31 May 2017

Rocket Probes – May playlist

Capra Informis – Tunnels of Qliphoth
(New ltd 7" from this Goat offshoot – the return of his Swedish blackpsych)
Capra Informis

Hey Colossus – Englishman
(The guys dropped a great new track this month...nice video too)
Hey Colossus

Leg Puppy – Black Light / She's Lost Her Soul (Gnoomes Remixes)
(Great remixes from Gnoomes whose UK tour starts tomorrow)

Housewives – Exc. 281016
(New 7" from one of our fave UK bands)

(If you like The Heads we think you may like this!)

Paternoster - Paternoster
(Proggy krautrock from 70's Austria)

Colin Stetson – All this I do for Glory
(Colin goes Warp!!)
Colin Stetson

We the people – Function Underground 
(Nice slab of fuzz funk )
We the people

Oblong – Mwg Drwg
(Great atmospheric track – like a gothier, darker, more menacing Portishead)

Grand Theft - Scream (It's Eating Me Alive)
(Great grooved 70’s rock)
Grand Theft

Unearth Noise – Prayer and Resonance
(One of the guys from Hills turned us onto this album of dark droning and rhythmic psychedelia)
Unearth Noise

Dr. Alimantado And Soul Syndicate ‎– I Am The Greatest Says Muhammad Ali
(Killer fuzzwah on this great reggae instrumental 7"...been a strong fave of ours for years)
Dr. Alimantado

Kikagaku Moyo – Stone Garden
(Swamped with fuzz psyched jams and acoustic mantras) 
Kikagaku Moyo

Walter Wegmüller - Der Wagen
(Driving, grooved out Kraut Rock from the album Tarot)
Walter Wegmüller

Connie Case – Get Down
(Great electro disco from 82)
Connie Case

The Glass Sun - I can see the light
(Heavy fuzz pop)
The Glass Sun

Gas – Narkopop
(Big thanks to Gnoomes to turning us on to this new album by Gas)

Fela Kuti - Monkey Banana
(Fela's band sounding a bit Can' like in places on this great track)
Fela Kuti

Frak ‎– Prisma / Matador
(Jamie Paton turned us onto these two electro-acid-techno 12"s on Swedish label Kontra-Musik)

Hellstorm - Cry for the Newborn
(Great fuzzy slow groove, 70s black rock)

Music to Ease Your Disease – Popul Vuh Special on NTS
(Our fellow 'Nothing Is...' comrade Mike Keeling put together this great Popul Vuh 'vinyl only' mix for his show on NTS)
Popul Vuh

Soundgarden – Sub Pop Rock City
(RIP Chris Cornell)

Listen to our Probes Spotify playlist here:


Louder than War reviews GNOD live in Newcastle

It reads:

GNOD, White Hills and Girl Sweat
Cluny, Newcastle
24th May 2017

An ear splitting night of intense space rock and sludgy kraut rock from three of the finest bands around, who all brought their A Game!

As far as double headers go GNOD and White Hills was always destined to be one of epic proportions, both bands have a reputation for putting on amazing shows and tonight they have both brought their A game. Girl Sweat opens the show with an equally captivating set, his on stage theatrics matching his heavy space rock. It’s an impressive set though that sets the deafening tone for the rest of the evening, the stifling heat forcing almost everyone out of the venue between bands...

Read the rest here: Louder than War


The Quietus reveal footage of Gnoomes from their first show on the Tschak! tour

Gnoomes UK tour kicks off on Thursday – and to wet your appetites the band have revealed footage of them performing two tracks from their first show of their Tschak! tour – you can watch the video exclusively via The Quietus

The band say this about the video:

"This footage has been recorded at the 'Tschak!' premiere in our native city of Perm. We were very excited to share new live set with our friends and it’s so cool that they heard it first. Now people can join this sacred moment and experience it with us again."

The tour dates are as follows:

01 / The Wave Maiden / Southsea
02 / Open / Norwich
04 / Soup Kitchen / Manchester 
06 / Cluny / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
07 / Broadcast / Glasgow
09 / Wharf Chambers / Leeds
10 / Bootleg Social / Blackpool
12 / London / Brewhouse
13 / Purple Turtle / Reading


Line of the Best Fit reviews Hey Colossus's The Guillotine

It reads:

Of the many platitudes by which Hey Colossus are regularly described by their cultish fanbase, “monolithic” seems to be the most persistent, and with good reason.

