27 May 2015

Rocket probes – May playlist

Ryoji Ikeda "supersymmetry" from YCAM on Vimeo.

Mission control are going to be away for a week or two, so we are posting our playlist a couple of days early.

As we will be away there won't be any new posts, but we will be back mid June with lots of VERY exciting announcements...the last half of 2015 is going to be a massive one for Rocket we got lots of great things coming your way!!


Lay Llamas – Space Jungle Mantra
(Their live show supporting Goat at London's Roundhouse, plus an amazing 17minute remix by Julie's Haircut..released on 4-Zero Records)
Lay Llamas

OBNOX – Louder Space
(Bristol legend Fat Paul brought this lot to our attention…great Heads like psych/noise meets hip hop)

Flowers Must Die – Hundra Miljoner Frön / Greatest Hits Live
(Two more tapes by this great Swedish psych band)
Flowers Must Die

SUUNS and Jerusalem In My Heart - Gazelles in Flight
(Heavy analog synths with Arabic influences)
SUUNS and Jerusalem In My Heart

Montauk Boys – Pull The Plug Preson!
(From the The Golden Horse of 6037 tape...Boomkat describe it as 'hallucinatory disco hyperstitions' that sort of sums the tape up well…this track features some nice Minibrute abuse!)
Montauk Boys

Fuzz Against Junk - Netti Netti
(Early Invada Records release featuring Paul from The Heads/Anthroprophh, Billy from Beak> and more, with an amalgamation of styles)
Fuzz Against Junk 1
Fuzz Against Junk 2

Theo Verney – Brain Disease EP
(Our fave Brightonian fuzz popster has a new EP out…)
Theo Verney

Jean-Claude Vannier – L'enfant La Mouche Et Les Allumettes
(Fuzzy, jazzy grooved out french prog from '72)
Jean-Claude Vannier

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - We Know Each Other Somehow

(Massive fan of Lowe's track M'Bondo, this album is even more beautiful modular synth visions)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma

Container – Live at WFMU 
(Big fan of Container and his disjointed 'sometimes krauty' techno...download this set for free!)

Souxsie and the Banshees – Join Hands
(Motorik punk)
Souxsie and the Banshees

Guy Skornik – l'île de pâques
(More fuzzy 70's French grooves…this has a real nod to Melody Nelson)
Guy Skornik

African Head Charge – Off The Beaten Path
(Turkish Psych Dub from Bristol's Adrian Sherwood's On-U-Sound)
African Head Charge

SM Nurse– Hot Day in Istanbul
(Monophonic synthesiser sounds)
SM Nurse


Hey Colossus and Teeth of the Sea at Eindhoven Psych lab

As previously reported Hey Colossus and Teeth of the Sea are playing the great Eindhoven Psych Lab on the weekend of 5-6 June.

We are massive fans of this festival after curating a stage at last years event. and once again it is looking like it will be an amazing weekend!!!

This is going to be the first Teeth of the Sea show this year and as they are currently working on a new album, you may get to be the first people to hear new material?

More information about the festival here: Eindhoven Psych Lab


Gnod feature in Electronic Sound Magazine

Electronic Sound magazine has a massive feature on Gnod, talking about their music and life at Islington Mill.

Well worth picking up.

More info here: Electronic Sound


26 May 2015

Gnod announce more shows

Fresh from Gnod's successful and extensive Infinity Machines tour where they played 29 shows in 26 days, that band have several other shows announced:

31st May - Gnod w/ John Doran - Islington Mill, Salford
24th July - Corsica Studios, London
25th July - The Globe, Cardiff
26th July - Tramlines, Sheffield
21st August - The Cookie, Leicester
22nd August - Pop In Opposition Festival, Ramsgate
23rd August - Zommerparkfeest, Holland

For more info visit the bands Tumblr: INGODWETRUST

And to see more great shots from two of their shows on their tour like the one above, visit:

Brussels gig (2015-05-19):

Liège gig (2015-05-20):


Anthroprophh to play Milhoes De Festa

Anthroprophh join Hey Colossus and many, many other great bands at this years Milhoes De Festa in Portugal on 23-26 July.

Tickets and more info here: Milhoes De Festa


22 May 2015

Raw Power this weekend

Raw Power starts today, so if you are in London GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Tonight see's Gnod play, tomorrow see's Hey Colossus and Teeth of the Sea offshoot Hirvikolari on the bill .

