28 Feb 2013

Rocket Probes February Playlist

Goat - Run to your Mama (Remixes 2 x 12"s)
(Three great new mixes from Cage & Aviary, Cherrystones and The Horrors. they join some of the other stunning mixes that featured on the Piccadilly 'end of year' free cd)

Vision Fortune - Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune

(Debut album from our favourite london three piece...repetitive rhythms underpin headnumbing drones of guitar and keyboard noise)
Vision Fortune

Various- Psych for Sore Eyes

(The packaging for this is something very very special indeed! Congrats to all involved, you should be proud)
Sonic Cathedral

Wild Smiles - Tangled Hair
(Great bit of late 80's sounding psych pop on Invada)
Wild Smiles

Funkadelic - Rat Kissed the Cat on the Naval
(Out-take from the classic psyche period)

Eluffant - S/T
(Scarce 70's Dutch psyched out of this world keyboard driven prog monster - a sample - approx 4.30 mins in this Rocket mix we did a while back)

Julies Haircut - Various

(We have been sent alot of interesting music by this Italian band...lots of varied psych, kosmiche and prog influenced sounds, but still very contemporary...their music at times call to mind Teeth of the Sea)
Julies Haircut

Kosmonaut - Geist 

(Nice kosmiche rave and spacey drones)

Pretty - Mustache in your Face

(Psyched out 60's pop with some really good n' dirty fuzz)

Gnod/White Hills  - Subordinate Contact

(Great percussion driven kosmiche, awash with analogue fuzz...taken off the Aquarian Downer CDR)
White Hills - Gnod

Various - Glam Sandwich and Electric Flares

(Thanks to Cherrystones for turning us on to this comp of dirty, stomping, fuzzy, werido, charity shop glam)

Roger Webb / Keith Grant - The Bends
(Fuzz driven grooved psyche from adult movies)

My Bloody Valentine - MBV
(Not all great, but definitely has some fine moments)
My Bloody Valentine

Igor Wakhevitch - Hathor

(Rituel De Guerre Des Esprits De La Terre 1973......!!!!!)
Igor Walhevitch 

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - M'Bondo
(Visionary neo-tantric synth minimalism and Afro-futurist rhythms)

Seefeel - Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)
(Minimal electronic remix from these Shoegaze favourites)

Steve Maxwell Von Braund - Monster Planet
(Kraut synth from Oz)

Soft Machine - Soft Machine
(RIP Kevin Ayres)

26 Feb 2013

Salford Lads Cult: A Day In The Life Of GNOD (Quietus Interview)

Following the recent release of their mighty Chaudelande album on Rocket, John Freeman has an audience with Gnod and ends up playing sonic table-tennis and talking about astral travel, crazy Belgians and Eric Cantona:

Salford Lads Cult: A Day In The Life Of GNOD  

Gnod are, quite possibly, the best band in the Universe. This bold proclamation can be based on the fact that no other group could soundtrack a supernova as convincingly as the Salford-based collective. And, that witnessing a Gnod show is a transcendental barrage of volcanic psychedelia; the gig equivalent to having your amygdala replaced with a palantirand letting Sauron’s will smash your future and your past together with hellish zeal. Gnod will make you dance like St Vitus. They are that fucking good. 

Read the whole article: here


Teeth of the Sea to guest with Esben and the Witch at the Scala tonight

We have just heard that Teeth of the Sea are going to be joining Esben and the Witch for one song at their show at the Scala tonight. 

The bands will join forces on stage together for a rendition of an EATW track that Teeth of the Sea have done a remix of. 

Also, support for tonight is the great Thought Forms, who's new album Ghost Mountain is released this week.

Tickets can be bought from here: EATW


More reviews for Gnod's Chaudelande release

More reviews have been published of Gnod's Chaudelande album that was released this week:

Echoes and Dust
Music OMH

Thanks to all these reviewers for spreading the mighty word of Gnod...


Drowned in Sound give Gnod's Chaudelande a 9/10 review

"I miss having neighbours.