This is music that is painstakingly, exhaustingly constructed, pungent with the perspiration and lactic acid of physical exertion, that crumbles and plummets with similarly epic levels of drama and earthly weight. Remarkably, since their departure from the brutal noise rock of their early records towards a comparatively accessible brand of swaggering psych on 2015’s In Black and Gold, Hey Colossus have somehow managed to pull off the paradoxical feat of actually becoming a heavier band while allowing a hookier, poppier sheen to varnish their cascades of wrought-iron grooves and sandblaster riffs. On The Guillotine, the listener is strongarmed into bearing witness to a further refinement of this disorientating brew of metallic intensity and inexplicably catchy melody...

Read the rest here: LOTBF


Gnod to play Liverpool Psych Festival

Excited to announce that Gnod are joining Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Julie's Haircut at this years Liverpool Psych fest!!

Also – the great Träd, Gräs & Stenar are also playing...going to be fantastic once again!

Tickets and more information can be found here: Liverpool Psych Fest


Whispering and Hollerin gives Hey Colossus's The Guillotine 9/10

It reads:

Following the stop-gap compilation release of ‘Dedicated To Uri Klangers (2003 - 2013)’ in December, Hey Colossus return with their first new album since ‘Radio Static High’ and ‘In Black and Gold’ (both 2015)… Actually, five months is hardly a stop-gap, is it? Just as two years between albums is no time when singles and EPs are also being slipped out systematically. How do they do it?

‘The Guillotine’ is pitched as being ‘darker and more brooding than their last two records’, as well as being ‘perhaps their most richly melodic to date’. But don’t expect any immediate, mellow, or overtly tuneful pop tunes here. Opener ‘Honest to God’ is a windy, trippy tremolo-fest that breaks into a mess of Melvins-style distortion, and from the outset, ‘The Guillotine’ has some serious heft – as we’ve come to expect from Hey Colossus. In short, it doesn’t disappoint and is plenty heavy. Against that expectation however, ‘Calenture Boy’ is possessed of a lilting, chiming tunefulness that’s almost shoegazey post-rock in flavour...

Read the rest here: Whispering and Hollerin 


30 May 2017

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs play The Cluny's 15 Anniversary bash

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have been announced to be taking part in The Cluny's 15 Anniversary celebrations...

Info/tickets can be found here: The Cluny


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play Ritual Union Festival

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation join Toy and others at this festival in Oxford on 21 October.

Tickets are available here: Ritual Union 

The bands up-and-coming schedule now looks like:

09 Jul / Blue Dot / Jodrell Bank Observatory / UK
05 Aug / Skeleton Coast / Holylake / UK
10-12 Aug / Way Out West / Gothenburg / Sweden
17 Sep / Beyond the tracks / Birmingham / UK
21 Oct / Ritual Union / Oxford / UK


29 May 2017

The Skinny reviews Hey Colossus – The Guillotine

It reads:

London sextet Hey Colossus' latest is a barbed punch at the UK's current political climate. The band have been on a roll since 2015 when they released two excellent albums – Radio Static High and In Black and Gold – proving themselves to be remarkably self-assured, prolific and consistent right off the bat. Now, they're back with their scathing follow-up The Guillotine which takes a rather large swipe at the current state of the nation.

Loosely speaking, The Guillotine feels, if not a concept album, then certainly linked together by a general feeling of rage at the political and social climate. Opener Honest to God seethes at the future prospects of young people having to deal with their elders' decisions, its bassline creeping along with a menace which never really lets up over the album's 8 tracks and 45 minutes...

Read the rest here: The Skinny

The album is released this Friday!


Italian Occult Psychedelia compilation released featuring Lay Llamas and Mamuthones

No=FI records have released a digital compilation to celebrate Thalassa – Italian Occult Psychedelia Festival.

The comp features many great bands from the Italian scene featuring Lay llamas and Mamuthones

Buy the comp here: No=FI


Echoes and Dust photos of Gnod live in London

See all the great shots of Gnod in full force here: Echoes and Dust

Photos by Simon Kallas


New Julie's Haircut shows announced

Julie's Haircut have loads of new shows announced:

29.07 VERONA (IT) | TBA


27 May 2017

Huge Rocket Feature in Junes Italian 'Mucchio' Magazine

We are delighted to say this June's edition of the Italian music magazine 'Mucchio' featuring The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper' front cover has a huge 15 page feature on Rocket & Rocket bands.