The rest of the line-up is astounding as always, so don't miss this.

More info and tickets: Raw Power


21 May 2015

Goat to play Babylon Soundgarden Festival this weekend

Goat take their live show to Turkey for the first time this weekend as they play Babylon Soundgarden Festival in Istanbul.

More info on the Festival here: Babylon Soundgarden

If you go, please send us any photos or video and we will share it with all other Goat fans.


Boston Hassle reviews Gnod's Infinity Machines

Gnod — Infinity Machines

UK psychedelic-rock collective Gnod have had more than 30 members since their inception in 2007. This ever-expanding and fluctuating lineup has managed to eke out over 20 releases of ever-expanding and fluctuating sonic mindfuckery in that time, some on their own and some with the help of various fine independent labels. This prolific and mercurial nature makes them a bit hard to pin down, and with the release of their new 2.5-hour triple album Infinity Machines, they’ve got plenty of time to work through several different permutations of themselves.

There is oppressive drone, loud and free-jazz-tinted skronk, swampy psychedelic voids, lumbering percussion, abrasive synth squalls, and ghostly sax and Rhodes interludes. There are hints of genres the group or its members have dabbled in before, from motorik to ambient to techno to minimalism, but seamlessly blended in this case to create a whole that is greater than its parts...

Read the full review here: Boston Hassle


20 May 2015

Lay Llamas teaser for Space Jungle Mantra

As reported before, Lay Llamas show from Roundhouse supporting Goat is coming out as an album on 4 Zero Records.

Check out this little trailer that they have put together.

Find out more here: 4Zero Records


17 May 2015

Watch Gnod full set from Milan

Gnod are currently destroying stages across Europe on their Infinity Machines tour.
Watch this full set from their Milan show.


Incendiary Magazine reviews Gnod's Infinity Machines

Only the Throbbing Gristle/Coil axis come close to this spaceward/Satanic Mill industrial sound.

Where oh where to begin with Gnod's new LP? It's an utter monster. Eight mindbending tracks that look to crash through our middling daily concerns and create a headspace that throws us off kilter. I recently remarked that listening to this LP could get you "feeling" in a state of transit; like a balloon covered in static and stuck to a ceiling there is very little pointiin offering any resistance until the process (here: playing the LP in its entirety) is complete.

Gnod's  music on Infinity Machines sometimes (as with Control Systems, and the title track) takes the shape of a thick, steady lava flow of indeterminable noise and or tectonic shifts of sound and space. Countering this (on, say, Inevitable Collateral and Desire) we have a spaced out vibe that mixes the more space dust elements of Gong's muse and sticks it through a cosmic sieve, constructed by Conrad Schnitzler and Edgar Froese. Imagine a Manchester warehouse being blasted (by the dark arts of The Chief Designer) into outer space. Only the Throbbing Gristle/Coil axis come close to this spaceward/Satanic Mill industrial sound. At other times (as on White Priviledged Wank and Breaking the Hex) the record sounds like all the photocopying machines in the world making a concerted attempt to make contact with us. This is truly the sound of the Earth in all its vastness, and/or all the unseen consequences of humankind at work....

Read the full review here: Incendiary Magazine

15 May 2015

Boston Hassle reviews Shit and Shine's 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral album

Shit and Shine — 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

This has been a terrific year so far for Rocket Recordings. Anyone who caught my review of the new Gnod triple album a few weeks back knows that massive sound slab was one of my favorites of the year. However at this point 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral by Shit and Shine, which was released about a month earlier, has crept in and supplanted it as the label’s crowning jewel so far in 2015.

Shit and Shine is the brainchild of Craig Clouse, a Texan living in London. Over the course of a dozen albums the project has taken liberally from all over the musical spectrum. Elements of Can, Hawkwind, Butthole Surfers, the Melvins, Suicide, Chrome, Neu!, even Aphex Twin and classic b-boy electro are torn apart, soaked in lysergic acid and thrown it into their repetitive kraut-noise-dance-rock stew...

Read the rest of the review here: Boston Hassle


Hey Colossus and Mamuthones at Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia

Just a reminder that Hey Colossus and Mamuthones (a rare UK performance)  are playing this years Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia. We love this festival and we were lucky to be involved in last years where we had our full roster playing. So to have more Rocket bands playing this year is a massive honour!!

