8 May 2017

The Rave Mag interviews Goat

It reads (roughly translated from Turkish):

Goat is a group that has opened in the world from the small village of Korpilombolo in the north of Sweden and has drawn attention to it in a short period of time with its high performances of different mythologies and energy. Of course, there is also a part of this in the masked appearance of the group members. Naturally, they avoid giving names in interviews. After three albums in different colors, each with their "Requiem" in 2016, we performed a short and concise conversation about musical backgrounds, live performances, curiosities about Turkish music and their future projects.
How should I address you in this interview?

I think I'm Dr. Bombastic the Fantastic.

For Goat you call it a "musical collective". What are the items that affect you collectively? And how do you transfer them to the limited nature of the recording medium?

If you are a part of Goat, there is no limit for you. We define the world as a well where many things are possible, and inspiration is limitless. This is reflected in the recording environment as well...

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