6 Nov 2014

Members of Anthroprophh & Though Forms play 'Le Monstre Festival' in Switzerland

⊰FAG((radio will be broadcasting live from ‘Le Monstre Festival’ Geneva, Switerland

Saturday (15 // 11  // 2014) From 1pm to 10pm 
Sunday (16 // 11 // 2014) From 1pm to 8pm

TeclaMyth, Catapulta, Tipex, Jérémy Chevalier, MW, Agathe Max, SalopePhantom Chips
Donald Suck, Monsieur Connard, Uiutna, Kro, H, Cementimental, Henry Collins, Robin Foster, Romki, Inga Burl, Ocean Floor, Lain, Anita, Deej DhariwalH.U.M, Rummaging
Jamzz, Wildrfid records, Bad Trip Inc. Sofy Malady, Cave12, SlackBar, Gareth Turner
Ross Bumtapes, Nicolas Berger.

Listen to the radio show: zamzamrec.org/FAGradio

For more information: lemonstre