The feature is packed with a Hey Colossus - The Guillotine review, Flowers Must Die feature, Gnoomes feature, GNOD feature & a Temples ov BBV album review.

Further details visit the magazine's website: ilmucchio



26 May 2017

First look at LOSE YOUR HEAD – the Hey Colossus beer

To celebrate the launch of Hey Colossus's new album The Guillotine – Brewage A Trois have brewed a 9% Dubble IPA called LOSE YOUR HEAD.

These ltd edition bottles will be made available at the Hey Colossus album launch party at New River Studios on 8 June, tickets for this event can be bought here: Baba Yaga's Hut.

The Guillotine is released on 2nd June.


Echoes and Dust reviews Hey Colossus 'The Guillotine'

It reads:

When a band changes direction musically it can very often be a moment where they either collapse, or it becomes a defining moment in their history. When that band does it on every album, sometimes twice in a year, then you really have to applaud the tenacity and belief that they have in their convictions. Not that Hey Colossus ever stray too far away from their original ethos, yet over the course of a few years they changed from heavy psychedelic noise rock to jagged post-punk and now, on new album The Guillotine, broodingly tuneful indie kids. Of course, it’s not quite as clear cut as that, but on the surface you can plainly see the differences in genre terms.

Not that any of this will phase Hey Colossus who stand as one of the most exciting UK bands around at the moment. Taking up home at Rocket Recordings, they have progressed in leaps and bounds from their earlier, noisier excursions...

Read the rest here: Echoes and Dust


The Organ say some words on Gnoomes up-and-coming London show

They say:

1: GNOOMES – “The self-proclaimed ‘stargaze’ trio, who hail from the Russian city of Perm, play their first show in London since the recent release of ‘Tschak!’, their second album for Rocket Recordings, which sees them expand their sound to take in torrents of guitar noise and electronic extrapolations both blissfully kosmiche and aggressively abrasive”, you can catch their upward looking beauty at the Brewhouse here in Hackney – The Brewhouse, 370 Helmsley Place, London, E8 3SB on Monday June 12th

See the piece here: The Organ


Mass Movement reviews Hey Colossus – The Guillotine

It reads:

Dwelling somewhere in the discordant and slightly disturbing ether that swirls between Fugazi, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Hawkwind, The Birthday Party, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and St. Vitus, Hey Colossus are one of those bands who have always done things their own way. Some would have you believe that their blinkered, singular vision and mission is a self-defeating trial of Herculean proportions, but those naysayers are the unfortunate, limited souls who have, and will, never understand the stark, unique beauty of Hey Colossus and the hypnotic way that they find a groove, lock into it and willingly drag the faithful along with them. The Guillotine continues their journey in fine fettle, beckoning the listener in, sitting them down at a table filled with all manner of exquisite sonic delights and pleasures and letting them luxuriate in them for all eternity. Gather round ye non-believers and lose thyselves in The Guillotine…  Tim Cundle

See the piece here: Mass Movement


25 May 2017

Watch Matt Baty from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs join Gnod on stage


Drowned in Sound choose Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation as one of the artists to see at this weekends Dot to Dot Festival

It reads:

Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation

(Friday 26th. Manchester. Band On The Wall @ 17:15)
(Saturday 27th. Bristol. Thekla @ 23:00)
(Sunday 28th. Nottingham. Rescue Rooms @ 23:15)

Anyone that's already witnessed Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation in the flesh will know they're a captivating, if not mindblowing experience. Taking their name from the Tibetan Book Of The Dead and with a musical palette that draws inspiration from Broadcast, Jefferson Airplane, Spacemen 3, and Serge Gainsbourg among a host of others, their darkly orchestrated, errant take on psychedelia is set to prove a surefire winner here.

Read the full piece here: DIS

The band are also playing the Green Man Courtyard Festival this weekend to on Saturday afternoon...so four shows in three days!!

