30 Nov 2014

Rocket Probes November Playlist

Hey Colossus - In Black and Gold
(Out on Rocket in Feb, Hey Colossus produce their best ever album...like Swans meets Spacemen 3, Part Chimp meets Gnod, Butthole Surfers meets13th Floor Elevators...but also sounding completely fresh and unlike nobody else.)
Hey Colossus

Mamuthones / Evil Blizzard - Collisions 04
(Out on Rocket in Jan. Proud to be putting out Evil Blizzard's best ever track plus a mesmerising Teeth of the Sea remix of it AND Italian Occult Psych band Mamuthones bring 20 mins of jaw dropping Can meets The Fall (via Eno/Byrne) grooves! Best Collisions to date? we think so.)
Evil Blizzard

Gnod / Eternal Tapestry - Split 7”
(First split from a mouth watering series on the new God Unknown Record label that sounds and looks fantastic, This is a stunning Gnod track of looped horns and electronic pulses, hopefully a signal of what is to come from the mighty collective.)

Dead Sea Apes - High Evolutionary
(Another month another two Cardinal Fuzz releases!! The first is a new album by the great Dead Sea Apes.)
Dead Sea Apes

Lumerians - Transmissions from Telos Vol.III
(Second album from CF is the great follow up to the AMAZING Vol.IV which was our fave record of 2013!) 

Skull Defects - Holy Drums are singing
(Loving this track of grooved out psych-post-punk on the mighty Diagonal records)
Skull Defects

Black Tempest - introverture
(Nice track of kosmiche acid off his Astral Voayages tape on the marvellous Zam Zam)
Black Tempest

Neil Ardley - Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows
(Teeth of the Sea's Sam barton turned us onto this great piece of mid 70's British Jazz.)
Neil Ardley

Love Cult take Druss - Nonplusultra
(Nice psyched minimal techno from the Gnod man and friends)
Love Cult take Druss

Gary Numan  Replicas/Tubeway Army/The pleasure principal
(Numan's first three albums – full of kraut pop and electro punk repetition)
Gary Numan


Ltd edition Goat poster available at Sister Ray

As reported before Sister Ray made Goat's Commune their album of the year and  as a little extra if you buy the album from them over Christmas you will get this Ltd edition Goat – Join the Commune' poster. But if you already have a copy I am sure if you ask them nicely they will give you a copy!!! (But don't quote us on that.)


28 Nov 2014


To celebrate the Scandinavian Goat shows that started in Oslo last night, the band have delivered their third and last GOATOLOGY.

Until next year...


27 Nov 2014

Goat confirmed to be playing next years Roskilde Festival – plus Goat make some polls

Goat have been confirmed to be returning to the great Roskilde Festival which takes place between 27 June and 4 July.

As always it will be an unmissable Goat show

Read more about it here: Roskilde festival

In other news this weeks NME features a great little interview with the band after their inclusion in the NME's top 50 albums of the year.

Commune has ben making many other end of year polls which is a real honour.

Talking of polls, CLASH magazine have put Goat's World Music in their Top 100 albums that have been released since the magazine have been going.

Read about it here: Clash Magazine


26 Nov 2014

Introducing Hey Colossus - In Black And Gold

We are very excited to announce we will be releasing the latest album by Hey Colossus, In Black And Gold on 9th of February 2015.

Above is an album teaser short edit with visuals created by Rocket's very own Johnny O.

Read what The Quietus have to say: here

The press release reads:

Emerging in a haze of demented riff science and booze-addled abandon, Hey Colossus have carved out a notable niche for themselves in the British underground’s murkier quarters. They’ve dished out a formidable array of wax over the last decade, specialising in a primordial barrage of abject noise from overheated ampstacks. Yet for all the grit and gnarl of their output thus far, it’s seemingly only been a warm-up for their latest opus, which sees their monstrous assault finely honed into an album as beguiling as it is bulldozing. ‘In Black And Gold’, their eighth album proper and first for Rocket Recordings, ushers in a new incarnation of Hey Colossus. 

Marrying malevolent attack to expansive celestial splendour, ‘In Black And Gold’ marks a point whereby Hey Colossus map out a sonic trajectory that expands on their trademark ornery overload. The songs herein may be leaner and more artful than the fearsome sound by which they made their name on albums like 2008’s ‘Project: Death’ and the monstrous 2013 opus ‘Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo’, but they remain possessed of the wrath both Stoogian and Stygian that fuels their noiserock transgression. 

