25 May 2017

Psych Insight reviews Flowers Must Die's album Kompost

It reads:

I’m a bit late on this one. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and have come back to it a number of times, but just not got into it. Time and again friends have told me its worth sticking with it, and reviews have been great, but for me…nothing. Then last week I had another listen and the penny started to drop. I began to see what my problem was (and it is MY problem). I was expecting something else from Flowers Must Die. Actually I was expecting ‘Källa Til Ovisshet’, the first track of this album which is the sort of psych jam that I have generally associated with the band, and was what I got during their excellent set at the Liverpool PsychFest last year.

The nature of this first track only served to further throw me off the scent because I thought I knew what I was getting from this album, something comfortably familiar that I could put on an let it wash over me in a kind of pleasant way…yet in a way that once I’d finished with it I would’ve thought it was fine but it wouldn’t have left much of a lasting impression on me.

What Flowers Must Die have actually done is exactly what I want from a band. They have reassessed where they are, they’ve expanded the band, and they’ve looked for a new direction and a new challenge. I know some bands, and fans of bands, like to stick to a template and put out album after album and, if that works for them, that’s totally fine. It doesn’t work for me though…because I always wonder what the point of playing album number three when one and two are not a million miles away from it...

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