25 Feb 2010

Beak> à la Route du Rock

Of course not a Rocket band, but friends Beak have been ripping up some live festival gigs of late & after being on tour with them in December I know they can lock it in! Enjoy........


Just the Inglourious...............missing!


23 Feb 2010

Rocket Probes Feburary 2010 Playlist

Sun Araw – Sun Ark
(More dubbed out psych from our favourite!!!)

Electric Masada - At the Mountains of Madness

(John Zorn's 'Bitches Brew' styled spacey and heavy jammed jazz improv and rock-styled grooves)

Alan Silvestr - Predator OST

(Primal racing action cues & suspenseful preparation material)

Dark - Round the Edges

(Killer fuzz drenched proto-prog from the early 70's)

Sighting - City of Straw

(Thanks to Manish for this Oneida Kid Millions and Shahin Motia produced avant noise bruiser!)

Steve Maxwell Von Braund - Monster Planet

(Australian repetitive electronic music in an Ash Ra Tempel, Hawkwind vein)

Various – African Scream Contest

(Finally found this great compilation of afro rock/funk on double vinyl)

Whisper Room – Birch White

(Nice atmospheric post rock in a Bark Psychosis sort of way with a bit of added motorik...perfect soundtrack to a rainy bus journey through a darkened city)

Ben Frost – By the Throat

(Really nice fuzzy electronica-doom cinemascapes)

Annapurna Illusion – TBC

(We received some amazing tracks from the man behind High Wolf who puts his stuff out on the great Not Not Fun records....really amazing contemporary kosmiche tracks....watch this space!!)

19 Feb 2010

Fuzz Against Junk Live at Resonance FM

We had this footage lying around for ages, but it had the camera mic recording so it wasn't the best quality, now after getting our hands on the actually recordings, we've edited it with the proper music from the broadcast.

This is Fuzz Against Junk, filmed by Johnnyo, live at Resonance FM.

Fuzz Against Junk from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

These are the only tracks where we didn't find the recorded music, so hence it is distorted in places, enjoy though!

Fuzz Against Junk - Resonance FM

Fuzz Against Junk | MySpace Music Videos

12 Feb 2010

Download FREE exclusive Teeth of the Sea track

NME are giving away a download the Teeth of the Sea track Cities of Gold which originally featured on the ultra ltd Sunday Space Ritual comp....

Download here


11 Feb 2010

TOTS mix on 20 Jazz Funk Greats

Teeth of the Sea has compiled a great little mix of tracks for you to download from 20 Jazz Funk Greats. Download it here

Scroll down to Monday, February 8, 2010


5 Feb 2010

Teeth of the Sea feature on The Quietus

The lovely guys from The Quietus asked Teeth of the Sea to put together a manifesto of intent and a spotify playlist to share to all.

See what they have to say (and what they listen too) here


4 Feb 2010

Teeth of the Sea and White Hills in Rock Sound

There are Teeth of the Sea and White Hills interviews in the latest issue of Rock Sound, Rock-a-Rolla and Metal Hammer, plus reviews of both their latest releases


Notorious Hi-Fi Killers join White Hills and Pontiak at London Show

That is right the mighty Hi-Fi Killers are playing with White Hills and Pontiak at the Luminaire on March 9th

Full tour dates here:

March 6 Engine Room, Brighton

March 7 Ruby Lounge, Manchester

March 8 Captain's Rest, Glasgow

March 9 Luminaire, London

March 10 The Art Organization, Nottingham

March 11 Louisiana, Bristol


2 Feb 2010


Return To Form

Drag City Records

Wayne Rogers and Kate Village have been responsible for some of the best and most brain damaged guitar psychedelia coming out of America for the past 20 years. Since starting Twisted Village Records (a record store as well as a record label based in Cambridge, MA) the two have released countless albums of overdriven guitar mastery in such incarnations as Crystallized Movements, Magic Hour, B.O.R.B, Vermonster, Wormdoom and Heathen Shame. Mind you, this is only scratching the surface…and I’m not even counting the solo albums by Wayne.

This their 11th release (9 albums and 2 7”’s over 10+ years) sees the band…plugging away at what they do best…RAWK! For me, it’s all about the guitar in this band. The jams, the heavy rhythm riffery, and how they interplay with each other. I don’t want to undermined the rhythm section because without one as heavy or solid the guitars would not be able to float as they do. All the songs seem to be structured in somewhat the same way. Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge (which in this band translates to free form FREAK OUT!) verse and/or chorus end. Of course this is an over simplification because the music this band makes is so dense and chaotic… yet it’s always together.

Highlights include the opening track Better Stay Down a straight to the point burner, the reflective Only Now The Flames Blow Out, the swaggering chug of Low Grade, and the frantic Run From Me Devil.

During their career, Major Stars have changed line-ups once. This saw Tom Leonard moving from bass to guitar, Wayne opting out of vocal duties and the addition of Sandra Barrett (vocals), Dave Dougan (bass), and Casey Keenan (drums). This change didn’t change the direction of the band…it just made their sound more tough. At first Barrett’s vocals were a bit too much for me to take but now having a few releases with her under their belt, her vocals add another texture to their bombastic sound. They are never doubled up or affected…just one track sweet and clean.

The songs on Return To Form seem more composed than some of the previous outings by this sextet, but that does not detract from the all out mayhem this band conjures up. No studio gimmickry, everything sounds natural and alive. This is a breathing blob of aural ecstasy! Shape shifting every damaged cell in your mind. Let the RAWK wash over you and feel dirty for it! You will thank yourself in the end.

For more information on Major Starts and Twisted Village go here:


One last thing I would like to add is that if you are or become a fan of the Major Stars and/or Twisted Village…I highly suggest tracking down a copy of Luxurious Bags “Frayed Knotts” (this is Tom Leonard’s… one of the guitarists…project from the 90’s). It’s lo-fi damaged psych wizardry at it’s best.

Dave W (White Hills)