31 Jan 2012

Rocket Probes January 2012 Playlist

3DESTRUCT / Scopitone 2011 from Yannick Jacquet (Legoman) on Vimeo.

GNOD - Chaudelande Volume 2
(Great follow up to their amazing vol1... Think This Heat meets The Heads meets Butthole Surfers in a haze of Motorik noise)

Uran - ?
(Killer swedish fuzzed-out, fucked up, repetitive rock....think a dirtier Circle, a more punk Cave all with a sprinkling of 50's sci-fi synth and NWW/Radiophonic Workshop analogue experiments... thanks to Hills for sending us this!!)

(Geoff Barrow's 'Judge Dredd' soundtrack, John Carpenter inspired electronic imaginary score)

The Necks - Mindset
(Layered rhythmic pulses & primordial washes of sound)

Shalabi Effect - S/T
(131 minutes of slow ethereal evolving tripped soundscapes, middle eastern folk with spaced out electronics & building guitars)

Klaus Schulze - Timewind / Moondawn
(Two great Kosmiche albums full of spacey analogue drones that sounds as contemporary as any of todays astral travellers)

Metal Mountains - Golden Trees
(Very nice fuzzy, spacey, strings laden, minimal, shoegaze folk...thanks to Charlie from Thought Forms for bringing this to our attention)

White Hills - Frying on this rock
(A new year, a new album from the 'ol rocket space rockers)

39 Clocks - DNS
(Fuzz wah drenched, Sonic Youth sounding German Post Punk from the rather good 1981 LP 'Pain it Dark')

Parsons Sound - Parsons Sound
(Amazing compilation of wintery droned out Swedish Kraut, and picks up just where the great International Harvester left off)

Rob Jo Star Band
(Very primitive 'velvets' sounding french pop, with some killer fuzz and whacked out synth action, reminds a bit of Ngozi Family...thank to Prophh for telling us about this)


30 Jan 2012

Shindig magazine review the Goatman 7"

Shindig magazine has written a fairly good review of Goatman, the debut 7" from Goat which is coming out on Rocket in Feb 13th:

Goat – Goatman 7"
"Goat supposedly stem from the tiny Swedish village of Korpolombolo (a settlement that practiced voodoo before being burned out by the crusaders). Dressed in masks in a suitably satanic promo pic a similarity to acts like Gwar emerges, but rather than dealing in monstrous forms of metal Goat however trade in a cinematic rock gumbo parts Performance, Dr John, Ruth Copeland's sleazy ’70s voodoo grooves and the put together afro rock of the Demon Fuzz album. That said, the production is quite contemporary and elements of such ’80s noise droners as Loop can be picked out by a discerning ear, drawing closer comparisons to fellow Rocket acts.

This then is clearly the product of likeminded hipsters akin to the muse of Votel, Cherrystones and co. And no, it's not a bad vibe either. It's just that the real sense of both the horned one and the tunes of pioneering dark arts groovers like Graham Bond is evidently missing."

Read the full review here


Teeth of the Sea to play Green Man festival

It has just been announced that Teeth of the Sea are to play this years Green Man Festival.
They will no doubt be playing along side the usual folk, alt country bands but a couple of bands playing that are worth a mention are the mighty Peaking Lights, Time Space Machine, Jonathon Richman and Rocket Number 9....

More about the festival here


27 Jan 2012

Teeth of the Sea play show with Pontiak and Trieste

Teeth of the Sea have just announced a new show with the great Pontiak and Trieste at their new 'home' the Lexington. The show will take place on March 14th, and expect a possible first hearing of some new material.

More details and poster to follow


24 Jan 2012


Here is an unfinished 1989 short film that stars and soundtracked by ANTHROPROPHH:

Here is what we have been told about it:

"From 1989, in the early 70s four drop-outs find a vacumm from hell with predictable consequences. This non-video nastie was never completed. Directed by J Mead. Written by P Allen and J Mead and starring them along with Peter Thomas,Mark Lock (who did the artwork), Lisa Allen and Mark Palmer."


23 Jan 2012

Drowned In Sound review Teeth of the Sea's 'REAPER' performance

Drowned In Sound review Teeth of the Sea's 'REAPER' performance

A quiet Sunday night torn apart by cannibalism, car chases and cosmic disco? Go on, then. London band Teeth of the Sea have already made a name for themselves among people who like their cochleas and minds a little shattered – their 2010 album Your Mercury took the psychedelic, sci-fi visions of postrock and krautrock and rolled them into a heaving, gargantuan whole to do just that. In the flesh at the Lexington, ready to deliver more of the same, the TOTS lads are so sharp and wiry you wonder where the catacombs could possibly lie within – but they do........

read the whole gig review here


18 Jan 2012

Goat preach their 'Swedish Voodoo' via a new blog

The magnificent Goat have launched a blog to keep the world updated about their voodoo ways.

View the blog here

And don't forget the release of their debut 7" on Rocket is out on February 13th, you can pre-order it from these great places:

Rough Trade


16 Jan 2012

1st official sighting of the Goatman!