More info here: Green Man


Necro Deathmort join Bong and others at huge London show


Necro Deathmort
Bodies On Everest
plus more TBC

Heavy Vibes in the Live Room Downstairs plus DJs spinning abject misery upstairs til close

Kamio (Red Gallery, 1 Rivington St, EC2A 3DT London)

Saturday, September 23 at 7 PM - 2 AM

Tix: £17.50 (adv) here:  See

More info here: Facebook


Psych Insight reviews Flowers Must Die's album Kompost

It reads:

I’m a bit late on this one. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and have come back to it a number of times, but just not got into it. Time and again friends have told me its worth sticking with it, and reviews have been great, but for me…nothing. Then last week I had another listen and the penny started to drop. I began to see what my problem was (and it is MY problem). I was expecting something else from Flowers Must Die. Actually I was expecting ‘Källa Til Ovisshet’, the first track of this album which is the sort of psych jam that I have generally associated with the band, and was what I got during their excellent set at the Liverpool PsychFest last year.

The nature of this first track only served to further throw me off the scent because I thought I knew what I was getting from this album, something comfortably familiar that I could put on an let it wash over me in a kind of pleasant way…yet in a way that once I’d finished with it I would’ve thought it was fine but it wouldn’t have left much of a lasting impression on me.

What Flowers Must Die have actually done is exactly what I want from a band. They have reassessed where they are, they’ve expanded the band, and they’ve looked for a new direction and a new challenge. I know some bands, and fans of bands, like to stick to a template and put out album after album and, if that works for them, that’s totally fine. It doesn’t work for me though…because I always wonder what the point of playing album number three when one and two are not a million miles away from it...

Read the rest here: Psych Insight


24 May 2017

NARC interview GNOD

On the back of their remarkable new album 'Just Say No...' Lee Fisher spoke to Paddy Shine of GNOD about Politics, Crass and Trepanning.

Salford based collective Gnod have been making music in all manner of styles and configurations for over a decade now, embracing everything from psych and doom to techno, and at the same time becoming key figures in the development of the community of artists and musicians working within the now essential Islington Mill complex. At the end of March, the band released perhaps their most astonishing and uncompromising album yet, the bluntly titled Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine, a five-track howl of anger delivered in a particularly ferocious style. But as Paddy Shine, one of the central members points out, it’s not necessarily what people imagine it to be.

Read the full interview: NARC


GNOD are on tour:

05/24 UK Newcastle The Cluny  tickets
05/25 France Roeun les 3 Pièces
05/26 Belgium Mechelen In Utero Festival tickets
05/27 Belgium Tournai Water Moulin
05/28 Germany Frankfurt Das Bett tickets
05/30 Denmark Aarhus Tape
05/31 Denmark Aalborg 1000fryd tickets

06/01 Denmark Copehagen Loppen tickets
06/02 Sweden Gothenborg Truckstop Alaska
06/03 Sweden Malmo Plan B
06/04 Germany Hamburg Stubnitz
06/07 NL Utrecht DB´s tickets
06/08 UK Cardiff Moon Cub tickets
06/09 UK Nottingham The Maze tickets
06/10 UK Glasgow the Flying Duck tickets


23 May 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live at Desert Fest

It reads:

A band which noisily emerged in the underground scene on Rocket Recordings is Pig Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. After frontman Matt Baty took vocal duties for Terminal Cheesecake’s extremely trippy head fuck psych on Friday, he returns with his own band and their own take of Sabbathian riffs and Butthole Surfers weirdness. It results in a rip-roaring, raging mess, and this is meant only as high praise.

With Matt only donning black Addidas shorts, his stage presence is like a drunken British holiday maker in Benidorm having a severely bad acid trip. It might not look dignified, but it is visually riveting. ‘Sweat relief’ possesses an even more punked up ferocity live, but is held together by the band with aplomb, as is the whole set. This in turn informs an exuberant mosh pit. Pigs x7 are as encompassing chaos as I was hoping, and more. Great stuff.

Read the full review here: Echoes and Dust


Anthroprophh reveal sleeve of new album on Creepy Crawl

Anthroprophh have revealed the great sleeve for their new album that is coming out on Bristol label Creepy Crawl in August.

No info has been released about the album – but of course we know it will be an essential listen!


18 May 2017

Watch live video rendition of Julie's Haircut track 'Deluge'

Watch live this great live rendition of the Julie's Haircut track 'Deluge'.

The video was filmed at the Locomotiv in Bologna, Italy on March 3.

