30 Apr 2017

Rocket Probes – April playlist

Gnod – Live at Roadburn 2012
(The bands first communion at Roadburn)

Alessandro Alessandroni – Indagine Notturna
(Nice fuzz wah of repetitive strummed guitar)
Alessandro Alessandroni 

Detobeat – Dream stream (Khidja version)
(Interesting, repetitive post punk psych)

Abdou el Omari - Rajaat Laayoun
(Fuzzed organ and Moroccan grooves from '76)
Abdou el Omari 

The Braen's Machine – Fall out
(Killer groove, fuzz wah soloing and keys from Italy in ’71
The Braen's Machine

Chrome – New age 
(Postpunk groove from 1980)

Dionne Warwick - You're Gonna Need Me
(Fuzzy, wah driven, string filled soul from 1973)
Dionne Warwick

Hibushibire – Freak Out Orgasm! 
(Ok, you know what you are gonna get – but there are some great Heads like wigouts on there)

Disco Shitan - Shitan part 1 and part 2
(Great slab of disco repetition)
Disco Shitan

The Pawnshop - The Telegraph Is Calling
(Third track from the recently deceased Alessandro Alessandroni in this months playlist…great track of fuzz n’groove)
The Pawnshop

Livy Ekemezie - Get It Down
(Nigerian Disco with some fuzz from '83)
Livy Ekemezie

Japon - Gagaku
(Classical drones and rhythms from Japan...has an Under the Skin and Predator soundtracks feel in places)

Kim Sun - The Man Who Must Leave
(Fuzz and filmic grooves from South Korea)
Kim Sun

Pharoah Sanders – Pharoah
(Great 1977 album from the master)
Pharoah Sanders

Sach – Engineered in LA
(Nice dusty hip-hop from '98)

The Road to Suicide – The Road to Suicide​/​Spökraket Split
(Great shoegaze from Denmark...nice recommendation by one of our friends in Hills)
The Road to Suicide

Mazhar ve Fuat - Adımız Miskindir Bizim
(Great sound on this Turkish groove track)
Mazhar ve Fuat 

Galt MacDermot - Golden Apple (Pt. 2)
(Bernard Perdie's drums give a 'Jaki like' feel to this Jazz instrumental)
Galt MacDermot 

Hama - Ataraghine
(Keyboard driven African psych – one for the Goat fans)

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