Yet meanwhile, and with 2015 looming large, an evolutionary process has led to their maximalist tendencies being replaced by a sharp focus on space and restraint, not to mention a refreshing stylistic diversity, resulting in a strange aural alchemy. Here, they sound as comfortable tackling electronically-fried dub mantras like ‘Lagos Atom’ as they do the Cluster-esque lullaby of the opening ‘Hold On’. Yet there’s no shortage of primal rock action to be had on ‘In Black And Gold’; on ‘Sisters And Brothers they summon up a swaggering, demented groove that sashays like a zombified Gun Club, whilst on the dramatic spaghetti-psych of the title-track a revelatory cinematic sprawl of sound sees The Bad Seeds and The 13th Floor Elevators engaged in a psychic duel in the noonday sun. 

The vital and Spinal Tap-approved ‘fine line between clever and stupid’ has been a location that this London-based tinnitus machine has made fine work of dwelling on for the duration of their life thus far. Yet with In Black And Gold’, in a laudable leap of faith, they’ve stepped beyond, and the result is both vicious and visionary. These unpretentious underworld overlords have emerged from the shadows to create an avant-garage pièce de résistance, and moreover it turns out that the sunlight suits them better than they ever realised. 

Released: 9th February 2015
Format: LP / CD / DL



01 Hold On (4:14) 

02 Sisters And Brothers (4:13) 
03 Hey, Dead Eyes, Up! (3:07) 
04 Wired_Brainless (5:51) 
05 Black And Gold (5:58) 
06 Lagos Atom (9:54) 
07 Eat It (4:00) 
08 Sinking, Feeling (4:06) 


The band will be out performing their new songs in February 2015 and after catching their recent gig its not to be missed, here are their UK dates:

Bristol - 6th February, The Exchange, 
W/Art Of Burning Water, Workin' Man Noise Unit + ONE TBC

London - 7th February, Lexington, 
W/Wharves and Workin' Man Noise Unit

Brighton - 14th February, Green Door Store, 
W/Zombie Crash + ONE TBC

Birmingham - 18th February, The Flapper, 
W/Colossloth, and Khost
The Flapper

Newcastle - 19th February, Head of Steam, 
Head of Steam

Edinburgh - 20th February, Bannermans Bar, 
W/LOADS OF BANDS: Sonic Mass Weekender
Bannermans Bar

Nottingham - 21st February, SONA Studios, 
W/Grey Hairs, and Nadir


21 Nov 2014

GNOD, H.U.M. & John Doran Live In Salford

Marking the first in a series of music and spoken word collaborations happening all across England over the next 12 months, sublime psychonauts GNOD and elemental electronicists H.U.M. are collaborating with John Doran on a special performance in Salford next week.

Find out more: here


19 Nov 2014

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Anthroprophh - Shipley Gig Review & Photos

Golden Cabinet have reviewed Anthroprophh's gig in Shipley.

Read the write up here: Golden Cabinet

and they took some photos aswell, view them here: Facebook


18 Nov 2014

Goat's Commune made Sister Ray's Album of the year

We are proud to say that London Independent Record Shop chain Sister Ray has made Goat's Commune it's album of the year which is a real honour!!

This is what Sister Ray's Phil Barton said about the album:

“The Goat album has been far and away our most popular staff pick this year. If you like your swirling psychedelia with a catfight of vocals and guitars then put Commune on your must buy list. Failing that buy it anyway because we haven't had a customer yet who doesn't think it’s great.”

Find out more here: Clash Magazine

In other news Piccadilly Records have put us in at number 8 in their end of year chart.
See the full list here: Piccadilly Records

Rough Trade Shops has put the album in at number 13 in their Top 100 albums of the year.
See the full list here: Rough Trade

And Jumbo Records put the album in at number 5 in their end of year round up
See the full list here: Jumbo Records

Again, a real compliment

Thanks to both shops for their support!


13 Nov 2014

Introducing the next instalment of our Collisions series – featuring Evil Blizzard and Mamuthones

We are very excited to announce the latest Collisions LP – Volume 04 of the series pairs the mighty Evil Blizzard with Italian Occult psych band Mamuthones.

You can watch an Evil Blizzard video of an edit of their track Sacrifice (the LP version is over 9mins long) above.

Also above is the track Don't be Choosey by Mamuthones with visuals created by Rocket's very own Johnny O

The press release reads:


The Rocket Recordings Collisions series has thus far seen luminaries like The Heads, White Hills, Oneida, Mugstar, Shit & Shine and Gnod locking horns against each other on psychic voyages to bold dimensions anew. The latest instalment again deals with a pair of hand-picked, boundary-breaking iconoclasts, pushing the Collisions series further out into the realm of the unexpected, as this Anglo-Italian pair of perversely kindred spirits combine to wreak havoc.