Read what the Italian website Rock It had to say here: Rockit

The band are on tour in Italy on the follow dates:

08/06 Modena - Estat OFF
15/07 Chiaverano - (TO) A Night Like This Festival
20/07 Molfetta - (BA) Eremo Club
21/07 Benevento - Soundproof Festival
22/07 Loreto - (AN) Reasonanz
23/07 Genova - Pop Sagra Urbana
26/07 Osio Sotto - (BG) Libera la festa


Flowers Must Die posters for up-and-coming UK shows

Here are two posters for up-and-coming Flowers Must Die shows in Reding and Cambridge....

Full tour is:

16 Cardiff, The Moon
17 Reading, Public 
18 Birmingham, Supersonic Festival
19 Cambridge, The Portland Arms

20 London, Café Oto (supporting The Space Lady)

Don't miss!!!


Hey Colossus announce special album launch party at New River Studios

To celebrate the launch of Hey Colossus's new album 'The Guillotine' the band are playing a special party at New River Studios...tickets can be bought from here: Baba Yaga's Hut 

Baba Yaga's Hut presents:

The Wharves

June 8th
New River Studios / Manor House / London

Tickets here: Baba Yaga


To help celebrate this night and new album, Rocket's faithful brewer Brewage à Trois have brewed a great Dubbel IPA called LOSE YOUR HEAD. 

At 9% abv it's a rich, strong beer, packed with aromatic Belgian yeast, Citra hops and a sharp, clean finish. 

So...another great excuse to come and lose your head!!


Schwet: 10-05-17 - GNOD Special

Check out this great mix going through Gnod's 10 year career curated by Schwet.

Some classic Gnod tracks have been included here – also some classic tracks are missing, still it is one helluva listen.

They say:

Attempting to condense 10 years of sonic sorcery from the Salford psychedelic cult, into a bitesize two-hour all-vinyl mix.

Gnod & White Hills - The Secret Society of Ants
Gnod – The World Is Good
Negra Branca – Farca Do Inberno
Gnod – The Importance of Down Time
Gnod – The Somnambulist's Tale (B)
Gnod - Creedon's Clearwater Revival
Dru$$ - Last Train To Nowhere
Gnod - 5th Dub
Anonymous Bash – Ambiguous Trash
Love Cult Take Druss – Nonplusultra
Gnod – Vatican
Dwellings – Drone Invasion
Gnod – Holy Empire
Dwellings – 20 Sides a Minute
Gnod – Manimal Agnotism
Gnod – Man on The Wire
Gnod – Bodies for Money
Gnod – The Mirror
Gnod – Tron 
Gnod - Shitting Through The Eye of a Needle in a Haystack


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to support Acid Mothers Temple

Excited to announce that Baba Yaga's Hut have got Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to support Acid Mothers Temple at the Dome in London:

Acid Mothers Temple + Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 
Saturday 14th October 2017 

The Dome Tufnell Park
2 Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park, London, NW5 1HL

Tickets: Baba Yaga


17 May 2017

Gnoomes expand their forthcoming Tschak! tour

Gnoomes have expanded their up and coming tour with dates in Russia and Switzerland:

May 19 / Smoky Dog / Perm (RU)
May 20 / Night Of Museums - Perm State Gallery / Perm (RU)
May 23 / Sady / Moscow (RU)
May 24 / Südpol / Luzern (with Froth) (SW) 
May 26 / Cardinal / Schaffhausen (SW)
June 01 / Pie & Vinyl / Southsea (UK)
June 02 / Open / Norwich (UK)
June 04 / Soup Kitchen / Manchester (UK)
June 06 / Cluny / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK)
June 07 / Broadcast / Glasgow (UK)
June 09 / Wharf Chambers / Leeds (UK)
June 10 / Bootleg Social / Blackpool (UK)
June 12 / London / Brewhouse (UK)
June 13 / Purple Turtle / Reading (UK)

Their latest album Tschak! can be bought from all good record shops or direct from here: Bandcamp


London in Stereo interviews Hey Colossus

Ahead of their show at the 100 Club tonight – London in Stereo caught up with Joe from Hey Colossus:

Joe Thompson – bassist in crushing heavy rock group Hey Colossus – waxes nostalgic about their early days ahead of their 100 Club gig on Wednesday (May 17th). With a new album out in June the veteran noisemaker reveals his early influences and the origins of the band and how DIY music-making is the only way forward…

Forgive the historical slant. But today is my birthday and I’m feeling misty eyed. In 1990, Hey Colossus was called The State We’re In – named after the first Dogs D’amour album. There’s no shame in this, as the first couple of Dogs D’amour records are decent (in fact the first one sounds like Royal Trux).

