturday

Flowers Must Die

Flashback Records – Shoreditch

(131 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG)

29 April



Soundblab reviews Flowers Must Die Kompost

It reads:

Kompost, the latest release from cult-loving Swedes, Flowers Must Die, is a road trip of psychotropic experience with an invasive sense of humour. A veritable jumble of ideas with the right amount of artistic integrity to bind it all together. 

The most startling surprise is where the cosmic rockers turn to funky disco on track “Don’t You Leave Me” ? Christ, I felt like breaking out my Funkadelic, Sister Sledge and Chic collection just to harbour the mood. Where is that Philly disco album I used to have, dammit ? Didn’t I throw out that Georgio Moroder compilation? 

The boys don’t dare outmanoeuvre Nile Rodgers, so onwards they move. On ‘Hey, Shut Up!’ Flowers Must Die come across like a space-rock version of Radiohead, complete with some pained, pregnant cat recitations I thought only Thom Yorke could pull off. Against a heavy brickwork of bass and drums, it’s a scorching track, and more fun than the brilliant Oxford gloom pedlars...

Read the rest here: Soundblab


26 Apr 2017

Anthroprophh to play with Damo Suzuki at the Exchange

Excited to announce that Anthroprophh will be playing with Can legend Damo Suzuki at The Exchange in Bristol on 12 May.

Anthroprophh will be joined by Ocean Floor, Harry Furniss and Helen Papaioannou

More info here: The Exchange


25 Apr 2017

Freq reviews Flowers Must Die's Kompost LP

It reads:

This is Swedish six piece Flowers Must Die‘s fourth album and the first to be made available outside Sweden. Rocket Recordings must have welcomed them with open arms after hearing the dramatic, expansive psychedelic masterclass that they have managed to squeeze into the nine tracks and forty three minutes of this LP.

They come from a fine pedigree of Swedish bands that play the kind of expansive psychedelia we have here, but Flowers Must Die’s extra special ingredient is that they understand the groove and can charm their listeners into moving in a more elegant way than just shaking their heads...

Read the rest here: Freq


The Quietus previews Flowers Must Die's up-and-coming UK dates

It says:

Motorik Swedish psych outfit Flowers Must Die will play four shows across the UK this week.

Beginning at Brighton's The Prince Albert tonight, followed by a London headline show at The Shacklewell Arms tomorrow (26 April), with the six-piece bringing a heady mix of relentless Can-esque rhythm and headspinning Scandinavian freakouts.

The band are touring in support of their debut album, Kompost, released on the ever-impeccable Rocket Recordings on 28 April. All dates are below, while you can buy tickets now.

25 The Prince Albert, Brighton
26 The Shacklewell Arms, London
28 The Cube, Bristol

See the full piece here: The Quietus


Hey Colossus to play La Ferme Electric Festival

Hey Colossus have been confirmed to play La Ferme Electric Festival on 7/8 July in Paris

Details and tickets can be found here: La Ferme Electric


Gnoomes to play Боль Festival in Moscow

The band say this about it:

Боль is the festival for the Russian musicians. The music differs from guitar rock to experimental electronics. It will be a third festival that is held in Moscow but if the first edition of the festival had consisted completely of Russian bands, the current year would have seen such acts as Girl Band, The KVB, Iceage. 

Some info (we think) in Russian about it here: Gnoomes


Poster for Flowers Must Die's album release party at Bristol's Cube Cinema

Info and tickets can be found here: Cube Cinema


Merchants of Air reviews KURO – Living Room Concert

It reads:

Two days later, we jumped on the tram towards Ashtoreth's living room where a duo named Kuro was about to perform. We didn't know the band but hey, when you're invited to that living room, you go. Once inside, we noticed the instruments, a violin, a theremin and an electric double bass. I loved it already. We cheated a bit too, since we listened to their album beforehand. I couldn't wait for this gig to start.

When it did, it pretty much blew everybody away. From inside the very soul of these instruments came a form of music that blended drones, ambient, classical music and jazz together in a whirlpool of soundscapes. I fell in love with the double bass (afterwards, Ashtoreth and I were plotting a plan to steal it) and, like every one inside, I was mesmerized by the music these two played. Of course we bought the vinyl afterwards.

