31 Mar 2010

More TOTS praise for Orphaned by the Ocean

fastnbulbous.com have put Teeth of the Sea – Orphaned by the Ocean at No. 5 in the Experimental & Ambient top 13, and No. 78 in the top 100 albums of 2009.

See here


30 Mar 2010

Rocket Probes March 2010 Playlist

Re: Brahs - My Solo AlbumLa Otracina – Raze The Sky
(Awesome bit of Crimson’esque space metal from these New Yorkers...taken from the album Risk of Gravitation)

Moon Duo – Escape
(Back to what the Shjips were like at the beginning, some nice minimal droning ‘jam band’ grooves)

Todd Rundgren – A Wizard. A True Star.
(A great and quite often outrageous outer-planetary glam rock album...not for everyone!!)

The Hills Have Riffs – The Countryside Have Escaped
(Great new release from noisestar...psych folk from member of Cove)

Emeralds – Solar Bridge
(Loving this band at the moment, really warm psychedelic drones)

Voice of The Seven Thunders – Voice of The Seven Thunders
(New name and great new album fuzz obsessed free jams, like a slightly more rawkus Six Organs)

Amon Dull II – Yeti
(A classic that has re-cemented itself back on the mission control record deck)

Nucleus - We'll Talk About It later
(Electric vertigo swirlling, fuzz-wah driven British jazz)

Módulo 1000 - Não Fale Com Paredes
(Heavy Brazilian monster for the early 70's, think Speed Glue & Shinki, Hendrix and Flower Travellin' Band, with Long freaked-out tracks driven by furious organ and massive fuzz -- wah wah guitar assaults)

Chrome - Alien soundtracks / Half Machine Lip Moves
(Proto punk mesh of reversed guitar feedback, clattering drums & strangled reptilian synths)

Tony Conrad & Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate
(Last minute entry thanks to the Gnod guys playing the album on the road, like a stoically thunderous mantra on the march to a ceremonial sacrifice of guitar abuse)

And lead us not into temptation...........

Rocket would like to praise thanks towards the one Gnod for their weekend service. Their set was a repetitive warhorse cosmic inducing doorway. Thanks also goes to Mugstar's pummeling sun breaking headline set.

Thanks again


25 Mar 2010

Rocket playing records at Noisestar album launch

Gonna be playing some records at the Hag and Hills have Riffs album launch where both bands will be playing, the venue is a great warehouse space in Stoke Newington, North london.

Ox Scapula
Hills have riffs

The Others (6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, London)

Thursday April 8th
8pm til.....


23 Mar 2010

Oneida live in NY download

Thanks to Dave C for sending us this link...a great set from Oneida at the Knitting factory on March 19th...Nice tshirt Bobby!!!

Download it here

19 Mar 2010

BeatCast Presents The Heads, Live at KOKO, London

Thanks to Prof for this link, Rocket weren't involved in this performance (ie: lights / visuals / filming...) but we thought for those who weren't there, a nice size stage to view the band, so if you haven't seen it already enjoy!

17 Mar 2010

In 'Gnod' We Trust - GNOD 2010 European Tour

GNOD 2010 European Tour

27 Mar: Korova - Mugstar album launch, Liverpool, UK
02 Apr: The Hall of Fame w/ Uncle Meat & The Highway Children,Tilburg, Holland

03 Apr: La Bascule w/ High Wolf, Rennes, Bretagne

04 Apr: L’Epicentre w/ PRÖN FLAVÜRDIK & High Wolf, Cherbourg, France

05 Apr: Le Pixi w/ Zoologic vs Anton Mobin, High Wolf & Vultures, Paris, France

06 Apr: Carlo Levi w/ TBC, Liège, France

08 Apr: Lades Kaelder w/ Oresund Space Collective, Copenhagen, Denmark

09 Apr: White Trash Fast Food w/ Horisont & Troubled Horse, Berlin, Germany

10 Apr: The Cairo - BLUE SOUL FESTIVAL, Wurzburg, Germany

12 Apr: Subway To Peter, Chemnitz, Sachsen

13 Apr: Dr. Seltsam w/ TBC, Leipzig, Sachsen

15 Apr: TBC, Prague

16 Apr; Hundebiss Secret Place, Milan, Italy

17 Apr: TBA, Naples, Napoli, Italy

18 Apr: Dal Verme, Rome, Italy

19 Apr: Codalunga, Vittorio Veneto, Venezia, Italy
01 May: Lost In The Woods 2010 w/ Ellen Mary Mcgee, Mugstar, Labasheeda and Zaam


16 Mar 2010


To celebrate Rocket's long obsession with the greatest of the effect pedal family: The Fuzz Pedal & The Wah Pedal, we will at some point in the future, be looking to create a limited run of Rocket FUZZ. & Rocket WAH. T-shirts.

We would also like to come up with 2 lists for each of the greatest examples in music where these pedals are unleashed, so please help us and post your favourite mindblowing moments.


Swamping Chutney Morgan in 10 Questions

Heads bassist Hugo speaks 'Psychedelic' in 10 Questions with the chaps from 'Trip Inside This House'. The article also has a short history of the band.

Coming soon, Hugo's guide to Psychedelic Cosmic Jazz.

