9 May 2015

Freq reviews Gnod + Anthroprophh Bristol show

Gnod / Anthroprophh (live at The Old Malt House)
29 April 2015

The no-show of Shit & Shine was a bit of a disappointment but Anthroprophh wiped any dissatisfaction clean away with their deep-bellied spectral scream of speaker abuse.Anthroprophh live at The Old Malt House

Guitar that seemed to be constantly gnawing away at its leash, diving, spittingWedging their weapons into the speakers, it was a wholesome racket, all ill-tempered tilting extremes, suddenly poured out into a martial law of double drums, Gareth and Jesse smacking a strong rhythmic core to which Paul fed a sway of psychedelic serpents. A guitar that seemed to be constantly gnawing away at its leash, diving, spitting the convulsive.
Gnod live at The Old Malt HouseAn impossible to pin chaos that tore holes in a fixed stare of horizon or just flayed epileptically around.An energy contrasted later in some dark electrified cello, Alan trickling broken glass down its spine, as the tensile bows gathered, became destructive, kicked into tow with kettled percussives and a tensile toppling of keylines, forging towards a finale that literally ate into your head with pure satisfaction...

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Photo by Thomas Braendle