When the final tones of the concert faded away, something hilarious happened, but I'm not going to tell you what that was. To know that, you will have to read my book, 'Cecilia's World' which is currently being written. This concert (and many others) will appear in it since it's a book about a young girl who discovered the world of alternative and underground music. Merchants Of Air will keep you updated about that when the time is right.

So, anyway, these were two amazing concerts which I will not easily forget...

Read the rest here: Merchants of Air


Listen to Goatfuzz (Single version) – Record Store Day release

If you were unlucky and didn't get your hands on the ltd Goat – Goatfuzz (Single Version) 7" at Record Store Day you can listen to the A side above.

Don't forget Goat are playing their only UK club show this year at Brixton Academy on 28 July with some great supports – tickets are available here: See Tickets


Plenirockium interviews Flowers Must Die about their new album

It reads (English translation in Comments section):

The multicoloured blooming of the Swedish underground scene still attracts us to contemplate another splendid reality: Flowers Must Die highlighted in Plenirockium’s recent chronicles and playlists. The upcoming release of their fourth album ‘Kompost’ be worth the desire to know their experience, their journey, what has musically nourished them. A pleasant converstation via web with Rickard Daun who guides us in the tale starting from the introductions…

FMD (RD) Rickard Daun, synth, voice, horns and various gadgets. Jonas Höglund, guitar, vocals and synths. Sven Walan, guitar, voice, organ. Martin Daun, bass. Lars Hoffsten, drums, percussions and then the latest member Lisa Ekelund who joined two years ago, vocals, violin and theremin.

I had played in a free form noise-experimental band called Fria Konstellationen and Jonas had a lo-fi indie-rock band called The Greatest Of All Time and together we had a duo called DAUN. Both Jonas and Martin have played with Fria Konstellationen at some point.

We all lived in Linköping, but as members started to move from the town, we started Flowers Must Die as a side project around 2006. Me and Jonas wanted to do more hard rock based music combined with repetitive drones and minimalistic rock...

Read the rest here: Plenirockium


God is in the TV reviews Flowers Must Die

It reads:

Kompost is a kaleidoscope of colour and noise. This latest release by Flowers Must Die, ahead of their UK dates, gives a fizzy appetiser of their live performance. It radiates group gaiety in swirling shapes and occasional shadows. A band of six, Flowers Must Die take full advantage of this range and variety. Kompost is eclectic and communal. The members are by turn individuals, pairs, a finely tuned unit. They change places, appear and disappear. Then get swallowed up by psychedelic sunshine.

So much of psyche music is about the art of sustaining a particular effect and emotion. Kompost is at its best on the longer tracks which are both immersive and diverse. The tracks are split between those that are in their native Scandinavian and those that are in English. Although from a semantic point of view this has little bearing on the listener. After an extended intro, ‘Kalla Till Ovisshet’ builds to an electric frenzy not unlike those generated by Loop. An instrumental opening, it is like the starter in a Futurist meal...

Read the rest here: God is in the TV


Gnoomes add Southsea show and change the date of Reading show

Gnoomes have added a Southsea/Portsmouth show to their up-and-coming UK tour in June:

+ Guests

The Wave Maiden
1 June

Also, the bands Reading show at the Purple Turtle has moved from 1 June to 13 June.
See you there!


24 Apr 2017

Gnod + Julie's Haircut play Rocket Recordings night in Italy

Rocket Recordings night:

Gnod + Julie's Haircut

Via Cella 50, 48123 Ravenna, Italy

Friday / April 28
9pm - 1am

More info: Bronson

Tickets: Viva


Live footage of Gnod, Temples Ov BBV and Kuro from Roadburn

We have just returned from an amazing weekend at Roadburn where Gnod were artist in residence and played four stunning sets – electronic set / full band set / Kuro collaboration / Temple Ov BBV (Collaboration with Radar Men from the Moon.

Thanks to Walter and the Roadburn team for all they did to make us welcome – and also a massive thank you to William (Cloakture) for putting the Rocket team up and being the perfect host!


Know Magazine interviews Flowers Must Die

It reads:

Flowers Must Die hailing all the way from Sweden are coming to Bristol’s Cube next week, along with their captivating sound somewhere between psychedelia and krautrock. With a new album ‘Kompost’ via Rocket Recordings on the way, band member Rickard Daun spared some time to take us through life in the band: 

You’re about to release your new album ‘ Kompost’, can you tell us a little bit about the album?

