3 Apr 2017

Narc gives Gnod 5/5

It reads:

Gnod are clearly a force for good, but their releases often leave me cold. No such problem here – this is the most furious, righteous and plain fucking raging album you’ll hear all year.

Across its uncharacteristically brief 40 minutes there are hints of Swans, Mark Stewart, Jesus Lizard and Big Black:  this is an album of abrasive, wiry hardcore riffs, massive drums and barked vocals. But it’s no exercise in retro agitprop. The 5 songs are drenched in dub effects and there’s something utterly 2017 about the production.

Real Man sees Paddy channelling Steve Albini at his most disgusted and closer Stick In The Wheel is an epic exercise in absolute headfuck. Music to soundtrack police cars on fire.


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