Mysteriously and ghoulish masked voyagers from a land of nightmare (via Preston, Lancashire) Evil Blizzard have been raising eyebrows in the live arena in the last two years with their queasy,grand guignol-tinged style of repetitive and intense dementia, existing on a psychic wavelength informed by the howling dread of ‘Metal Box’-era PiL, the sonic overload of Hawkwind and a taste for a very British type of disquieting absurdity. Their contribution to this disc comprises two versions of the previously unreleased powerhouse that remains at the centre of their live set, ‘Sacrifice’; along with the sinister riff-monolith itself, a remix by fellow Rocket artists Teeth Of The Sea, beams the track through a prism of electronic horrorscore tension and adds chanted vocal mantas and demented ululations to suitably unsettling and portentous effect.

Mamuthones, noted for their position in the burgeoning Italian occult psychedelic movement, possess markedly similar psychological makeup, building their sound on circular, repetitive motifs and taking their name from a death-masked figure from a ritual of some 2,000 years standing, famous for walking the processions and haunting the imaginations of the Sardinian locals via their prominence in traditional carnivals. Yet in keeping with the darkly celebratory origins of their monicker, this band, formed by ex-Jennifer Gentle (Sub Pop) man Alessio Gastaldello, are possessed of an upbeat and effervescent sound equally damaged by the dark alchemy of early Can, the sci-fi swagger of Chrome and the magpie spirit of Eno and Byrne’s ‘My Life In The Bush With Ghosts’.

Collisions 04 explores the ying and yang of an approach whereby overt post-punk and psychedelic influences meld with with esoteric vibrations and irreverent attitude, challenging bands, listener, and label alike in an intimidating and invigorating assault on the senses. Evil Blizzard and Mamuthones make for formidable opponents, in a demolition derby where the result is victory for all.

Released: 19 January2015
Format: 600 x Milky clear colour vinyl LP's





Running time: 39:07 minutes


12 Nov 2014

Tiny Mix Tapes interviews Anthroprophh about the legendary Nurse with Wound List

Paul Allen, late of Bristol psych unit The Heads, loosed his second album as Anthroprophh upon the world in September. Outside the Circle hangs song titles such as “2013 and She Told Me I Was Die” over a sonic countryside populated by the droopy third eye of stoner metal, the blinding astronomical event of Boredoms, and the dark absurdist kibitzing of The Mothers of Invention. Naturally, a few crania got bent. The Quietus wrote it “feels like the album that the equally eccentric and esoteric Akron/Family would become like the Manson Family and kill to make.”

Anthroprophh’s label, Rocket Recordings, has a bio up for the group on Bandcamp; the most striking thing is how it weaves promotional copy through entries from the Nurse With Wound list. The list, named after Steven Stapleton’s seminal musical outlet, dates back to 1979, when Nurse With Wound included an inventory of recording artists influential to them among copies of that band’s first album, Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella. In the ensuing decades, the list has taken on a life of its own, becoming a crucial document for collectors and the basis for much discussion, including whether some of the artists mentioned even exist.

Tiny Mix Tapes talked to Allen about his relationship with the Nurse With Wound list, music discovery, and the idea of an experimental-music canon.

Was the Nurse With Wound list fundamental for the band as collectors? What is your personal history with it?

I wouldn’t say it was fundamental to the band as a whole but for myself, it certainly provides a good reference for the kind of artists that were of great interest from a particular and prolific period within modern music. To me, the list is not an anachronism and has had some relevance for anyone curious about experimental music since its publication in 1979. I came to be aware of it via my burgeoning interest in krautrock. The Ultima Thule record shop website decided to print the list in its entirety. I never could afford or even obtain the first Nurse with Wound LP, especially at that time back in the late 90s, so I never saw it in the flesh, so to speak. I didn’t religiously hunt down a lot of the records on the list, and some of the music I just naturally bumped into in my search for artists I had never heard of before...

Read the rest of this great interview here: Tiny Mix Tapes


Gnod and Eternal Tapestry split single on God Unknown Records

Our friend Jason from Mugstar has set up a great news label called God Unkown that has an impressive  list of split singles lined up for release that features many Rocket bands.

The first of these singles club releases is a split between Gnod and Eternal Tapestry.

Get your copies and find out more about the series of amazing 7"s that are on their way here: God Unknown


10 Nov 2014

Goat – Rock-A-Rolla cover story

We are proud to announce that Goat are the cover stars in the latest issue of the great Rock-A-Rolla magazine with an exclusive interview with the band.

The full information about the issue reads:


On the cover: Sweden’s mysterious afro-psych-kraut-voodoo ensemble Goat return with their incredible second LP, Commune!

