12 Apr 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Flowers Must Die's Album 'Kompost' and premieres new video

It reads:

Flowers Must Die’s first LP for Rocket Recordings, Kompost, is both an excellent addition to what seems to be the label’s best year to date and an excellent blend of sounds and styles that fans of the label will already love. To Rocket fans unfamiliar with the group, their sounds is like a bricolage of the gnew Gnoomes, Julie’s Haircut and Hills; you could always check out their Rocket Recordings debut EP as well…

Rolling snares like rapid beating eyelids flutter in ‘Källa Till Ovisshet’ like some deep hallucinogenic surge to the back of the brain as squelching lysergic pulsations squish aural preconceptions as oscillating synthesisers. Guitars bleed in and out but, the core of this track is a levitating sense of acid kicking in hard and fast as space, time and sensory notions swelter in a lightning storm of cerebral activity. The drumming like some sensory overload registering items in a room that has become estranged and unfamiliar fast, everything twists and turns and explodes and burns, in a iridescently incendiary hurl of psychedelia. Barely a breathe stands between the first track and the... 

Read the rest and watch the video here: Echoes and Dust