Tickets and more info can be found from here: Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia


14 May 2015

Dusted reviews Gnod – Infinity Machines

Gnod – Infinity Machines (Rocket Recordings)

Manchester-based post-everything cosmic ravers Gnod seem to be engaged in a one-band crusade to save rock music. Or rather, they are one of the few ostensibly rock-focused bands questioning the genre’s validity and merit in an era of across-the-board conformity and rampant consumerism.

Let’s be honest, rock now stands for stadium-filling reunions by ageing icons just to get one last cash-in on a reputation built decades ago, and painfully brief celebrity status for an endless conveyor belt of skinny-jean-clad hipsters adopting the latest variant on the “Band starting with ‘The’” formula. Worst of all, bar rare valiant exceptions (Swans, The Dead C and um, er, well two ain’t too bad, I guess), these bands all pretty much sound identical, from big stars to small new outfits: like they listen to The Rolling Stones a lot but also once had a Neu! record played to them and now own a MiniMoog. So much yawn. But Gnod are different, and in a fairer world they’d be gracing all the magazine covers and not whatever latest piece of tedium Noel or Liam Gallagher or Blur or that bland chap out of Coldplay have decided to expel from their overly familiar musical backsides. But they aren’t, and in this context they may be better off, because they’ve had the serenity and time to make Infinity Machines something of a statement...

Read the rest of the great and glowing review in full here: Dustedinexile


Watch an artists appreciation of Goat

Here is a great video called Priestess by artist Jeffrey Bowman,  a time lapse video of the painting above he has done of Goat.

Well worth a watch: Bowmanism


13 May 2015

12 May 2015

Hey Colossus Paris show

As mentioned here, Hey Colossus are playing lots of shows over the summer months and here is the great poster for their show in Paris.

More info and tickets here: Instants Chavires


11 May 2015

Watch GOAT's full live show at Ancienne Belgique

Just found this full Goat show from  their Commune European tour when they played Brussels in September last year.

Sit back and enjoy!!


Goat + Mamuthones photos from Milan show

The Goat + Mamuthones Italian tour is now over and by all accounts the sellout shows were amazing!

Here are some photo's of both bands from the Milan show: LA MusicaRock


9 May 2015

Freq reviews Gnod + Anthroprophh Bristol show

Gnod / Anthroprophh (live at The Old Malt House)
29 April 2015

The no-show of Shit & Shine was a bit of a disappointment but Anthroprophh wiped any dissatisfaction clean away with their deep-bellied spectral scream of speaker abuse.Anthroprophh live at The Old Malt House

Guitar that seemed to be constantly gnawing away at its leash, diving, spittingWedging their weapons into the speakers, it was a wholesome racket, all ill-tempered tilting extremes, suddenly poured out into a martial law of double drums, Gareth and Jesse smacking a strong rhythmic core to which Paul fed a sway of psychedelic serpents. A guitar that seemed to be constantly gnawing away at its leash, diving, spitting the convulsive.
Gnod live at The Old Malt HouseAn impossible to pin chaos that tore holes in a fixed stare of horizon or just flayed epileptically around.An energy contrasted later in some dark electrified cello, Alan trickling broken glass down its spine, as the tensile bows gathered, became destructive, kicked into tow with kettled percussives and a tensile toppling of keylines, forging towards a finale that literally ate into your head with pure satisfaction...

Read the full review here: Freq

Photo by Thomas Braendle


Echoes and Dust reviews Anthroprophh and Shit & Shine at Desert Fest

Some words on the recent Desert Fest.
Our two bands did us really proud, also worth mentioning was the stunning set by Bong!!

Shit and Shine
The first time I saw this band they played noise rock and had about 8 drummers. Now, here they are with just one drummer hitting one drum and two guys hidden by wigs hunched over all kinds of gizmos playing this dark techno music. It was just fucking weird, there was something oddly inviting about it though and made my brain warp and my mouth smile. The crowd could have probably done with being in a field holding a big fat pill in their bellies.

Anthroprophh are three seriously talented guys in their 40s who are hell bent on finding new ways on creating hypnotic rhythms that will chuck your brain in all manner of directions. It’s truly joyous watching them at work, a wonderful psychedelic episode that mashes your thoughts into a pathetic muddle. To finish, bassist Gareth got out his futuristic double bass and they mad this tantalising kraut noise, which morphed their set into a sonic miracle. They know exactly what they are doing. Class!