Inside: in-depth interviews with sludge/avant-metal supergroup Old Man Gloom, the mighty Cavalera Conspiracy, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Usnea, Anatomy Of Habit, Sargent House, Foscor, Thomas Köner, Obake, Full Of Hell!

Plus live reviews: Antemasque, Secret Chiefs 3, Amplifest, King Buzzo, YOB, Philm, In Solitude and Beastmilk!

Buy your copy from here: Rock-A-Rolla


7 Nov 2014

Anthroprophh - Soundcloud Playlist Mix

Those who missed the The Quietus 'Anthroprophh' post recently might not have had the chance to check out on Paul Allen from the bands amazing Soundcloud mix.

1  Anthroprophh - Saydiscgeelbells
2  Stella - L'idoles Des Jaunes
3  Naafi Sandwich - Slice Two
4  Sam Sklair - Electroscope
5  Graham bond- You Gotta Have Love Babe
6  Catherine Riberio + 2 Bis - Theme
7  Germain hubert ales - chocolate cains
8  Maki Asakawa - Tobenai Carashu
9  Spacebox - Zonk Machine
10  Ramses and Selket - Love You
11  L'Origine
12  Dead Heat - Damnée Petite Sophie
13  Permutative Distorsion - Science-Fiction-Welt
14  Michael Garrick with Jeremy Robson - A Day For Atonement
15  Tibet
16  Association P.C - Neuteboon
17  Alton Ellis - Black Mans Pride
18  Lee Hazlewood - Wait and See


6 Nov 2014

Members of Anthroprophh & Though Forms play 'Le Monstre Festival' in Switzerland

⊰FAG((radio will be broadcasting live from ‘Le Monstre Festival’ Geneva, Switerland

Saturday (15 // 11  // 2014) From 1pm to 10pm 
Sunday (16 // 11 // 2014) From 1pm to 8pm

TeclaMyth, Catapulta, Tipex, Jérémy Chevalier, MW, Agathe Max, SalopePhantom Chips
Donald Suck, Monsieur Connard, Uiutna, Kro, H, Cementimental, Henry Collins, Robin Foster, Romki, Inga Burl, Ocean Floor, Lain, Anita, Deej DhariwalH.U.M, Rummaging
Jamzz, Wildrfid records, Bad Trip Inc. Sofy Malady, Cave12, SlackBar, Gareth Turner
Ross Bumtapes, Nicolas Berger.

Listen to the radio show: zamzamrec.org/FAGradio

For more information: lemonstre


Lay Llamas - Italian Psych and Soundtrack Mix

is a tribute mixtape to italian soundtrack and library music golden age from 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s considered as an enormous and brilliant heritage by an handful of current italian bands filed under so-called Italian Occult Psychedelia: a kind of Italian hauntology, an engine of reactivation of an Italian collective memory. 

The features of this shared past are related to the imaginary of Italian genre films as cannibal movies, spaghetti westerns, Italian B horror movies and their soundtracks, and are related also to the violent, obscure and esoteric folklore [...] Musically, is a cross of post-punk, krautrock, psychedelic rock, Italian progressive rock and Italian library music (quote from Wikipedia). As a weird kind of family affair, where fathers transmit alchemic learnings to their sons in a multi layered sonic panorama between past and present, east and west, real and (a lot of) unreal.

1. Black Emanuelle (Nico Fidenco)
2. Rame Triangolo Rosso (Gianni Giublena Rosacroce)
3. Hookers (Luca Sigurtà)
4. Savana (Guido e Maurizo De Angelis)
5. Saturn (In Zaire)
6. Campomorto (Heroin in Tahiti)
7. Tracce Sul Muro (Bixio/Frizzi/Tempera)
8. La vita Acquatica (Donato Epiro)
9. Suspiria (Goblin)
10. Avorio (Orfanado)
11. Dinamica Per 5+1 (Ennio Morricone)
12. Space Jungle Mantra (Lay Llamas)
13. More Alien Than Aliens (Mamuthones)
14. L’invasione Delle Locuste (La Piramide di Sangue)


4 Nov 2014

Anthroprophh - Dead Man On The Scene Video

Those who missed the The Quietus 'Anthroprophh' post recently might not have had the chance to check out on Paul Allen from the bands fantastic ‘Dead Man On The Scene’ video.

The video has been put together by Paul himself and has been edited together from random  35mm film stock bought at car boot sales.


Lay Llamas - Spanish Review / Liverpool Psych Fest Clip

Above, features some fan footage of the Lay Llamas at Liverpool Psych Fest accompanied with Johnny O (Rocket) visuals and we have a review of the bands album 'Ostro' via Spanish website Hipersonica, if you can speak Spanish, you can read the review here