Houses in my part of the world aren't on streets, but in residential areas. Identical homes sit in tight clusters, sharing walls, lawns, and, much to the discontent of some, parking spaces.

I used to have the worst neighbours - the sound system in my room leaned against the wall of their bedroom which meant they enjoyed every drop of the bass dripping out of my speakers. They never complained.

I took this as an insult. My music wasn't melodious - it wasn't meant for upper middle-class Indian families with S-class Mercedeses in the driveway. The music I listen to is CHALLENGING and RAW and NOISY and NOT-FOR-EVERYONE. In any case, even if it happened to be elevator jazz, didn't I deserve the satisfaction of troubling my neighbours at three in the morning?

They've moved now and the houses on either side of me are vacant. The teenagers who used to live across the road are now 20-somethings trying to get MBAs and no longer holding any bhangra-soundtracked parties I can outloud. And at this inopportune time I meet Gnod. I turn Gnod up, I feel the floor sway and the walls dance, and I sigh despondently as I realise Chaudelande would have achieved the duality necessary to truly enjoy an album. There is no pleasure without pain, no love without neutrality, and no record truly enjoyable unless there's someone it can perturb.

But that's all right - Chaudelande bears repeating. That's why it's being re-released in the blasphemous digital format that does away with the 'two-volume' bit of the two-volume vinyl, and allows remotely located plebs like me to access it AND THEN, can you believe it, comment on its quality.

I'm not even going to try.

Chaudelande is what it is - it asks questions and doesn't expect answers ('Visions of Load'). It contemplates the brutality of existence by the shore of an increasingly aggressive ocean (the ocean is made of chainsaws) ('Tron'). Its mantras are compelling enough to raise the dead ('The Vertical Dead' - go figure)and mock them ('I'm here in person!'). When you find yourself in the depths of despair, Chaudelande is frustration, hope and the clarity of your own spirit ('Man on a Wire'). Chaudelande is...

(looks like I'm trying)



See the review in full here: DIS


25 Feb 2013

Guardian claims Gnod's Vision of Load, the best track out of the UK in February

Yes, you read that right, The Guradian has put Gnod's Vision of Load in their monthly 'Best music from around the globe' feature. The feature is where they pick 1 track from each country from around the world, and like some twisted Eurovision Song contest, England's entry is Gnod's Vision of Load.

The idea of Gnod representing England on the global stage for anything makes us very happy indeed, as they are true ambassadors for what is good in the world :)

This is what they say:

ENGLAND: The Guardian Music Blog
GNOD - Visions Of Load
Taken from GNOD's forthcoming album Chaudelande (released on February 25 by Rocket Recordings), Visions Of Load captures neatly - that is to say, powerfully and sprawlingly - the krautrockin', shoegazin', prog-metallic sludginess of this Salford band at their most freakily magnificent. "It recalls Can's ga-ga go-go music while the singer yelps like Alan Vega doused in even more echo," said our New Band of the Day writer, who nevertheless promised that, notwithstanding the far-out sonics and instrumental melee, you could still dance to it. He just didn't specify what type of shoes you might need.

You can see the full feature here: The Guardian


Teeth of the Sea support Savages at a Stool Pigeon 'wake'

That is right, Teeth of the Sea will return to Lexington for another show...this time supporting the much talked about Savages on Monday 4th March.

The night is to celebrate or mourn the end of the Stool Pigeon magazine.

More information about the event and tickets, go here: Stool Pigeon


Gnod Chaudelande launched today

Gnod's Chaudelande CD, the compilation of the two amazing Chaudelande LP's that came out on Tame records is released today.

You can buy this and the download from our Rocket store here: Rocket bandcamp


23 Feb 2013

Goat's London show moves to Camden Electric Ballroom

Goat's London show on June 27th is moving from the Scala to Camden's Electric Ballroom due to the response of the ticket sales. They are apparently selling fast so we can easily see the show selling out well before the night itself. So if you haven't bought a ticket yet, we advise you to do it soon. As said before, bar a festival appearance this is Goat's ONLY UK show this year.