Yes it will come out on the 28th of April, the same day we will play at The Cube in Bristol. We are very excited, as for all releases but this ones feels special. The three first albums was self released and with hardly no distribution or press. So we are both a bit worried and eager to know how our old fans and potential new ones find our album. It is a very diverse album and I think it is an album that you will not get tired of in the first time...

Read the rest here: The Know


Echoes and Dust reviews Gnod live at Electowerkz

It reads:

Where the average gig-goer might go to see the average band they enjoy and hope that they’re on the same brainwave with the band as to what songs they’ll do; Gnod have earned a reputation for me as a band that I watch because I am always wondering what they will do; as far as I know every show is different, though at the very least, I’m certain that every exhibition of the band is unpredictable. I figure the worst case scenario is I’ll get some impeccable rendition of tracks from their more recent releases and even that would be astonishing really. The fact of the matter is that Gnod are far, far, ahead of their fans and that wormhole through to the future is the exact reason their gigs are always once in a lifetime...

Read the rest here: E&D


Sveriges Radio documentary on Goat

Sveriges Radio have created an hour long documentary (in Swedish) on Goat.

We have heard it yet but it is supposed to be well worth a listen!!

Listen here: Sveriges

Photo by Neolyd


20 Apr 2017

FAUST Collaborate with GNOD & Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs also play 2017 Milhões de Festa, Portugal

We are delighted to say that FAUST will be collaborating with with GNOD at this years 2017 Milhões de Festa in Portugal.

Joining them on the bill for what is be a killer festival in the sun are Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

For more info: Milhoes de Festa


Gnoomes Feature on DiS - Some Velvet Mixtape

Gnoomes Feature Drowned In Sound - Some Velvet Mixtape:

If 2016 promised great things ahead, 2017 has already started delivering on those promises. While new records from Slowdive, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Ride, and The Black Angels may have grabbed the headlines - and understandably so - it's the new breed who've once again risen to the fore.

Both Gnoomes and Shadow Band have released debuts that are early contenders for album of the year, while Bristol's Spectres and Italian duo Sonic Jesus continue to confound expectations, both putting out follow-ups to their 2015 debuts that go beyond any considered boundary or genre.

Add the unique global flavour of Flamingods, the distinctively dark urges of The Underground Youth, and Ulrika Spacek's audacious move into Deerhunter-esque territories and it's clear to see why 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for all things psychedelia and shoegaze related.

To start things off here are 30 artists we've been listening to since the turn of the year.

Listen & read here: Drowned In Sound

Order the album here: Gnoomes


Mark Lanegan Selects Hey Colossus & Teeth of the Sea in Crack Playlist

Mark Lanegan Selects Hey Colossus & Teeth of the Sea in his Crack Playlist

Former Screaming Trees frontman turned grizzled singer-songwriter and genre polymath Mark Lanegan picks out 15 tracks which capture a dreamy, gothic mood not dissimilar from his own rich catalogue of work featuring Hey Colossus, Teeth of the Sea and more.

Listen here: Spotify

Crack Magazine


Free Julie's Haircut Download


Julie's Haircut Facebook page has reached the impressive goal of 10 thousand fans. To thank you they've made available for free a download of a live version of their song 'Fountain' recorded live at SMAV in Caserta a couple of weeks ago.

You can find it at their download page: Julies Haircut

Copies of the album are still available to buy: Store 


18 Apr 2017

GNOD - The Many Tumultuous Waves of Gnod - Bandcamp Feature

Bandcamp have published this insightful view of GNOD & the GNOD family.

The Many Tumultuous Waves of Gnod
JUST SAY NO TO THE RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE is as blunt and brutal an album title as the music contained within it. A seething and convulsing clatter best described as “Fugazi, with the thunder of Swans,” JUST SAY KNOW is a product of the Manchester-based collective Gnod, who are celebrating 10 years of melting minds, shattering ear drums, and deconstructing genres.

Over the last decade, and through more releases than many artists muster in an entire career, the group have hurtled, asteroid-like, through the genres of space-rock, psychedelia, doom, techno, electronica, dark ambient, dub, free jazz, drone, and just about every other one, in an unrelenting quest for experimentation and progression.

