30 Mar 2010

Rocket Probes March 2010 Playlist

Re: Brahs - My Solo AlbumLa Otracina – Raze The Sky
(Awesome bit of Crimson’esque space metal from these New Yorkers...taken from the album Risk of Gravitation)

Moon Duo – Escape
(Back to what the Shjips were like at the beginning, some nice minimal droning ‘jam band’ grooves)

Todd Rundgren – A Wizard. A True Star.
(A great and quite often outrageous outer-planetary glam rock album...not for everyone!!)

The Hills Have Riffs – The Countryside Have Escaped
(Great new release from noisestar...psych folk from member of Cove)

Emeralds – Solar Bridge
(Loving this band at the moment, really warm psychedelic drones)

Voice of The Seven Thunders – Voice of The Seven Thunders
(New name and great new album fuzz obsessed free jams, like a slightly more rawkus Six Organs)

Amon Dull II – Yeti
(A classic that has re-cemented itself back on the mission control record deck)

Nucleus - We'll Talk About It later
(Electric vertigo swirlling, fuzz-wah driven British jazz)

Módulo 1000 - Não Fale Com Paredes
(Heavy Brazilian monster for the early 70's, think Speed Glue & Shinki, Hendrix and Flower Travellin' Band, with Long freaked-out tracks driven by furious organ and massive fuzz -- wah wah guitar assaults)

Chrome - Alien soundtracks / Half Machine Lip Moves
(Proto punk mesh of reversed guitar feedback, clattering drums & strangled reptilian synths)

Tony Conrad & Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate
(Last minute entry thanks to the Gnod guys playing the album on the road, like a stoically thunderous mantra on the march to a ceremonial sacrifice of guitar abuse)