9 May 2017

The Quietus reviews Flowers Must Die's Kompost

It reads:

It's tempting to say that if you only buy one psych-rock record this year, make it Kompost. I wouldn't go quite that far because you should obviously buy loads of 'em including those neglected by this column as a result of short-term memory loss. Plus, Bardo Pond have just released a new LP (see above and distribute your pocket money accordingly). Even so, such is the wealth and diversity of psychedelic gubbins lurking in Kompost's yellow grooves that you could spend countless rewarding hours in its company. The record is dronesome in certain places, funky in others, with generous smatterings of krautrock, space rock, jazz, proggy freak folk and other fuckings about which all prove more colourful than Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Pollock Palette Spillage. Amon Düül II certainly spring to mind, as do Can, Acid Mothers Temple and Flowers Must Die's fellow cosmic Swedes Träd, Gräs & Stenar. Having said that, one section masquerades as a lost Donna Summer blaxploitation soundtrack being run through a mangle. Oh, and do you prefer a male, female or robotic vocal? Don't worry, in different places Flowers Must Die experiment with all three. Kompost has something for everyone plus a little bit extra.

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