If the possibility of repetition rears its head, they simply move on. At one point a few years back, the group sold all of their guitars and bought a huge soundsystem in order to tour a fully electronic operation, no doubt providing a stern kick in the guts to some of the die-hard Hawkind fans who’d jumped on board during the band’s heavy psych-rock period. But any techno heads they gained may now find the group’s current period of ferocious guitar-based hammering to be the work of someone they don’t recognize. In a sense, the one predictable thing about Gnod is their unpredictability.

Read the full article: here


Backset Mafia Review GNOD live show

Backset Mafia review GNOD live show:


The Golden Lion, Todmorden has garnered a reputation as of late for hosting some of the best live experiences in England as well as a whole other feast for the senses. Promoter White Rabbit create a slice of psychedelic heaven with stunning visuals, great in-between music selections and stunning live bills. Tonight’s juxtaposed bill is set to be no exception.....

Gnod are a punk infused, drone heavy collective hailing from Manchester. They formed in 2006 and have become an institution in their own right. With an impressive back catalogue under their belt they have garnered an increasing amount of attention to their cause. Their latest album Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine was released 31st March on Rocket Recordings and is a direct kick against the doom and disquiet of the current socio-political landscape. Tonight is the opening night of their colossal 40 date album tour.......

Read the full review: Backseat Mafia


Thee Psychedelicatessen Review Flowers Must Die 'Kompost'

Thee Psychedelicatessen Review - Flowers Must Die 'Kompost':

Again Rocket Recordings are well on the money and have brought another excellent band to everybody s attention. Named after an Ash Ra Tempel song and coming on like a supercharged Amon Düül II, Flowers Must Die are taking Krautrock inspired Psych Rock to places way beyond any normal comprehension of Psychedelia. On the surface it seems that the band are one of the many astral travelers that criss cross the highways and byways of time and space with sprawling cosmic soundscapes beamed back from the stars………but it’s not that simple.......

Read the full review: Thee Psychedelicatessen

Buy the album here: Flowers Must Die


The Sleeping Shaman review - Necro Deathmort ‘The Capsule'

The Sleeping Shaman review - Necro Deathmort The Capsule:

Necro Deathmort said it themselves; they don’t give a single fuck. “We’ve stopped caring that each new release might alienate fans of a previous record” is what Matthew Rozeik says on their bandcamp page. That is undoubtedly a big part of what has allowed himself and A. J. Cookson to evolve the sound of Necro Deathmort so freely, rapidly, and utterly over their seven years together.

The Capsule is Necro Deathmort‘s twelfth release and in some ways it feels like a logical progression from last year’s EP3 but it’s more cohesive than that. In fact, it is possibly the most cohesive thing Necro Deathmort have ever put out because The Capsule is essentially the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist. And it’s a brilliant film; at times claustrophobic, at times apeirophobic, it’s a bleak yet moving sci-fi masterpiece, every single shot of which is beamed directly into the mind’s eye via the ears....

Read the full review: The Sleeping Shaman

Buy the album here


13 Apr 2017

BBC 6 Music to premiere Goat's Record Store Day 7"

Tom Ravenscroft is going to give Goat's Goatfuzz (Single Edit) – their Record Store Day 7" a world exclusive 'first play' on his BBC 6 Music show (standing in for Lauren Laverne) on Tuesday 18 April between 10am and 1pm.

You can listen to it live here: BBC 6 Music

More information about this RSD release can be found here: Rocket


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation April German Tour Poster


Hey Colossus tour UK in May

Hey Colossus are hitting the UK stages in May to premiere tracks from their forthcoming album The Guillotine which is released on 2 June

Preorder album here: Rocket Bandcamp


04 / The Prince Albert / Brighton
05 / The Full Moon / Cardiff
06 / The Old England Pub / Bristol
11 / The Maze, Nottingham
12 / NICE N SLEAZY / Glasgow
13 / Soup Kitchen, Manchester
17 / The 100 Club / London
25.09 / Seachange Festival, Totnes


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Blue Dot Festival

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation join Hawkwind, Andrew Weatherall, Comet is Coming and many others at the Blue Dot Festival in Cheshire on 9 July

Tickets and info here: Blue Dot


Gnoomes poster for their London show at LF Brewhouse

Sonic Cathedral presents:

+ Great Ytene

The Brewhouse
12 June
7:30pm / 

More info here: Sonic Cathedral

Tickets here: Wegottickets


12 Apr 2017

Flowers Must Die reveals new track 'Don't you leave me now'

Flowers Must Die have revealed the third track from their forthcoming album 'Kompost' which is released on 28 April.