The support band will be announced by ATP shortly, but we can assure you it is one for the Rocket fans!!


22 Feb 2013

Muso guide review of Gnod's Chaudelande

"Gnod, as a force more than a conventional ‘band’, have been gaining momentum and infamy from their live rock/metal electronica freak-outs up and down the spine of the less reputable venues of the country. Seemingly the house band of the Islington Mill in Salford (and collecting quite a following in the process), as well as distributing at least 27 studio albums to date and starting new label Tesla Tapes. The now-legendary vinyl-only two parter Chaudelande is probably their most definitive statement, and now both halves are repackaged by the fine folks at Rocket Recordings and..."

Read the full review here: Muso Guide


20 Feb 2013

Please give your praise to Gnod

BBC 6 Music are running their Blog Awards this Sunday and the Quietus is in charge of the 'Tomorrow's Cult Star Today' category.

They've picked out a shortlist of artists they they love, and the mighty GNOD are one of them.

The Blog Awards show airs this Sunday, February 24, from 6-8pm - so please vote for them over at The Quietus Facebook page before this Friday, February 22, at 1pm here:


There is more about these awards here: The Quietus

And don't forget you can pre-order the new Chaudelande CD on Rocket now here Chaudelande

18 Feb 2013

Rocket Launch Bandcamp Shop

Rocket has finally launched our very own Bandcamp shop: rocketrecordings.bandcamp.com

The music that is up on the shop represents the stock we currently have available as either physical or digital items and some albums will never be repressed once they have sold out. 

The shop also has some exclusives and we've been lucky to grab some of bonus extras & rare coloured vinyls.

Anthroprophh - s/t (LP with bonus drone CD)
Gnod / Shit & Shine - Collisions 03 (yellow vinyl LP)
Gnod - INGNODWETRUST (purple vinyl LP with bonus remix CD)
Goat - World Music (Red / Green / Yellow / Clear - vinyl LPs)

We have a variety of coloured vinyl copies of the Goat album, but we cant guarantee which are which colours as they are all mixed up and skrinkwrapped, so you can take a chance and you might get lucky.

Keep your eye out on the Rocket blog & our bandcamp shop for up & coming limited edition posters, tapes and other goodies.


Please note: if you require insured / recorded delivery please email the shop in advance.

17 Feb 2013

Anthroprophh to release ultra Ltd tape

Here is another new video made by Anthroprophh.

The track is called 'S.O.A.D Part One' is taken from a forthcoming cassette ltd to 66 copies that is coming out on the label Zamzam.

That is all we have been told.

To our ears it sounds like what an Italian Horror film soundtracked by early Pink Floyd would of sounded like.


16 Feb 2013

Shit & Shine session on WFMU

Shit and Shine are going to be doing a special live radio session for Brian Turner's show on WFMU on 26 February, this is what the station says:

Tuesday, February 26th, 3pm - 6pm  (US time): Sh*t & Shine
Sh*t & Shine's heavy, primitive weirdness tore up the WFMU/Aquarius SXSW show in 2010, and now they're headed to their first ever NYC shows with a stop at WFMU. Hailing from the UK and Austin, S&S take you into crusty rhythmic zones inhabited by smatterings of the Butthole Surfers, Hawkwind, Neu, even mutant dubstep, industrial and disco splatterings. Live mayhem will ensue on BT's show today! 

We have also just been informed by Cargo that are literally only a handful of copies of our Shit and Shine / Gnod – Collisions LP left in the warehouse, so if you havent got a copy get it pretty sharpish as like our previous Collisions LP's, we will not be repressing.


Gnew Gnod cassette released

Not just content with having the forthcoming Chaudelande release coming out on Rocket in a couple of weeks and their recent album on Trensmat, Gnod have another new release out.

This time it is a split cassette with the band Bear Bones, Lay low on Russian label Full of Nothing.

