17 May 2017

London in Stereo interviews Hey Colossus

Ahead of their show at the 100 Club tonight – London in Stereo caught up with Joe from Hey Colossus:

Joe Thompson – bassist in crushing heavy rock group Hey Colossus – waxes nostalgic about their early days ahead of their 100 Club gig on Wednesday (May 17th). With a new album out in June the veteran noisemaker reveals his early influences and the origins of the band and how DIY music-making is the only way forward…

Forgive the historical slant. But today is my birthday and I’m feeling misty eyed. In 1990, Hey Colossus was called The State We’re In – named after the first Dogs D’amour album. There’s no shame in this, as the first couple of Dogs D’amour records are decent (in fact the first one sounds like Royal Trux).

Before that we were called Garage Daze (sort of after a Metallica EP), we had other names – Brain Bucket (a grindcore attempt, one show at a school assembly to stunned silence), the Mad Moshing Midgets (I think we recorded a tape in my bedroom), probably loads of others. We liked metal, we traded tapes with other bands who wrote into Terrorizer Magazine…

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