Mission Control have just received our first copies of the new 7 inch by Goat, its a cracker, so snap your's up when they are released on the 13th of February.

Artist: Goat
Title: Goatman
Tracks: Goatman / The Sun The Moon
Format: 7"
Quantity: 300 (100 x red / 200 x black)
Catalogue no: Launch045
Release date: 13th February 2012

read more about it here


Teeth of the Sea - REAPER

Mission Control are still shaking from the onslaught of sound and visuals at last nights
REAPER performance by the always amazing Teeth of the Sea.

The band's performance was mind blowing and they presented something that pushed the boundaries of contemporary psychedelia and once again showed why they are one of the best and most interesting live bands in the UK at the moment.

Thanks to Brancage, London Short Film Festival and to The Quietus for giving more people the chance to see this amazing piece of work.


13 Jan 2012

Anthroprophh debut album to come out on Rocket

We are extremely excited to announce the debut album by Anthroprophh will be released on Rocket later in the year. Anthroprophh is the solo project from Paul Allen, the guitarist from The Heads and from the demo's we have heard it is gonna be a killer album. Paul's trademark Fuzz-Wah abuse and Karoli soloing underpins some great grooved-out kosmiche raga's and space rock repetition. The full details of the album are still to be clarified, but watch this space for more information. ---

Black Tempest launches a Space Opera

Friend of Rocket 'Black Tempest' has launched an ambitious but interesting sci-fi audio pod cast called 'Space Opera'.

This is what Black Tempest say's about the project:

Space Opera is an wild idea I had for a cross between an audio book, a psychedelic musical, a podcast and an improvised science fiction story. A number of people have said that Black Tempest’s music would make a great film soundtrack, but no-one has ever offered me a film to work on! So instead I thought I’d make a sci-fi movie for the ears. Audio books have become increasingly ubiquitous in recent times, but as far as I’m aware no-one has tried to make a more immersive environmental audio book with a soundtrack.

Each episode so far (I’ve got another couple in the can in advance) has been written as a pretty free stream of consciousness, and I haven’t worked out any plot lines or story arcs in advance – I intend to let it gain a life of its own, and to see where it takes me.

As the blog looked a bit plain, and I’m not really a visual artist, I’ve also decided to try to get guest artists involved to illustrate the episodes on the website. An amazing artist friend of mine from the States, David Longey, has provided an image for the first episode which I’ve now posted on the site, and he’s just sent me another for the second part. I really hope this aspect of the site takes off and that I get a few artists involved, as it makes it more of a community effort, not to mention adding a bit of eye candy!

In time I’d like to broaden this out further, perhaps using guest musicians, guest script writers or maybe even videos – I’m open to any collaborative ideas people want to throw in my direction.

See Black Tempest's 'Space Opera' here

Buy Black Tempest's music here


10 Jan 2012

The Heads archive CD: Enten - Eller

The Heads 'Rock Prof' is currently complying another retrospective called ‘Enten - Eller’.

Limited to a 100 copies, the CD will contain 3 lengthy intense jams from 2005.

The artwork direction is a homage to the Harvest label with a gatefold sleeve.

Please email The HEADS at rockprof30@blueyonder.co.uk to reserve a copy, this will be the last archive CD for a while, so snap them up fast.


9 Jan 2012

The Quietus feature on Teeth of the Sea's REAPER

The Quietus have written an amazing piece on the up and coming Reaper performance by Teeth of the Sea.

Read it here


6 Jan 2012

Teeth of the perform Reaper at the London Short Film Festival

As recently reported Teeth of the Sea are bringing 'Reaper' to the stage for a second and 'last ever' time as part of the London Short Film Festival.

This 'not to be missed' event is taking place at the Lexington in London on 15th January.

Here is what the LSF say about the event
See what The Quietus have to say about it
Plus read what Dazed and Confused thought about the last time they performed it

And you can buy a ticket for what will be a sold out night here


5 Jan 2012

Gnod dropout with White Hills 23rd best album sleeve of 2011

Thanks to your voting, Gnod - Gnod dropout with White Hills has made number 23 in the Art Vinyl best album sleeves of the year. Being one of the nominated 50 was great but being in the top half is fantastic, so thanks again, your support of Rocket is greatly appreciated.

See the full list here


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone, and thanks for making 2011 a great year for Rocket.

We have some exciting up-and-coming releases to mention including the release on Feb 13th of the 7" by the amazing Goat. This will be followed by their debut album and (hopefully) UK tour later in the year.

Also we have the long overdue debut album by Big Naturals and a very exciting Heads release which should be seeing the light of day in 2012, plus Paul Allen, Heads guitarist solo project Antthroprophh

Plus after last years Collisions LP with Mugstar and Oneida we have another great one being primed in the lab as we speak.

And finally, we are very excited to announce that Teeth of the Sea are about to go into the studio to record their third album for us, and we are very excited indeed to say, it is gonna be a corker!!!

Stay tuned.