Read the rest of the review here: Echoes and Dust


8 May 2015

The Quietus reviews our Gnod + Anthroprophh show in Bristol

Gnod & Anthroprophh 
Danny Riley attends a Buckfast-fuelled Rocket Recordings night in Bristol

There's a misconception that the Bristol music scene amounts to little more than beats and bass – a prolonged hangover from trip hop and dubstep; music for MDMA-bombing students and white people with dreadlocks. Yet for years there's been a strong undertow of music that exists outside the parameters of club-orientated 'bass music', a raft of labels and promoters who aim to bring something more idiosyncratic to the city. Invada have been doing well with their OST releases, whilst upstarts Howling Owl are making waves with their roster of noisy rock and electronic acts. Perhaps most visibly, local psych label Rocket Recordings have made the leap from relative obscurity with a runaway success in Goat.

Tonight's gig illustrates perfectly Bristol's healthy appreciation for alternatives to rumbly dance music, with what was originally to be a mighty triple-header of some of Rocket Recordings' finest bands: noisy kraut-droners Anthroprophh, sonic terrorists $hit & $hine and unfettered innerspace voyagers Gnod. Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, $hit & $hine have cancelled, but their absence is not to take the metaphorical shine of the event, a friendly BYOB (mainly Bring Your Own Buckfast) event in The Old Malt House studios. Organised by excellent promoters Cacophonous Sarcophagus, who have been putting together excellent bills of free electronics, demented psych and myriad hues of esoteric doom-drone in the crypt of Bristol's St Thomas the Martyr church for some time now, the night had an atmosphere of friendly inclusion, with members of Thought Forms and Beak> in attendance, and no doubt helped along by the plentiful supplies of shop-bought booze….

Read the rest of the great review here: The Quietus


GNOD live in Torino – 5 May 2015

Footage of GNOD live in Torino a couple of days ago

7 May 2015

Hey Colossus up-and-coming European shows

Hey Colossus are heading out for more shows over the summer, here is what is confirmed so far, with more on the way:

21/5/15 – Birmingham 

24/5/15 – Raw Power Fest

04/6/15 – Paris 

05/6/15 – Eindhoven Psych Lab

06/06/15 – Liege

07/6/15 – Brussels

13/6/15 – Cardiff

24/7/15 – London Corsica Studio (w/Gnod)

25/7/15 – Milhoes De Festa

01/8/15 – Ramsgate

26/9/15 – Liverpool Psych Fest


Interview with Goat ahead of tonight's show in Milan

Goat play their second show on their Italian tour tonight, this time in Milan with support from the great  Mamuthones

Milan Zero interviewed the band and asked them for a list of their favourite tracks:
(roughly translated it reads)

Camber Sands, East Sussex, ATP Festival. The hall of the main stage was packed and we are at the peak of the celebrations for the one that, on paper, should be "the end of an era." On stage they are just climbed the Goat, the group most anticipated of all three days and the phenomenon of "psychedelic" the most explosive in recent years. The results of the Swedish collective is an exaltation of the voodoo groove which marks their withering and rightly acclaimed debut "World Music": too many people, dressed in clothes that evoke distant traditions and hidden behind tribal masks, beat on drums and jammano like Hawkwind (but not rude), while our eyes are mesmerized by the two singers dancing barefoot. "A collective ritual" - as we like to say these days - made of fuzz and rhythms primitivists, but with incitement to move our butts equal to that of the Chk Chk Chk. At the end of the concert, the Italian delegation to ATP is divided: those still in full cosmic trip and those who believe the show (and sound) of the Goat built too. We do not know whether they are really the heirs of an ancient tradition with origins in the Arctic Circle, only if they have learned well the lesson of Fela Kuti or if the history of the municipality where they live is a lie. We know, however, that with a live as spectacular - preceded by post-punk rhythms-acid-tribal Mamuthones, recently published by the same label of the Goat, Rocket Recordings - the "uppers" you may as well leave them at home.

While waiting for their live Italian, we asked the collective masked Rocket Recordings to select for us a bit 'of music that inspired them over the years. "Psychedelia transcendental", rarity and Swedish classics among the plays to get prepared for their incredible show ... To which we want to add a bit too 'exercise in the gym…

Read the rest and listen to the selected tracks here: Milan Zero

(Plus if you didn't know, Gnod are also playing Milan tonight..a Rocket invasion of the city!!!)