31 May 2017

Rocket Probes – May playlist

Capra Informis – Tunnels of Qliphoth
(New ltd 7" from this Goat offshoot – the return of his Swedish blackpsych)
Capra Informis

Hey Colossus – Englishman
(The guys dropped a great new track this month...nice video too)
Hey Colossus

Leg Puppy – Black Light / She's Lost Her Soul (Gnoomes Remixes)
(Great remixes from Gnoomes whose UK tour starts tomorrow)

Housewives – Exc. 281016
(New 7" from one of our fave UK bands)

(If you like The Heads we think you may like this!)

Paternoster - Paternoster
(Proggy krautrock from 70's Austria)

Colin Stetson – All this I do for Glory
(Colin goes Warp!!)
Colin Stetson

We the people – Function Underground 
(Nice slab of fuzz funk )
We the people

Oblong – Mwg Drwg
(Great atmospheric track – like a gothier, darker, more menacing Portishead)

Grand Theft - Scream (It's Eating Me Alive)
(Great grooved 70’s rock)
Grand Theft

Unearth Noise – Prayer and Resonance
(One of the guys from Hills turned us onto this album of dark droning and rhythmic psychedelia)
Unearth Noise

Dr. Alimantado And Soul Syndicate ‎– I Am The Greatest Says Muhammad Ali
(Killer fuzzwah on this great reggae instrumental 7"...been a strong fave of ours for years)
Dr. Alimantado

Kikagaku Moyo – Stone Garden
(Swamped with fuzz psyched jams and acoustic mantras) 
Kikagaku Moyo

Walter Wegmüller - Der Wagen
(Driving, grooved out Kraut Rock from the album Tarot)
Walter Wegmüller

Connie Case – Get Down
(Great electro disco from 82)
Connie Case

The Glass Sun - I can see the light
(Heavy fuzz pop)
The Glass Sun

Gas – Narkopop
(Big thanks to Gnoomes to turning us on to this new album by Gas)

Fela Kuti - Monkey Banana
(Fela's band sounding a bit Can' like in places on this great track)
Fela Kuti

Frak ‎– Prisma / Matador
(Jamie Paton turned us onto these two electro-acid-techno 12"s on Swedish label Kontra-Musik)

Hellstorm - Cry for the Newborn
(Great fuzzy slow groove, 70s black rock)

Music to Ease Your Disease – Popul Vuh Special on NTS
(Our fellow 'Nothing Is...' comrade Mike Keeling put together this great Popul Vuh 'vinyl only' mix for his show on NTS)
Popul Vuh

Soundgarden – Sub Pop Rock City
(RIP Chris Cornell)

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