10 Apr 2017

Acidliner releases a new EP on New York Haunted

Acidliner – Rhys from Hey Colossus's acid house project has a new EP released this Thursday on New York Haunted:

Listen to a track here: Acidliner

The blurb says:

Acidliner - Onite3
Its not often that we get to release EP's with so much heavy hitter support even before the damn thing is out! That says something about this EP and its creator, so you lot better listen up. London's Acidliner has been sending over his tracks for a bunch of years now and he is defining his own, authentic sound, which blends synthwave, proto techno and crazy, tweaking acid basslines. 

Acidliner has released stuff before as DRMCNT, and his EP 'Gangsigns' under that alias is an absolute must have for any self respecting leftfield techno dj. These 4 new Acidliner cuts are heavy and innovative at the same time, taking detours from your standard house and techno dogma's via dense bass rhythms and weird drum programming. This is the sound of future developments in the field of electronic music, get hip and get dancing to the great sound of West Coast Acid! Already supported by Powell, $hit & $hine and many more people with great taste...

Then buy from here: New York Haunted