24 Apr 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Gnod live at Electowerkz

It reads:

Where the average gig-goer might go to see the average band they enjoy and hope that they’re on the same brainwave with the band as to what songs they’ll do; Gnod have earned a reputation for me as a band that I watch because I am always wondering what they will do; as far as I know every show is different, though at the very least, I’m certain that every exhibition of the band is unpredictable. I figure the worst case scenario is I’ll get some impeccable rendition of tracks from their more recent releases and even that would be astonishing really. The fact of the matter is that Gnod are far, far, ahead of their fans and that wormhole through to the future is the exact reason their gigs are always once in a lifetime...

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