24 May 2017

NARC interview GNOD

On the back of their remarkable new album 'Just Say No...' Lee Fisher spoke to Paddy Shine of GNOD about Politics, Crass and Trepanning.

Salford based collective Gnod have been making music in all manner of styles and configurations for over a decade now, embracing everything from psych and doom to techno, and at the same time becoming key figures in the development of the community of artists and musicians working within the now essential Islington Mill complex. At the end of March, the band released perhaps their most astonishing and uncompromising album yet, the bluntly titled Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine, a five-track howl of anger delivered in a particularly ferocious style. But as Paddy Shine, one of the central members points out, it’s not necessarily what people imagine it to be.

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