31 Jul 2016

Rocket Probes – July playlist

La Deuxième femme - Bobine J (1969) Pierre Clementi - (Extrait) from Vincent EPPLAY on Vimeo.

We have created an ongoing Spotify Playlist called 'Rocket Recordings Probes'.
The playlist will be updated monthly with tracks from our playlist – the playlist features tracks from all the playlists we have done in 2016 so far.

You can follow the playlist here: Rocket Probes Spotify playlist


Goat – Requiem
(Goat's stunning third album has predictably been getting a lot of plays over here at Mission Control...their best album?)

Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen
(New EP and first for Rocket from this great Swedish psych band)
Flowers Must Die

Wrongpop Presents​.​.​.​. A Charity Album In Aid Of CheckEmLads
(Only available for one month, featuring exclusive music by Hey Colossus, Teeth of teh Sea, Lay Llamas and many, many more great bands...BUY IT NOW!!!)
Wrongpop Presents​.​.​.​.

Suicide – Rocket USA
(First heard this via the Loop version...drove us to check out Suicide's stunning debut album, still sounds as unique and as essential as ever)

Minami Deutsch – Tunnel
(Great new 7" from one of our fave Japanese bands around at the moment)
Minami Deutsch

Purple Image - Living in the Ghetto
(Heavy Funkadelic 'Fuzzed' Funk)
Purple Image

P.R.O – Blacky Joe
(Nice fuzzy Afro psych funk)

Vanishing - Glacier / The Cleaners
​(Great soundtracked poetry ​featuring members of GNOD, epic stuff)

Docdail – Aere Perennius
(Heavy, French, fuzz rock from 1969

Lee Hazlewood - Requiem for an almost lady
(Big fans of Hazlewood, but didn't know this one until recently...his 'slightly psychedelic' break-up album)
Lee Hazlewood

Yossarian – My Shy Boy
(An old '90's classic...psyched out downbeat grooves)

Mr Fox - Mendle
(Vintage psych folk)
Mr Fox 

Heron Oblivion 
(Psych folk supergroup with members of Comets on Fire & Espers)
Heron Oblivion

Cosmic Psychos – Custom Credit
("You drove me up the wall I ain't no spida")
Cosmic Psychos


Flowers Must Die first ever UK shows

Flowers Must Die are heading over to the UK for their first ever UK shows – and they start this Thursday with a free show at the Shacklewell Arms.

You can preorder their debut EP for Rocket called Sista Valsen here: Rocket Bandcamp


30 Jul 2016

Rocket to DJ at Liverpool Psych Fest

As with the last two years, Chris will be DJing at this years Liverpool Psych Fest.

Rocket bands Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. Gnoomes and Flowers Must Die are also going to be playing along with plenty of other great bands.

Thickets can be bought here: Liverpool Psych Fest


28 Jul 2016

Introducing Rocket Recordings Intergalactic Pale Ale

To celebrate our coming of age and turning 18, Rocket Recordings has teamed up with London brewing company Brewage à Trois to come up with a special edition Rocket ale.

The aptly named Intergalactic Pale Ale, brewed with Galaxy hops, has flavours of citrus and passionfruit with a bitter yet crisp clean finish. At 6.1% it packs a sonic punch too!

The first batch is limited to 240 and comes in hand numbered ‘white label’ bottles. The ale has also has been awarded its own catalogue number, the prestigious ‘LAUNCH100’

Intergalactic Pale Ale will launch on 20 August at a special Rocket Recordings summer all-dayer at the Corsica Studios in South London (more details below and attached). After this initial launch of Intergalactic Pale Ale, the beer will be available in selected bars, venues and festivals around the country. 

Brewage à Trois is a trio of craft brewers based in the Bermondsey beer arches who make exciting, drinkable beers packed with flavour and character. Working in small batches, they have collaborated with great partners to brew special beers for unique events. As part of a new wave of London nanobreweries, Brewage à Trois values quality over quantity. Taking inspiration from the growing beer scene, they carefully source ingredients to produce great, hand-crafted beers. Follow @brewageatrois to find out more.

Baba Yaga's Hut presents: 
Rocket Recordings summer alldayer:

Teeth of the Sea
Gum Takes Tooth
Necro Deathmort
Rocket's Intergalactic Pale Ale launch
Outside BBQ & Merch room

Corsica Studios (4/5 Elephant Rd, London SE17 1LB)

Saturday 20 August / 3-11pm

Tickets: £12 here: Baba Yaga Hut


27 Jul 2016

Gnod's Mirror in The Quietus albums of the year so far

It reads:

34. GNOD - Mirror
"Every second of this album feels gargantuan. The aural vistas seems to stretch for mile after mile of mountainous terrain, complete with giant peaks and chasms. This is where Gnod stride gloriously ahead of many of their contemporaries."