Gnod's contribution to this release is an amazing and upliffting 21 minute plus track called 'The choice of a nubian generation'.

The ltd cassette can be listened to and purchased here: Full of Nothing


13 Feb 2013

Pre-order GNOD Chaudelande album

Gnod’s Chaudelande Vol 1 & 2 vinyl only albums on Tamed Records tamedrecords.com have become a thing of infamy as two of the greatest slabs of beat driven, shamanistic space noise to of been released over the past few years and we at Rocket Recordings are proud to announce that we have brought these two mammoth LPs together for the first time on CD and download. The limited edition CD digi-pack (Launch054) will be available on the 25th of February.

The collective that is Gnod has risen out of the DIY ethic of Manchester’s Islington Mill. Central to the ethic is alternative approach to musical creativity and freedom of expression with no regard to established opinions. Gnod is a state of mind. Those who seek Gnod, will find Gnod, the universe is centred on neither the earth nor the sun. It is centred on Gnod.

Recorded in Studio Chaudelande, France, ‘Chaudelande’ takes Gnod’s convulsive vision, straps on electrodes, charges the amps, then overstimulates the vital organs as a torrent of contorted sounds akin to the likes of PilHawkwind, and the Butthole Surfers lignite like an arc-flash repetitive blaze.

The epic pilgrimage that is Chaudelande will take the listener on a ride through the narrow chinks of the cavernous mind in the frenzied spirit of This HeatSunburned Hand of Man and the repetitive beats of Krautrock via Wax Trax.

So come join the cult that is Gnod’s ‘Chaudelande’ as once again the band deliver another jolt to the unsound mind.


Pre-order your copy:

CD and Download on Rocket Recordings rocketrecordings.bandcamp.com
Ltd LPs on Tamed Records tamedrecords

Distributed by Cargo UK (Europe) and 
Forced Exposure (USA) 


12 Feb 2013

GNOD launch cassette Label 'Tesla Tapes'

Tesla Tapes is an outlet for Gnodheads past & present & friends of Gnod around the globe. 

First 3 releases available online or can be grabbed on cassette by emailing ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk.

Artist info etc: teslatapes.bandcamp

Be quick if you want a tape, they are moving fast…

Gnod Bless


Rocket to DJ at 'Psych For Sore Eyes' launch party

Chris from Rocket has been invited to play some records at the launch of this eyes and ears frying, double 7" compilation called 'Psych for Sore Eyes' on the great Sonic Cathedral.

Full details for the night are:

Psych For Sore Eyes Launch Party
@ Red Gallery, Rivington Street, London EC1
Thursday, February 21
8pm - late
Entry by invite only when pre-ordering the compilation

Playing live:
Zeroset (aka The Early Years)

Chris Reeder (Rocket Recordings)
Jamie Putnam (Prayer Meeting)


11 Feb 2013

Anthroprophh to play Chester show

ROPE presents...


12th April 2013

The Compass
4-8 City Road, 

Adv Ticket £6
Doors 8pm


Terrascope review Gnod's Chaudelande

The great Terrascope have reviewed the forthcoming Gnod - Chaudelande album which is out in a couple of weeks:

"These are truly exciting times for the neo-psychedelic music scene in the UK, particularly the North of England which has recently become a hotbed of some stunning talent. Leeds has its Hookworms, for instance, while Liverpool has given us the mighty Mugstar. Just a few miles inland, Manchester, musically-speaking the single most important place in the British Isles in the past 40 years has, arguably, spawned the pick of the crop in Dead Sea Apes and this lot... the one, the only Gnod…"

Read the rest of the review here: Terrascope


'Nothing is...' happening this Friday

'Nothing is...' returns this Friday at the Alibi in Dalston. 

Rocket's Rik Motor joins Cherrystones and Little Dirty (no Cage & Aviary this month) for the usual night of psych infused wonderfulness.

Proceedings start at 9pm and finish at 3am and as always entry is free!


