16 May 2017

Capra Informis to release Ltd 7" single – watch video

We are excited to reveal the second release by Goat offshoot Capra Informis – a two track 7" called Tunnels of Qliphoth released on 7 July, watch the band made video for the lead track above.

And see what the Quietus say about the record here: The Quietus

The 7" single is ltd to 300 copies – with only 150 being exclusively sold via the Rocket Recordings shop (Preorder here: Rocket) the other 150 will be sold via the band direct.

The press release reads:

Capra Informis – Tunnels of Qliphoth
Capra Informis, the band put together by Goat’s demonic djembe player return with their second release Tunnels of Qliphoth. This two track 7” follows their debut and now highly sought after EP Womb of the Wild which was released on Rocket in 2015.

The two tracks on the 7” continues where Womb of the Wild left off – with a darker, more menacing take on Goat’s tribal grooves –creating something that is uniquely Capra Informis.

Lead track Tunnels of Qliphoth is driven by heavy organ, repetition and chanted dual vocals, which sounds like the evil cousin of Master Musicians of Bukkake at their most shamanic. While B-side Ho Draken Ho Magas introduces frantic djembe rhythms and a fog of black metal guitars that swamp the ritualistic chants.

In truth we at Rocket don’t know that much about Capra Informis. The project is very secretive and we are unaware how many people are actually involved. We are sure there are at least two members; the masked man who stares out the audience from behind his djembe at Goat shows and one other unnamed member who can be heard on vocals, who we also believe reveals herself in the video for Tunnels of Qliphoth. 

We asked the band for some information regarding this release and this is what they said:

“Invoke the force that dwells within the depth of your soul.  
Enter a world beyond the universe as we know it.
Through the shadow worlds of the subconscious, find wisdom in the unknown.
Capra Informis is the musical reflection of the divine chaotic inner self in pure lust and creativity."
The Tunnels of Qliphoth, the mysterious paths from the material plane into the black hole, the absolute core where everything is possible. 
Break the chains of the flesh and join the ride into the mesmerizing darkness!”

We hope the band will bring their dark sounds to European stages later in the year, watch this space.