'Don't you leave me now' shows the band in a cosmic disco frame of mind – taking the psyched out jams they are known for to the 'head-nodding' dancefloor.

You can watch the band made video to the track above.

And the band say this about the track/video:

"The track was recorded in Element Studios, Gothenburg in 2015. Jonas fell in love with the intro to a disco-version of "If you leave me now" performed by Viola Wills and wanted to do something based on that. Flowers Must Die blended their free form Psychedelia with a steady Disco beat and vocals from both Lisa and Jonas and got the track "Don´t You Leave Me Now" recorded after just one take.

The video is made up of snippets from the trip to Silence Studio in the forrest of Koppom, Sweden. Landscapes passes by the window of the car, roads that leads to new destinations, people you meet and leave. It´s about the sad farewell of a person thats close to you, but that you still share good moments with. Cliché but something everyone experience in life, some more frequent and some special ones that hits you harder."

The album can be preordered in all good record shops or digitally from here: iTunes

The band have the following shows lined up:

13 April / Kraken / Stockholm / Sweden
14 April / Crypt / Linkoping / Sweden
25 April / The Prince Albert / Brighton / UK 
26 April / The Shacklewell Arms / London / UK
27 April / The Full Moon / Cardiff / UK
28 April / The Cube / Bristol / UK 
18 June / Supersonic Festival / Birmingham / UK


Echoes and Dust reviews Flowers Must Die's Album 'Kompost' and premieres new video

It reads:

Flowers Must Die’s first LP for Rocket Recordings, Kompost, is both an excellent addition to what seems to be the label’s best year to date and an excellent blend of sounds and styles that fans of the label will already love. To Rocket fans unfamiliar with the group, their sounds is like a bricolage of the gnew Gnoomes, Julie’s Haircut and Hills; you could always check out their Rocket Recordings debut EP as well…

Rolling snares like rapid beating eyelids flutter in ‘Källa Till Ovisshet’ like some deep hallucinogenic surge to the back of the brain as squelching lysergic pulsations squish aural preconceptions as oscillating synthesisers. Guitars bleed in and out but, the core of this track is a levitating sense of acid kicking in hard and fast as space, time and sensory notions swelter in a lightning storm of cerebral activity. The drumming like some sensory overload registering items in a room that has become estranged and unfamiliar fast, everything twists and turns and explodes and burns, in a iridescently incendiary hurl of psychedelia. Barely a breathe stands between the first track and the... 

Read the rest and watch the video here: Echoes and Dust


11 Apr 2017

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Beyond the Tracks Festival

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation are joining Slowdive, Jesus and the Mary Chain and others at Beyond the Tracks Festival on 15-17 September.

Info and tickets here: Beyond the Tracks


Terrascope does a review roundup of latest Rocket albums

It reads:


It’s a bumper crop from the prolific Rocket Recordings stable this month not to mention a typically pan-European one. 

If the idea of Swedes doing it to you at Holland’s premier psych/metal noise fest is your thing then thrill to Hills, Alive At Roadburn, Tilburg’s prestigiously loud and hairy annual April gathering. Here features four typically extended tracks, each one better than the one before. In fact ‘National Drone’, which draws on the impressive legacy of Parson Sound/Träd, Gräs och Stenar, mixing traditional folk and more exotic eastern phrasings into a gloopy jam, is probably the least interesting to the word processing listener, much less so one suspects than had you been fortunate enough to have been there. ‘Frigorande Music’ is in large part a more percussive and up-tempo take on ‘National Drone’, suggesting Goat-style wild abandon and, as it builds layer on layer, stands favourable comparison with the mighty White Manna. Now you start to get it...

See the full piece here: Terrascope


Goat announce largest headline show at Brixton Academy

We are extremely proud to announce that GOAT are headlining Brixton Academy on 29 July.

Details of the show are: 

DHP Presents:
+ more tba

 At London Brixton O2 Academy

 Saturday 29 July 2017 / Doors 6pm

Tickets are on-sale from Thursday 13th April at midday via www.alttickets.com/goat-tickets