10 Feb 2013

Review of Anthroprophh London show

Here is a great review of Anthroprophh's recent album launch show at the the Shacklewell Arms in London:

"Having secured tickets for the Anthroprophh release party we thought we would pop along to Rough Trade East first, before wandering along to the Shacklewell Arms to take in the show.

We arrived at the pub in time for a pint or two before we were finally admitted into the relatively small and curiously decked-out back room that would host the release party for Anthroprophh’s self-titled album.

Then, having watched Paul Allen, Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb (Anthroprophh and Big Naturals collectively) eat their tea of pie ‘n’ mash, we watched them tinker with their kit and set up for the show.."

Read the rest of the review in full here: Funky Gibbins


Anthroprophh introduces 'Cymbaldrone' video

Paul from Anthroprophh has created another video from found super 8 footage. This time it is for the track Cymbaldrone, a collaboration with the Big Naturals that appeared on the ltd CDR that came with the first 100 copies of the Anthroprophh LP


8 Feb 2013

Sounds From the Other City - Salford Festival

Sounds From the Other City; 
'Festival of New Music' (Salford / Manchester)
Bank Holiday Sunday May 5th 2013

'One of the great things about Manchesters 'Salford' SFTOC festival is that one minute you can be watching somebody strumming an acoustic guitar, the next seeing some experimental electronic stuff, catch some art a moment or two later and then finish it off with an all night rave at Islington Mill. Whatever you see on the day, you’re unlikely to come across anything else like GNOD – who promise to be doing a set upwards of 3 hours, every second of which will be spent pushing boundaries'. 

Having previously seen bands like Queer'd Science and Teeth of the Sea performing 'Reaper' we will be definitely going again this year.

Read & follow developments here: soundsfromtheothercity


Freq review Anthroprophh / Gnod Bristol Show

The Website Freq have published a live review of last weekends Anthroprophh / Gnod gig at The Exchange, Bristol.


'A glorious dayglo gloop where the barest of rhythm held together a many-headed beast'

'Bombing drums and morphic shrapnel smashing the canvas'

Read the review: freq.org.uk

Anthroprophh self titled first album is current available & Gnod's Chaudelande will be released on the 25th of Feburary & pre-orders are avaible from the Rocket shop rocketrecordings.bandcamp.com

Read more about the album: Gnod-Chaudelande


6 Feb 2013

Teeth of the Sea to play a show with Arboretum

Teeth of the Sea are going to be playing a show with Arboretum on February 21st at the Corsica Studios in London.

Tickets aren't on sale yet but should be soon.


5 Feb 2013

Goat to play Shaky Knees Festival

Goat have just announced that they are going to be finishing their American tour at this years Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta Georgia.

The full US tour now reads like this:

April 23
Williamsburg Music Hall
Brooklyn NY

April 24
Johnny Brenda's

April 25
Black Cat Backstage
Washington DC

April 26
The Southgate House Revival
Newport KY

April 28
Austin Psych Fest
Austin TX

April 29
Dan's Silverleaf
Denton TX

May 1
Old Rock House
St. Louis MO

May 2
Empty Bottle
Chicago IL

May 3
The High Watt
Nashville TN

May 4/5
Shaky Knees Festival
Atlanta GA


More Anthroprophh reviews

Louder than War have published a review of the Anthroprophh album that was written by Brett Savage from the great Manchester band Dead Sea Apes:

"Anthroprophh is a “psych space rock project with analogue electronics”. It’s also pretty original. The first release by the band came out a week or so ago & here’s our review.

Over the course of the last 20 years or so, Bristol’s The Heads have steadily matured from a fairly marginal psych-grunge / stoner outfit into a band with a fully fledged cult status. This is in spite of the fact that they have seemed to have been on a semi-permanent hiatus for a good while now. Live dates and a positive tsunami of archive releases have kept them firmly in the imagination in their growing legions of fans, and have also served to widen fissures that have exposed some of the more esoteric influences that drove the band. There are any number of US psych rock bands willing to attest to the lasting influence of The Heads, not least one Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips / Moon Duo fame..."