Mick Middles

See the full rundown here: The Quietus


20 Jul 2016

Goat reveal teaser video for new album 'Requiem'

Goat revealed this little teaser on their Facebook on Monday, the day before their new album 'Requiem' was released. The video shows some not before footage of the band plus reveals music from a track from the forthcoming album.

All the preorder copies of the Ltd 'psych' colour version of the LP have now been sold out, however the band will be selling copies on their tour in October.

Preorder the black vinyl version and CD here: Rocket Bandcamp

Or preorder the download version and get the track 'Try my robe' instantly: iTunes


Goat to headline Desert Fest Belgium

Goat have been confirmed as headliners for this years Desert Fest in Belgium on 14-16 October.

More information here: Belgium Desert Festival


19 Jul 2016

Goat announce new album 'Requiem' – listen to first track 'Try my Robe' 

We are extremely excited to announce that Goat are to release a new album called 'Requiem' on 7 October.

You can listen to the first track to be revealed from the album called 'Try my Robe' at the bottom of this post .

Preorder the ltd edition 2xLP on 'psych colour vinyl' plus CD here: Rocket Bandcamp

Preorder download of album via iTunes and receive mp3 of 'Try my Robe' instantly: iTunes

In our culture of continual exposure, it’s rare that artists opt to lurk outside the public eye. To crate diggers and guitar mystics, Sweden’s masked psych collective GOAT may qualify as the greatest modern pop-culture mystery, and Requiem offers more questions than answers. GOAT’s only declaration for Requiem is that it is their “folk” album, and the album focuses more on subdued bucolic ritualism than acid freakouts. But GOAT hasn’t foregone their fiery charms—tracks like 'Try my Robe' conjure the sultry pulsations that ensnared us on 2012’s World Music and 2014’s Commune.

'Requiem' is released on Sub Pop in North America, Stranded in Scandinavia and Rocket in the rest of the world.

See the band perform tracks from 'Requiem' here:

Summer Festivals:
22 – 24 Jul / Milhões de Festa / Barcelos / Portugal 
28 Aug / Todays / Torino / Italy
02 Sep / Aarhus festival / Denmark
03 Sep / End of the Road Festival / UK
28 Sep / Torino today festival / Turin / Italy

Autumn tour (Supported by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation):

07 Oct / Babel / Malmö / Sweden
08 Oct / Den grå hal / Köpenhamn / Denmark
10 Oct / Stadtgarten / Köln / Germany
11 Oct / Ampere / München / Germany
12 Oct / Berghain / Berlin / Germany
13 Oct / Karlstorbahnhof EnjoyJazz / Heidelberg / Germany
14 Oct / Cabaret Sauvage / Paris / France 
17 Oct / All Saints Church / Brighton / UK
18 Oct / Coronet / London / UK
19 Oct / SWX / Bristol / UK
21 Oct / 02 ABC / Glasgow / UK 
22 Oct / Albert Hall / Manchester / UK


14 Jul 2016

Rocket Recordings summer alldayer – tickets on sale now

You can buy tickets for what is going to be an amazing day here: Baba Yaga's Hut

And, we still have one 'little' announcement still to make!

Don't miss out on this...


8 Jul 2016

Echoes and Dust interviews Teeth of the Sea

It reads:

Interview  with Sam & Mat from Teeth Of The Sea
By Tim Forster

A few months ago I went down to The Lexington in that London to see White Hills, the special guests were a band I had heard of but not heard, Teeth Of The Sea. I’m so glad I got there early! Teeth Of The Sea were amazing! They’re either very danceable rock or very rocky dance I’m not sure which but so intense and exciting! (We have described them elsewhere in these pages as ‘disco music for the end of the world’ – Ed.) They self describe as ‘an incendiary sound that marries the aural enlightenment of an avant-garde sensibility with the reckless abandon of trashy rock & roll’ (1) Seeing the wide demographic present in the audience busting some moves as their set progressed was…err…interesting!

TOTS is comprised of Mat Colgate, Mike Bourne, Sam Barton and Jimmy Martin (2), they formed in 2006 and released their first album Orphaned By The Ocean in 2009. They’ve since released three subsequent albums (3). After the gig we chatted about the possibility of an interview and over time it happened!

(((o))): You’ve been together about 10 years now and produced four full length albums Orphaned by the Ocean, Your Mercury, Master, and last year’s Highly Deadly Black Tarantula. Do you feel each one is a shift in style and feel? Is each album distinct or are there continuities that spill over?…

Read the full interview here: Echoes and Dust


7 Jul 2016

Introducing Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen EP

As previously reported, we have started to work with the Swedish band Flowers Must Die and the first release is an EP called Sista Valsen, you can listen to the first track 'Taskig Stämning Annars' above.