Before that we were called Garage Daze (sort of after a Metallica EP), we had other names – Brain Bucket (a grindcore attempt, one show at a school assembly to stunned silence), the Mad Moshing Midgets (I think we recorded a tape in my bedroom), probably loads of others. We liked metal, we traded tapes with other bands who wrote into Terrorizer Magazine…

Read the rest here: London in Stereo


Flowers Must Die June UK tour poster


16 May 2017

Capra Informis to release Ltd 7" single – watch video

We are excited to reveal the second release by Goat offshoot Capra Informis – a two track 7" called Tunnels of Qliphoth released on 7 July, watch the band made video for the lead track above.

And see what the Quietus say about the record here: The Quietus

The 7" single is ltd to 300 copies – with only 150 being exclusively sold via the Rocket Recordings shop (Preorder here: Rocket) the other 150 will be sold via the band direct.

The press release reads:

Capra Informis – Tunnels of Qliphoth
Capra Informis, the band put together by Goat’s demonic djembe player return with their second release Tunnels of Qliphoth. This two track 7” follows their debut and now highly sought after EP Womb of the Wild which was released on Rocket in 2015.

The two tracks on the 7” continues where Womb of the Wild left off – with a darker, more menacing take on Goat’s tribal grooves –creating something that is uniquely Capra Informis.

Lead track Tunnels of Qliphoth is driven by heavy organ, repetition and chanted dual vocals, which sounds like the evil cousin of Master Musicians of Bukkake at their most shamanic. While B-side Ho Draken Ho Magas introduces frantic djembe rhythms and a fog of black metal guitars that swamp the ritualistic chants.

In truth we at Rocket don’t know that much about Capra Informis. The project is very secretive and we are unaware how many people are actually involved. We are sure there are at least two members; the masked man who stares out the audience from behind his djembe at Goat shows and one other unnamed member who can be heard on vocals, who we also believe reveals herself in the video for Tunnels of Qliphoth. 

We asked the band for some information regarding this release and this is what they said:

“Invoke the force that dwells within the depth of your soul.  
Enter a world beyond the universe as we know it.
Through the shadow worlds of the subconscious, find wisdom in the unknown.
Capra Informis is the musical reflection of the divine chaotic inner self in pure lust and creativity."
The Tunnels of Qliphoth, the mysterious paths from the material plane into the black hole, the absolute core where everything is possible. 
Break the chains of the flesh and join the ride into the mesmerizing darkness!”

We hope the band will bring their dark sounds to European stages later in the year, watch this space.


Flowers Must Die announce June UK tour

Excited to announce that Flowers Must Die are returning to the UK for a sting of dates in June:

16 Cardiff, The Moon
17 Reading, Public 
18 Birmingham, Supersonic Festival Tickets
19 Cambridge, The Portland Arms Tickets
20 London, Café Oto (supporting The Space Lady) Tickets

Their album Kompost can still be bought from here: Rocket Bandcamp


15 May 2017

Hey Colossus 100 club show this week

On Wednesday Hey Colossus will be taking people's heads off at the London's legendary 100 Club. Gonna be a special night!!

Tickets from here: Baba Yaga's Hut

The band have these other great show also lined–up:

09/06 – Torino / Radio Blackout Festival / Italy
10/06 – Verona / Wunderbar Summer Festival / Italy
11/06 – Guastalla / Handmade Festival / Italy
07/07 – Ferme Electrique Festival / near Paris / France
08/07 – Bristol / Psych Fest / UK
25-26/09 – Seachange Festival / Totnes / UK

Their new album 'The Guillotine' – released on LP/CD/DL on 2nd June


Listen to exclusive GOAT playlist for Crack Magazine

Ahead of Goat's headline show at Brixton Academy on July 29th (tickets here) the band have put together an exclusive 75 minute Spotify playlist for Crack Magazine.

You can listen here: Crack Magazine


12 May 2017

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation play Double Dot Dash Festival

Next weekend Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation are heading to South Street Arts Centre in Reading for the Double Dot Dash Festival.

Full line-up, info and tickets here: Double Dot Dash