Read the rest of the review here: Louder than War

We have also found this following review, though we can't read it, hope it is good: Anthroprophhh review

Above photo taken by the mighty Squid Tempest at last weekends album launch at the Shacklewell Arms


3 Feb 2013

Fractured Air interviews Goat

Blog Fractured Air have interviewed Goat and written some words about the album:

"The important thing is this: To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”

The spoken word piece found in ‘Golden Dawn’ begins the second half of Goat’s extraordinary debut album, ‘World Music’. The song erupts into a psych garage jam with raging guitars and glorious rhythms of timeless rock ‘n’ roll. Trance-like female vocals are heard on the verse that resonates powerfully – kindred to chants from an age-old tradition. Moments later, the song evolves into divine surf 60′s instrumental music that could be taken directly from Brian Wilson’s Pet Projects or classic Joe Meek. The guitar tones adds a spectrum of colour that serves as the perfect counterpoint to the psychedelic haze. Like any of the tracks on ‘World Music’, a seamless array of musical styles and genres are fused together, producing a wholly unique and fulfilling musical experience. Welcome to ‘World Music’ and Sweden’s Goat...."

Read the rest of this revealing feature here: Fractured Air


1 Feb 2013

Goat announce special 'Record Store Day' releases

To celebrate this years Record Store Day, Rocket are excited to announce the release of two limited edition 12”s containing exclusive remixes of Goat’s 'Run To Your Mama'.

Run To Your Mama was seen by many as one of the standouttracks off Goat's debut album 'World Music'. Which makes it a perfect choice to give to a selection of artists that we admire and invite them to explore Goat’s voodoo grooves, to twist and turn them into something new.

Vol.1 starts with a subtle but very effective mix by West Country noisegazers Thought Forms, who add washes of cello and bird song to the original track. Following them is Not Not Fun’s High Wolf who stamps his recognisable looped drones all over his reimagination. Redg Weeks, Geoff Barrow’s right hand man at Invada Records is up next and he takes the tracks repetitious groove to create a formidable mix. Then we have The Horrors’ Tom Furse who finds a glam stomp in the track and runs with it. Finally on Vol.1 we have fellow Rocket musicnaughts Teeth of the Sea who create a high energy mix which turns the track into something akin to Xtrmntr era Primal Scream.

The mighty Gnod team up with fellow Manchester producer Raikes Parade for the first remix on Vol.2, together they create a unexpectedly poppy dance track. Following that the legendary DJ and crate digger Cherrystones deconstructs the original track into a mass of industrial beats and echoed vocals. Leeds psych band Hookworms turn the track into a fuzzed out soundscape that calls to mind the fuzzy sounds of Spacemen 3. The last track on Vol.2 is by cosmic disco collective Cage & Aviary who turn it into a great dubbed out, early 90’s ‘Acid house’ dance floor filler.

Full track list is:



These two 12”s are limited to 2000 copies on blue vinyl and will not be repressed. They are ONLY available via your local Record Shop, we at Mission Control are not stocking them and won't have copies to sell or save.

As a little taster, here is the Teeth of the Sea Mix for you to listen to in all it's glory:

For more information on Record Store Day, go here: RSD


Terrascope reviews Anthroprophh

The great Terrascope have said some words on the new Anthroprophh album:

"Solo albums by members of The Heads aren’t what you might expect, it seems. Why just a couple of years back, the Bristol psych-rock legends’ singer/guitarist Simon Price raised the odd eyebrow with “Peaceful Lane”, a collection of largely pleasant, acoustic ruminations delivered in a surprisingly agreeable Chris Rea type baritone, or Nick Drake on roll-ups if you prefer. This welcome release from pyrotechnic lead guitarist Paul “Rock Prof” Allen – one of the most incendiary “lefties” to have stroked the old six-string lacquered plank since the demise of one J M Hendrix - whilst not so stark in terms of stylistic contrast is never the less a more laid back and thoughtful affair than might be imagined..."

Read the rest of the review here: Terrascope