The EP which is ltd to only 300 copies is released on 16 September and you can preorder here: Rocket Bandcamp

The press release reads:

Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen With a name inspired by Ash Ra Temple’s greatest masterpiece Flowers Must Die are a 6 piece band that hail from Sweden. They have released three LPs plus several EPs and cassettes in their native country to high acclaim – and we are excited to announce their first release for Rocket, an EP called Sista Valsen.

Flowers Must Die, originally a 5 piece recently grew to a 6 piece when the highly talented vocalist/violinist Lisa Ekelund (formally of the band Katla) joined the collective for some ‘jams’. This EP is a collection of four raw jams the band recorded during their early sessions with Lisa. Since these jams the band have gone on and started to record a new album of songs that sees Flowers Must Die going in a new direction from their sound of before. These can be heard on the bands fourth album – to be released on Rocket in early 2017.

Each of the 4 tracks on this EP sees the band explore the different territories that makes Swedish psych rock so famous. From the fuzz heavy, tribal grooves of lead track Sista Valsen, the laid back space jazz of Taskig Stämning Annars, the propulsive motorik of Kruta, to the repetitive folk drone of Varför.

Flowers Must Die infamy in their Swedish home comes through their legendary live shows, where they have shared stages with many great bands like OM, White Hills, Konono N°1, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Hills etc.

The band have several Festivals shows in the pipeline including their first dates in the UK:

13-16 July / Copenhagen Psych Fest / Copenhagen  Tickets
4 August / Shacklewell Arms / London  Free show – RSVP here
5-7 August / Supernormal Festival / Oxfordshire  Tickets
21 September / Birthdays / London  Free show – RSVP here
22 September / The Exchange / Bristol  Tickets
24 September / Festival of Psychedelia / Liverpool  Tickets


Necro Deathmort's The Capsule LP in The Monitors albums of the year so far

They say:

“With The Capsule, Necro Deathmort have created a record that confidently permits the listener to fall between the cracks of each synthetic stab and get lost in a void of nothingness… Like a feverishly half-seen cathedral, the tracks on The Capsule aren’t structured or solid, they are mercury and shifting, constantly evoking moods and moments.” LO

See the full rundown of their records of the year so far here: The Monitors


6 Jul 2016

Poster for Anthroprophh/Big Naturals Manchester show revealed

Buy tickets for what is going to be a great night here: See


Gnod live at Eindhoven Psych Lab

Here's footage of Gnod's amazing performance at Eindhoven Psych Lab

Also, read a review of Gnod and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's set by Chromaticism here


Hills Live At Daemonens Port LP – a handful of copies available

The amazing 'Hills - Live At Daemonens Port' 2xLP was released in their native Sweden on 'Kommun 2, Svensk Psych Aften'. It is a stunning aural document of the band on fine form and contains live renditions of:

Master Sleeps
Bring Me Sand
Frigorande Music
Sanningens Silverflod
National Drone
Rise Again

This amzing double album was believed to of sold out immediately, but we have just been informed from the label that this shop that is affiliated with the label still has a handful of copies left:


So, do yourselves a favour and get your hands on a copy...


3 Jul 2016

Preorder a charity abum in aid of CheckEmLads featuring several unreleased tracks by Rocket bands

Fan of Rocket and great music – Steve Wrongpop had a personal battle with testicular cancer and as a thank you to the charity CheckEmLads who helped him through it – Steve has compiled a digital charity album with all proceeds going to the charity.

You can preorder the album here: Steve Wrongpop

The album features many of your fave artists, including previously unreleased tracks by the  Rocket bands Hey Colossus, Teeth of the Sea and Lay Llamas.

Steve Says this about the comp:
Pre-order the album now from https://wrongpop.bandcamp.com/ and get two tracks now before release on 31/07/16! 26 exclusive tracks available for one month only - all profits go to CheckEmLads, the testicular cancer charity that helped me with my fight against the disease. Help raise awareness and save lives while treating yourself to some awesome music, win win!

Watch this short film Steve has put together:

So, do yourselves a favour and buy this album now!!!


Watch full live Gnod set at Islington Mill on 25 June 2016

Here's some footage of a 'stripped down' Gnod set from their recent show with the great Destruction Unit at the Islington Mill on 25 June 2016.


Flowers Must Die at Copenhagen Psych Fest

Flowers Must Die join an impressive line-up at Copenhagen Psych Fest....

Tickets are available here, don't miss this: Copenhagen Psych Fest