6 Mar 2010

In a Late Phase of Stellar Evolution

Persist and endure, in time you will come face to face with the evolution of our sun. Its slow brightening will speed up as it swells into a red giant.

o_mix_v1.m3u (Streaming mp3)
o_mix_v1.mp3 (128kbps mp3 download 92MB)

2 Mar 2010

GNOD Drop Out with WHITE HILLS II...coming soon!




Double LP

10TH MAY 2010


Welcome to the meeting of future minds, welcome to oceans far divide, welcome to flashing hypnotic travels, welcome to suspended grooves unraveled, welcome to the new Rocket
Recordings release to drop out of the sky..........

‘Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II’ is the first official collaboration between two of the most colossal cosmic manglers on the planet, that of astral rejecters Gnod (Manchester) and former Rocket, now Thrill Jockey’s spacerock juggernauts White Hills (New York).

Hot on the heels from their Not Not Fun sold out release, as well as countless self unleashed CDRs & various indie label alliances, Gnod have been stirring their galactic soup of flashbacked rituals with unpredictable incendiary results, both on record and as a live experience. Having them join forces with White Hills for this record is akin to having the aural equivalent of those 3D magic eye stereograms, looked at in one way, they just don’t make sense, but seen through the repetition of the music, the result is out of this world.

Since White Hills last outing with Rocket Recordings on the ‘Collisions’ split with The Heads, the band have successfully released their debut album for the US label Thrill Jockey and now have notched up an impressive back catalogue of releases. Their fiery brand of heavy spacerock has seen them burning up live appearances over the years as they continue on the path towards uncharted territories.

To celebrate this thundering union, Rocket Recordings have embarked upon the release of a double vinyl LP expanding into four phases of pulsating mantras, awash with all the hypno
propulsion both bands motor skills can pilot.

It’s brimming with surrendered NEU like patterns, like both bands driving through ‘Dingerland’ with „LA Woman… blasting from the rushing air. We have 16 minute elegant ‘Bel Air’ suites, it’s ebbed & flowing mesmerizing grooves burst with swooping grandiose synths, like gentle waves, hanging in time. Interjections of oscillating guitars and keyboards, designed to propel the captured listener into a trance-inducing sunroof of kosmische blur, rupturing out through the expansive blue.

The 8 tracks contained over 4 sides are embedded with 4 long 10 minute plus pieces & these anchor the whole experience firmly into an exciting haze of echoing psychedelia, electronic & experimental Krautrock trippo-nova. After which, all four corners of your mind’s eye have been
consecrated ‘in Gnod we trust’s’ world of undulating symphonies.

For more information on the bands e-mail
or visit the bands myspace page:


“Brilliantly unhinged”
The Guardian

“Stomping bruiser anthems (think Motorhead on elephant tranquilizers). Can’t describe what a magnetic wrecking ball this album is”
Not Not Fun

“A true cosmic phenomenon”


“An album that pulses and throbs with heads-down astral power that take one quite literally far out”
Drowned In Sound

“Masters of enjoyably turgid, alternately trudging, surging and cycling psych”

“White Hills have shaken up the spacerock box, and shown that the patterns you can make therein
are as infinite as the stars”
The Quietus

White Hills are on tour in Europe through out March, and Gnod are on tour in Europe through out April, check their myspace's for details.

1 Mar 2010


Pass It On
Mid-To-Late Records

For those of you familiar with San Francisco’s music scene of the 90’s, you might remember the band Zen Guerilla. Fast forward a number of years and we find members of Zen Guerilla recording in a geodesic dome in northern California, under the moniker of Carlton Melton. Unlike the reved-up garage rock of Zen Guerilla, Carlton Melton explore sound in space creating a heavy and far out sound that is part cosmic, space, and kraut.

Over two sides of reddish brown vinyl the band weaves in and out of 5
mainly improvised tracks that sound big and dense, as one would think of music that was recorded in a dome. The album kicks off with When You’re In which is a cover of a Pink Floyd song. Carlton Melton has done what few bands do with a cover…they made sound it like one of their own songs using the original as a template for the band to explore their sound instead of repeating what the originators have already done. The next track Found Children takes the intensity down a bit. This songs gently flows like light ripples on a breazy lake. A great sound track for closing your eyes and watching the phosphene light show in your mind. Side one closes with the short choatic track Off The Grid. Definitely different from everything else on the album but still fits in perfectly. Very tribal and alien sounding.

Side two begins with Digging In (F.F. Shite). The track opens with a synth drone that shifts shape opening up to a neo-kraut motorik vibe that is led by a steady beat…sounding like if NEU! ate a fist full of downers before recording Hallogallo. Slow and sludgy the guitars are heavily drenched in the reverb and echo of the dome. The spacial quality of this track is so openand free flowing. Pure bliss! The album ends with Sequoia, a track that has the feel of a smoldering fire… burning hot but tranquil in its intensity.

This is a record that breathes and lives in space. I bet if you went
to the dome where the album was recorded you could still hear the music bouncing around the room…trapped in the dome creating an undistinguishable wash of sound to bathe in for an eternity. This album is highly recommended for any fan of neo-psych or space rock. Get your hands on it before it’s gone.

For more in formation on Carlton Melton visit them online here…